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BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Jan 06, 2008 21:36 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

Heey, my storie is about, Remus and Alleys, i know i must sound weird, but there are hardly any stories to find about remus and a oc.
So i just figured i'd start one.
There must be some faults in it, my computer has got a sicknes;0hahah
no be serieus, my word doesnt allow english at the moment, have to wait untill my friend comes to fix that, it will take a few weeks, hes i germany at the moment.
back to the story, it is in the head of alleys gregory.
she is a 7th year, and is best friends with Remus, al though, he is to, but cannot bare to have some thing with her, he has one secret she doesnt know.

i cannot poster every day but i'll try to post 3 times a week.
kissis mannie(amanda)

English story about Alleys Gregory.

Alleys was walking home, from her friends house just 2 blocks from here.
She was still laughing about that dumb joke Marry was telling her.
“Marry, What do you think of Micheal Connelly?”
She was thinking before she would answer me, and then looked up.
“Well he’s kinda cute, but I would rather have Sirius Black.”
“All though he’s not my type of guy, he’s a woman chaser, so it wouldn’t last long.”
I nodded and start thinking of Remus our best friend, he was a nerd kinda.
I mean he’s in the books a lot with his head, only nods when he agrees.
And yeah he’s a great listener, he knows every single detail about me.
If you would ask what I most held dear, he knew it was him.
Well you could say I’m in love with him, he is to at me.
But he’s afraid to tell or show, he told me he had a secret, that I wouldn’t want to know about.
But I do, we know every thing about each other and have feelings for one another.
I was at the end of the street, just one more house and you’d be at Remus his house.
And after that one further its my house, where we should go.
I was standing in front of Remus his house, en knocked on the door.
“Hi, Alleys, how are you.”
The man at the door says, I got a smile.
“Heey, mister Lupin, is Remus home?”
“Well, my dear he just said 3 minutes ago that he was going out to “His Place.”
“Thank you I’ll know where to find him.”
“Marry hate to go sis, but have to go to Remus.”
“Yeah righdo, have fun, don’t be home to late.”
I nodded waved goodbye, and took my scooter out of the garage.
I sat on it en drove of, towards the place where me and Remus always hang out.
After a 10 minute drive, I ended up where I was suppose to end up.
I looked for Remus, the fire was burning but he wasn’t anywhere around.
I shouted, then I heard some thing behind me, I freaked out and pulled my wand.
When the person behind me, let down my wand away form him.
“Sorry bouts that, didn’t mean to scare ya.”
“It’s no problem Remus, I’d just been scared to be alone.”
“Well, I’m here to.”
“Yeah, wouldn’t want it to be any one else.”
When I said that Remus was turning into a red tomato, I couldn’t stop grinning.
“What are you grinning about?”
He looked away and sat down at the fire, and took my hand, pulled me next to him.
He putted an arm around me and was singing.
“You know your not so bad at singing, I am though.”
“No you aren’t you can sing perfectly, just like me, all right go away my ego is coming out.”
I grinned again, and wanted to go away but he pulled me closer to him.

Chapter 2, going back to Hogwarts.

Today was the day, that Remus, Marry and me were going back to Hogwarts.
Don’t give me wrong usually could not wait to go, but now I don’t want to.
Cause I would see Malfoy again, he’s such an arrogant figure, can’t stand him.
He calls me and lily my best friend, “The Queens of Mud bloods.”
Lily and me are going to be best friends for live, this would be our last year.
Unfortunately cause after this we wouldn’t be in contact as much as now.
I’m riding on the bike with Remus, to the train station, with our suite cases brought by Remus’ mother.
Arriving to soon, at the station and walking with Remus into the wall, and entering the Platform 9 ¾ seeing Lily there.
I run towards her and when she had noticed she did the same thing.
“Lily, oh merlins beard I’ve misted you.”
“Alleys, it’s very good to see you to, Heey Remus.”
She said the last thing and hugged Remus to.
We hugged and kisses every person a good school, year and said goodbye to Remus his mother.
“Good bye, and I’ll see you to in the Christmas vacation, your mom and dad we’ll be with us, Alleys. Remus take of you both, promiss?”
He nodded and gave her a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, she looked at me and I laughed a bit.
It was hard to say goodbye, but at least I’d be with Remus, and in a couple of weeks I’d be home again for a short break.
I gave Claudia Lupin a hug, and turned my back towards her to walk to the train.
Remus, was following me, as we entered the train we were searching for a compartment.
When we found one there was James Potter and Sirius Black sitting, we entered and they looked and said hi.
Then Lily and Marry came in, and looked angry at Potter.
“What has he done now?”
Marry looked at me and shook her head, then I looked at Lily, that started a conversation with me.
Chancing the subject of course, but what ever, she talked about her riding horse with her friend from the block.
“So Potter what have you been doing, besides playing with your hair and making fun of people?”
He looked at me bit strange, and the next minute he came and sat beside me.
“Well, thinking of you all summer of course, who wouldn’t?”
“Potter, get away you creep, I would never fall I love with you. One your arrogant, two you’re a creep three your always in the way, and four just get lost.”
He looked at me very particular and then sat beside Black and Marry.
“Marry why wont you talk?”
She looked at me and then at Black who just asked her a question.
I looked at Remus, and he saw that I needed to go away from here.
“Common guys relax you’ve got an entire year to shout at each other, so stop okay?”
The nodded and went talking about the vacation.
“Remus, I’m sorry bout yesterday, I figured you not being home, some thing was wrong. Why can’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
He looked at me and shacked his head as usually, I looked away and left the guys behind.
I needed to go away, we told every thing to each other, but why not now?

reactions are very much welcome private or in the topic.

Remember, i will still be here,
as long as you hold me,
in your memory(Cool
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BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Jan 06, 2008 22:39 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

Heey en hier is dan de volgende post.
kussies mannie(amanda)
pleas e reacties.

Walking in the hallway, seeing kids first years run and go crazy, makes me laugh.
Then I saw Malfoy, he looked very weird at me, as though he needed something out.
“Malfoy, can I pass. NOW.”
“No, sorry no cant do, find another way.”
I gave him a finger and turned back to my compartment, arriving there Lily got angry.
“Why did you leave me alone with Potter.”
“You weren’t alone, my dear, Remus and…”
“All right stop, just stay here.”
“Yeah wouldn’t go any where else.”
Looking at Remus by saying that, he had a smile on his face and let me sit beside him.
I felt save protected, loved with Remus, he was my best friend, but I loved him more then just Friends.
“Remus, I,, never mind.”
“No tell me.”
“Its, just I thought we didn’t have any secrets, cause you wont tell me why you cant be with me.”
I whispered the sentence and looked at Remus, his eyes were glancing when he looked at me.
“I’m sorry but, there’s a very big reason and a very long story. Just please lets just stay Friends.”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’d better go.”
I left a tear rolling, looking at Remus, and ran away.

“What have you said now Remus, not the oldie, righdo?”
“I’m sorry its just not possible you must understand James. I’d better go after her.”

I ran, but then Malfoy stopped me, I looked angry but hurt at him, he tried to kiss me.
I screamed and he went further, why didn’t any one here my scream.
“HELP. Remus.”
No one showed up, the bathroom door was locked, when he dragged me into it.
“Malfoy, let me go, now.”
“Sorry, your mine now.”
He started to un button my shirt, and went with his hand over my body.
I screamed and finally some one rescued me, it was Remus.
I went sitting on the floor, and cried my heart out, why, why me?
“I’m, sorry Remus. So sorry.”
“Its okay, you couldn’t help what he’d done to ya. I must be sorry, for just letting you run of by our self.”
I cried that’s the only thing I could do, Remus put my head into his shoulder and let my tears fell on his shirt.
I looked up and looked into his wonderful brown eyes, and so did he, in mine.
I went closer to him, when our lips touched each other, he pulled back.
“I’m sorry, I love you, but its just not possible.”
I ran away from Remus, towards the compartment and sat down besides Potter.
“Alleys, what’s wrong?”
I shook my head and looked out the train, that was suddenly slowing down.
When it stopped, I couldn’t find Remus anywhere, so I walked with Marry Sirius James and Lily towards a carriage and stepped in, when Remus showed up, and was ignoring me.
I looked out the carriage and ignored Remus to, every one was staring at us I knew it.
I said to the carriage and it stopped immediately, I stepped out, and was walking towards the castle.
“It will take you 2 hours to get there, come on and step back in side.”
I ignored Marry and walked trough, I was not planning to step back into that carriage.
Not while Remus, was in there a not telling why he didn’t want to be with me.

Chapter 4.

I was looking at all the bushed next to me on both sides, making me wonder what they would feel.
I felt badly, very hurt, couldn’t he just be with me, why couldn’t he tell.
Was it really so bad, my stomach hurted, I suddenly didn’t feel so well.
I couldn’t bare it, was I that of a ego tripper? Or was it just that I was eager to the truth.
The wind blew in my face, making me cold, and more lonely.
The flowers around me on this field, making me laugh, laugh about the time that Remus and I were playing in this field.
I convinced him to come along, so he did, in our first year we went here.
We had a great time, that memory hurt me so much, that I could cry.
But yes I did, my feelings showed them self’s and made me cry.

I entered the great hall, with every one looking at me, I was so cold I felt cold.
I suddenly blacked out, with to strong arms catching me up.
I felt that I was put down gently, on to a bed, a nice warm bed.
When I opened my eyes I looked into Remus’ brown eyes.
It made me feel warm again, as he held my hand, I looked around.
The room looked all red and gold, this bed was probably his in the boys there room.
“I’m sorry, again, I just wanted to be alone.”
“No I’m sorry again, cause I did not stop you.”
“I love you but still,,,,”
He couldn’t go further with his speech, cause I gave him a kiss.
He was not I shock he just stared at me, I felt good kissing him, but he did not wanted me to so it seemed.
I walked away and closed the door behind him, I went out of the bed, and walked down stairs.
Arriving in the common room every one stared at me, I went to my sister, who hugged me tight and strong.

The next morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was looking to the picture of me and Remus.
We were dancing in the ballroom, of the school and laughing.
We had such a great time, I dream it over and over again in my dreams.
I went to the shower and went under it after putting my clothes of.
Singing in the bathroom happy songs, like a roses song.
It is about a girl that is in love with some one but finally after a long time came to him.
So that gave me hope, for me and Remus, after showering I put my clothes on, brushed my teeth, and went to wake the others.
After waking them, and there finished with there make up and sorts, we went down stairs.
I saw Remus and ignored him, walked right pas him, opened the door, and stepped out of the common room.
“Why aren’t you saying hello, or good morning at Remus? Thought he was your best friend.”
“He is I just don’t want to see him, not now.”
“What happened?”
I shook my head, once more and then stopped walking when I saw Malfoy.

please reacties, kritiek als posotiev zijn welkom:D

Remember, i will still be here,
as long as you hold me,
in your memory(Cool
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