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BerichtGeplaatst: Di Jul 17, 2007 21:52 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

This story is about Harry that is looking for the Horuxes (sp?) When he's looking for a Horux he meets a little girl who is cursed. She warned him not to go further but Harry did. After he got the Horux he finds out he's cursed. But what is the real curse?


Chapter 1 - Warning

“Don’t go further if you don’t want to die in vain. Your past is already so awful. ” A women’s voice said. As I looked back I just saw a little kid. But she looked so serious.
“What do you want from me” Harry said
“I want you to escape from a horrible fate” she said with the same voice.
“I can’t, I have to go further” Harry turned around and walked further.
“As you wish, just don’t get caught.” She walked after me.
“Why are you following me?” He said irritated, maybe a little scared she wasn’t just an normal kid.
“I’m going to die today… I don’t want to die”
“What, yeah well if you’re going to follow me you going to die.” I said as I looked back, she was gone. How is that possible.

As I walked further I thought about the things she said; Die in vain, escape from a horrible fate, I’m going to die and your past is already so awful, how could she know. I guess she really wasn’t just a kid.

I looked at the mansion, I wanted to open the door but it opened before I could do anything. As the door closed at my back. Then the sound of footsteps. “Who’s there” But no answer.
The footsteps became louder. And the suddenly it stopped , again footsteps but this time it sounded like a women’s with high heels.

“So you’ve came. You did got the warning, didn’t you?”
“I did, but that won’t stop me” Harry said, He noticed that they weren’t speaking English.
“Who are you?!” He said.
“My name is Nagini” She said while laughing. She stepped forward so I could see her in the moonlight. She was a pretty woman with curly black hair but she had a pale skin. She showed her teeth with blood on it “Prepare your self!” she said while attacking him.
“Avada Kerdava!” The curse hit her before she could bite Harry. She fell, but she stood up. She wasn’t dead! How could that be?
“You don’t think my master would leave me unprotected with you, did you?” She laughs.
Her necklace glowed red, was it the necklace that protected her? It was the necklace! That was the Horux
She jumped on me, my wand fell somewhere were I couldn’t reach it. She was so strong, I couldn’t get away.
“I’m going to enjoy this meal” She laughed evil.
But something grabbed her head back and a knife cut her necklace off. I ran to my wand and said “Avada Kerdava!” This time she was really dead and her body turned back into a giant snake.

“Are you alright” She said, it was the kid again.
“You know if you’re staying here, of course you’re going to die then” I said.
“This is the part that you thank me. I’ll die anyway, there is nothing you can do. I am cursed..”

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BerichtGeplaatst: Ma Okt 22, 2007 11:04 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

Sorry guys that it took so long! and I know this is a really small part Embarassed


“Cursed ..?”
“Yes, I’m destined to die, it was already decided before I was born.”
“I can’t live with that, that you are destined to die. Who does even decide that?”
“I-I..” Rika looked sad to the moonless sky. “I’m scared”
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you” Harry said.
“No!” she yelled “It will only put you in danger, it won’t do you any good!”
“I can’t just let you go, not now that I know that you’re cursed…. So where are you heading?”
“I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t have any family. My mother died after giving birth to me, I never new my father.”
“Then you’re coming with me.” With that he grabbed her hand and appeariated to The Burrow. “Where are we” Rika asked, she couldn’t see a thing, she only felt the soft grass tickling her feet. She couldn’t even afford shoes. Harry was still holding her hands, leading her to The Burrow.
A girls voice spoke; “Who’s there?”
“It’s me, Harry”
“Then this is the question: Why did you broke up with me?!”
“Ginny are you still mad about it? You know I still love you, I just can’t put you into danger!”
Ginny opened the door to let him through, after that she just walked away. She didn’t saw Rika standing behind Harry.
“I’ll let you meet my 2 best friends.” Harry looked at Rika, because it was too dark outside he’d never noticed that her black robe was torn and she didn’t wear shoes. He couldn’t see what she really looked like, she wore her hood up so he could only she her cheeks flush.
As they walked into the living room they saw Hermione and Ron sitting there.
“Where the hell have you been?!” Hermione yelled. “You’ve promised us that we’d go with you!”
“I know, I know. I’m sorry. But I’ve got the Horux.” He said while throwing the necklace to Hermione. “But I’d probably didn’t have it if I didn’t got any help. Guys this is Rika”
Rika showed herself and let her hood down. They all saw that she had long black hair until her knees and just as Harry she had green eyes.
They all looked at Rika with an open mouth, with that Rika’s cheeks flushed.
“I’m Rika, Nice to meet you…”

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...
If They Come Back, They're Yours...
But If They Don't, It Was Never Meant To Be...
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BerichtGeplaatst: Ma Okt 22, 2007 14:22 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op


Chapter 1 – Beginning of the end.

(Rika POV)

They all accepted me, I felt so happy that it almost made me cry. But all dreams must end, I’m still cursed and I can’t change that, nobody can, can they? I looked at Hermione and Ginny, they were fast asleep. Why do punishments exist? Why am I getting punished? Did I do something wrong? Did I overlook something fatal for me?
And again I heard the footsteps, they become louder and louder. So loud, that you want to freak out. But I just pretend not to hear. And then, suddenly it stops.
Its 5 A.M. and still dark, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I think I was to scared to sleep, to scared of my dreams. I went to the living room, of course there was nobody there it was after all just 5 A.M.
I just sat there, in the dark, doing nothing. But then this dark figure came to me. I felt being stabbed, the hurt. I couldn’t do a thing. And then it went black. All I could feel is pain, pain and nothing else…

(Harry’s POV)

Damn, I just can’t get this stupid song out of my head. How am I supposed to sleep while this song keeps playing in my head? It’s 6 A.M. and I still haven’t got any sleep.

To get my happiness, I had done everything.
But had done nothing to be blamed and accused of.
The sounds of footsteps became louder everyday.
Then I noticed the fact, there was no time.

It sure sounded like Rika’s voice though, but I’m not sure, I never heard her sing.

Give me a reason, why not adopt in this way.
Or judge me to be guilty of so many incurable sins.
Tell me why, or why not? Complaining way too much.
Maybe I overlooked something fatal for me.

I never ever heard this song, why do I hear it now? Is it because of Rika?

The silent warning became louder everyday.
Then I kept pretending not to hear.
There’s nobody who knows, except for me.
Among the nonsense tragedies, what on earth you’re looking for?
Tell me Why, Or Why Not?

I can’t sleep so I’m going down stairs. The song is still playing in my head. When I entered the living room, it stopped. But what I saw was Rika dead, covered in blood on the ground…
Next to her she wrote with her own blood; Why? Or Why Not?
She was stabbed everywhere, in her chest, legs, arms and through her throat. And the knife still stabbed in her left hand and her right hand next to the text she wrote.

How could this happen?

I failed to protect her…

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...
If They Come Back, They're Yours...
But If They Don't, It Was Never Meant To Be...
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BerichtGeplaatst: Za Okt 27, 2007 22:14 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op


Chapter 2 - Reborn

(Rika’s POV)

“Where am I?” I was surrounded by light. I was still covered in blood, but al the cuts were gone. “Am I dead?”
“Yes, you are.” A man said, he had long silver hair and he was wearing a white with gold coloured robe. “Who are you?” I asked.
“I am Death.” He simply answered.
“Than please tell me, why did I lived my life like this?”
“That’s why I’m here, to tell you that you weren’t meant to die.”
“I wasn’t!” I was shocked, so I wasn’t meant to die after all!
“No, you weren’t meant to die. And because of that I want you to be reborn.”
“You won’t live your life different; I will only change your age.”
With that I changed into a young woman with the age of 16 and the blood was gone.
“But there is something that I want you to do.” Death said.
“Anything!” I was Death so grateful for this.
“You’ve got to kill Tom Riddle.”
“Who is that?”
“He is known as Voldemort.”
“Oh yeah, him I’ve heard of.”
“If you kill him, you destroy the curse. And with that Harry won’t die.”
“What!? Why is he dieing?”
“No, he’s cursed.”
“Damnit, I told him not to help me.”
“I’ve been gathering powers, I’ll give them to you and I’ll also will give you wing. But everything I will give to you, you have to discover everything by yourself.”
“Thank you, with that I will avenge my father and mother.”
“You’ve had a terrible past Rika.”
“Yeah, but I can’t do anything about it. But doing this, it feels right.”
“Ok, Good luck. Good-Bye Rika… Have a save landing!” with that landed in a tree. But the tree didn’t like me and threw me away.
“Auch! That really hurt you know!” I yelled at the tree, but the tree was probably laughing.
Where was I anyway? It was snowing, it was beautiful. How am I going to start? I don’t even know where I am…

“Harry! It wasn’t your fault!”
“No Ginny it was, I was warned in a million ways! I could’ve protected her!”
“No Harry, you couldn’t protect her. She probably was destined to die.”
“Please, don’t say that Ginny, there isn’t anything like destiny.”
“Believe me, there is… Lets go inside, I’m cold.”
They walked to The Burrow, damn he loved Ginny so much, but I can’t… Not now.

“Auch! That really hurt you know!”
“What was that” Ginny asked.
“Sounded like a girl, let’s check it out.”
They saw a girl sitting in the snow, with the expression of not knowing what to do.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”
“Harry! Ginny! God I have so many things to explain to you all.” Rika said.
“…Rika… is that really you?” Harry asked.
“Yeah, I wasn’t destined to die at all. So death gave me a new live. But now I have to help you to kill this Tom Riddle, and I really don’t know how. And -”
“Rika, what the hell are you talking about.” Ginny asked.
“Ahh, how am I going to explain this all?” Rika said, who was still sitting in the soft snow. “Okay, I died. But I wasn’t supposed to die, so now I’m back… and older.” She said with a smile.
“…I’m sorry” Harry said.
“Sorry for what?”
“I broke my promise, I couldn’t protect you.”
“It’s alright, I’m fine now.” Rika said “You know, I’m really grateful to you. You told me that you would protect me, and even though you failed, you still tried and that really means allot to me. Nobody ever really cared about me, but then you came and you brought me to the Burrow and everyone accepted me. I finally knew what love was…” Rika’s eyes became watery “God.. I’m gonna cry.”

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...
If They Come Back, They're Yours...
But If They Don't, It Was Never Meant To Be...
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