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Dumbledore wants to see me after class. When class is out, I hurry myself to dumbledore's office.
'Good afternoon Harry' says Dumbledore when I come in. 'Good afternoon Professor'.
'I want to give you a gift. Another power. You're gonna read minds now.' He puts a sort water on my face
and whispered something in latin. I look at him and then I get a really bad headache.
At instant I put my hands on my head. 'aaargh' I screamed. Then it stopt. Just stopt.
'Your can read minds now. Go and have fun with it!' Says Dumbledore with a smile, I really really don't like..

Still in shock I walk out of his office. And go to griffindor. 'Hi harry' says hermione and ron when I come in.
'Hi'. Then I hear whispering voices. 'I see there's something wrong with harry' and 'What's wrong with him?'.
That are they're minds! The first one is Hermione and the second is Ron! This is kind of wicked!!
I could live with this! 'What's wrong?' hermione asks. 'Dumbledore gave me the power to read minds!
' I answer. Again I hear whispering voices. 'I don't hope harry can see that I am in love with Hermione!!!
' That was Ron!! My mound goes so much open, that a huge lolly could fit in it. 'What?' asks Ron a little
bit in panic. Hermione looks at him like he's crazy. 'Alright harry, what am I thinking now?' says Hermione.
I try to focus and look at hermione. 'hi harry' I hear her thinking. 'Your thinking.. Hi harry?' I say.
'Yes! It works! Now tell me what is Ron thinking right now?' 'Noo don't read it!!!!' screams Ron in panic.
I and Hermione laugh. And I focus. 'Help!! I don't want him to know that I love Hermione' I smile and whisper
in Ron's ear: Help!! I don''t want him to know that I love Hermione' He screams and runs away.
'What's the matter with him' asks Hermione. 'Ow nothing. Nothing at all..' I laugh and I walk away.

By: Me, Darinka

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