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BerichtGeplaatst: Wo Feb 20, 2008 20:36 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

The few of you who know me a little longer will probably remember the Dutch fanfiction I once had with characters from the Harry Potter books starring in a Big Brother-like programme. I never finished it and I regret it immensely, for most readers commented very postively.
So, I've decided to try again. I've rearranged the whole project and decided to write it in English, since I read the books in English and hate to use the Dutch names (of course I could use the English names in a Dutch Fan Fiction but I hate to do that xD).

Anyway, I will explain to you the general idea. I expect you all know the tv show Big Brother. A couple of years back it was a great television hit. Now, I've put twelve Harry Potter characters in a similar, Big Brother-like situation. There's a house, there's twelve candidates, there are assignments and there's thirty days. Every three days a character will be eliminated (by me), so the last three days only the three best candidates are left. They will be playing the finale, after which there will be a final voting round. That's were you come in. I know it's still miles away, but after the finale, I will allow you, the reader, to vote for who you think has to win 'Big Potter'.

I hope everything's clear now. If there are any questions, feel free to use the PB button (:

Have fun reading and comments would be absolutely wonderful!


- - -


    Chapter 0 - Introduction
VOICE-OVER: "Good evening and welcome to 'Big Potter', the magical tv show that will make your eyes pop! On tonight's episode we will introduce the candidates and explain the game. So sit back and relax, and let 'Big Potter' enchant your living room!"

We see twelve black silhouettes walk towards twelve huge pink arm chairs. They sit down and the camera moves towards the first candidate, still unknown because the lights are off.

VOICE-OVER: "Let us begin by introducing candidate 1!'

A spotlight gets turned on and we see the face of candidate 1, a young man of about seventeen years old with black, untidy hair.

VOICE-OVER: "Our first candidate is well-known throughout the wizarding world, and, thanks to our dearest friend J. K. Rowling, you Muggles know him as well! Please welcome... Harry Potter!"

Applause. HARRY smiles and waves to the unseen audience.

VOICE-OVER: "So Harry, how are you doing?"

HARRY POTTER: "I'm fine, thanks. I'm really looking forward to this, you know."

VOICE-OVER: "And why is that?"

HARRY POTTER: "Well, you know, we Gryffindors have a bit of a saving-people complex, and if it's not too bold to say, I think I'm the perfect example of that. I think this will be the ultimate opportunity to help my friends in artificially created dangerous situations."

VOICE-OVER: "Right. Well, that's great. Let's move on to our next candidate, candidate 2!"

The spotlight turns away from HARRY, who looks as though he wanted to say something else, to the person sitting next to him. Another seventeen-year-old young man, but this time with flaming red hair.

VOICE-OVER: "Our second candidate is a redhead with a good appetite. Please welcome... Ronald Weasley!"

Applause. RON looks a little uncomfortable but smiles and waves like HARRY did.

VOICE-OVER: "Ronald, are you looking forward to the next 30 days, too?"

RON WEASLEY: "I'm not sure, really... As long as there's food I think I'll be fine, you know. Oh and by the way, please call me 'Ron'."

VOICE-OVER: "No problem, Ron. And you don't have to worry about the food, believe me. So, who's sitting next to Ron? It's candidate 3!"

The spotlight moves from RON to the person sitting next to him, showing a girl of the same age as Harry and Ron. She has bushy brown hair and she looks as though she's dying to say something.

VOICE-OVER: "Let's hear it for our little librarian... Hermione Granger!"

Applause. HERMIONE smiles but is still looking like she needs to say something important.

VOICE-OVER: "Is there something you want to say, Hermione?"

HERMIONE GRANGER: "Most definately. First of all, Ron, if you had read the Rules of the Game properly before coming here, you would know that the candidates don't have to worry about the food. The staff will make sure there's more than enough to eat and drink."

RON looks relieved, but HERMIONE's not finished.

HERMIONE GRANGER: "And second, Harry, please do something about your hair. We're on television, you know."

HARRY throws HERMIONE an annoyed look-at-your-own-hair look. The camera turns to the fourth person who's still covered in darkness.

VOICE-OVER: "Let’s move on to our next candidate, candidate nr. 4!”

And again the spotlight switches from HERMIONE, who indignantly raises an eyebrow before disappearing from view, to the long and slender figure sitting next to her.

VOICE-OVER: “This may come as a shock for most of you people, so hang on to your hats! Put your hands together for… Voldemort!”

No applause this time. Shocked gasps and some muttering is heard from some of the other candidates, while one of them cackles with pleased laughter.

VOICE-OVER: “Told you it could be a shock. Now Voldemort, what made you join our programme?”

VOLDEMORT glances sideways to HARRY but quickly turns towards the camera as soon as he realizes everybody is waiting for him to say something.

VOLDEMORT: “Is the most powerful wizard on earth not allowed to join a silly tv show?”

HARRY POTTER: “You are not the most powerful wizard on earth! Dumble-“

VOICE-OVER: “Shut up, Harry.”

HARRY looks hurt but shuts up. Camera switches back to VOLDEMORT, who’s grinning unpleasantly.

VOICE-OVER: “Of course you are allowed to join a tv show. If you weren’t, we wouldn’t have let you through the screening. Now, let’s get on with it. Our next candidate is another celebrity!”

Spotlight switches from a grinning VOLDEMORT to an elderly man with a long white beard and a pointy hat. He blinks a little from the sudden light.

VOICE-OVER: “Everbody, clap and cheer for good old Albus Dumbledore!”

Applause. DUMBLEDORE smiles and waves politely.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: “How kind of you!”

VOICE-OVER: “Welcome at the programme, Headmaster.”

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: “Thank you very much.”

VOICE-OVER: “You think you can handle thirty days in a house with eleven… well, present individuals? I mean, you’re not a young man anymore.”

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: “One’s never too old to experiment.”

DUMBLEDORE looks around, his lips curved in some sort of satisfied smile. In a short moment of silence the camera switches from DUMBLEDORE to VOLDEMORT, who frowns a little as though he’s trying to understand what DUMBLEDORE just said, to HARRY, RON and HERMIONE, who all look simply disgusted.

VOICE-OVER: “Rrrright. Let’s move on. Our sixth candidate may just be equipped with the sixth sense.”

Spotlight turns away from DUMBLEDORE to a smaller figure with long blonde hair and earrings that look like radishes.

VOICE-OVER: “Let’s hear it for… Luna Lovegood!”

Applause. LUNA smiles dreamily into the camera.

VOICE-OVER: “So Luna, how are you?”

LUNA LOVEGOOD: “I’m fine, thank you. I think I will have a good time at the Big Potter-house. It’s sad Ginny isn’t here, though.”

HARRY POTTER: “I know exactly what you mean…”

Camera switches to HARRY who looks a little miserable. Back to LUNA, who smiles sympathetically.

LUNA LOVEGOOD: “If you want to talk about it, Harry, I’m there for you, you know.”

HARRY smiles slightly, clearly trying his best not to roll his eyes.

HARRY POTTER: “Yeah, thanks Luna.”

VOICE-OVER: “Alright, let’s move to our next candidate. Apparently he doesn’t object to spending thirty days in one house with both Muggleborns and blood traitors.”

Spotlight switches from LUNA to a slender young man of the same age as HARRY, RON and HERMIONE, with white blonde hair, wearing a sneer-like expression.

VOICE-OVER: “Please welcome… Draco Malfoy!”

DRACO smiles in a sort of evil way before turning his head towards HARRY, RON and HERMIONE.

DRACO MALFOY: “It’s not like I want to be in one house with them. I just do it because of the money.”

RON WEASLEY: “Just tell them your father made you do it, Malfoy.”

DRACO MALFOY: “Shut up, Weaselbee.”

VOICE-OVER: “Come on boys, easy now. You can have as many arguments as you want once you’re in the house. Just keep it down a little now.”

Both boys look into the camera with an irritated look on their faces, but they keep their mouths shut anyway.

VOICE-OVER: “Now, let’s carry on to see who our eighth candidate is.”

Spotlight turns to the dark figure sitting next to DRACO. We see a long mane of dark hair and a somewhat sunken face displaying a boyishly grin.

VOICE-OVER: “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for… Sirius Black!”

Applause. SIRIUS’ grin widens as he bows slightly towards the camera and waves a little.

VOICE-OVER: “Sirius! Still haven’t been scalped by Mrs. Weasley?”

SIRIUS BLACK: “Nah. She almost killed me when I said I didn’t want to cut my hair before appearing on television, but as you can see, I’m still alive.”

Camera turns to RON who looks as if he can’t decide whether he should feel insulted or amused. Back to SIRIUS, who is gazing quite intensely into the camera as if he knows all the ladies on the other side of the television will be fainting at this exact moment.

VOICE-OVER: “Well, I think most of the ladies don’t mind you keeping your hair long. Anyway, lots of people to introduce so let’s move on. Our next candidate is candidate number 9.”

Spotlight switches from SIRIUS to the silhouette of our next candidate. Another long mane of dark hair appears, but this time a feminine face is shown.

VOICE-OVER: “Make some noise for… Bellatrix Lestrange!”

No applause this time. We see SIRIUS looking outrageous, HARRY, RON and HERMIONE looking scandalized and LUNA, who’s still smiling into nothingness. Camera switches back to BELLATRIX, who doesn’t seem to have any attention for the other candidates except VOLDEMORT.

VOICE-OVER: “Mrs. Lestrange, don’t you care about the fact that nobody applauded for you?”

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: “No. All I care about is my Master. As long as he is here, I will be here. If he gets voted out of the contest, I will leave on my own accord so I’ll be able to follow everything he does.”

Camera switches to RON, who seems to be muttering something to HERMIONE.

VOICE-OVER: “What’s that, Ron?”

RON WEASLEY: “Oh, I just said that I hope they both get thrown out of the house as soon as possible.”

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: “How dare you! You repulsive little gargoyle! You will pay for that! I will make you pay!”

VOLDEMORT: “Bellatrix, calm down.”

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: “But Master, he insulted –“

VOLDEMORT: “You can have your way with him as soon as the show has started. Wait until we’re in the house.”

VOICE-OVER: “Now that that’s been taken care of, we can introduce our next candidate!”

Spotlight switches to yet another figure with dark hair, but this time hanging in a greasy curtain around the face.

VOICE-OVER: “Please welcome… Severus Snape!”

Audience doesn’t seem to know whether to applaud or not. Camera focuses on SNAPE, who’s looking downright cranky.

VOICE-OVER: “So, you appeared to be a good guy after all, didn’t you?”

SEVERUS SNAPE: “Who told you that?”

VOICE-OVER: “Rowling did. In the last Harry Potter book.”

SEVERUS SNAPE: “What makes you think she’s right?”

Camera switches to DUMBLEDORE, who knows a lot about the subject of course.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: “Because she told them I trusted you, Severus! It makes perfect sense!”

SEVERUS SNAPE: “No, it doesn’t.”

VOICE-OVER: “Well anyway, you belong to the good side even though you’re a Death Eater. We can’t make it simpler than that. Let’s get moving and see who our eleventh candidate is!”

Spotlight turns from SNAPE to the somewhat plump figure sitting next to him. We recognize former professor Dolores Jane Umbridge, blending in perfectly with the pink arm chair she’s sitting in.

VOICE-OVER: “Let’s hear it for… Dolores Umbridge!”

Instead of applause, distant fireworks are heard and we hear RON imitating a horse. UMBRIDGE starts and turns around, apparently annoyed.

VOICE-OVER: “Dolores, I think we all remember you as the child-hating rule-loving dictator-like Headmaster-for-a-day Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher from Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts. Are you going to terrorize the house like you terrorized the school back in the day?”

DOLORES UMBRIDGE: “Of course not! I turned away from that path long ago. I’m a sweet lady now. Anybody want a cookie?”

UMBRIDGE is holding a cookie jar filled to the brim with home-made cookies in the shape of several kinds of torture devices. We hear HARRY, RON, HERMIONE, DRACO and LUNA mutter some refusals, but we see VOLDEMORT enthousiastically bending over towards UMBRIDGE and taking a cookie in the shape of a Tongue Tearer.

VOICE-OVER: “Enjoy your cookie. Let’s get to know our last candidate!”

Spotlight moves over to the last pink arm chair, revealing a man with half his nose gone.

VOICE-OVER: “Say hello to… Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody!”

Applause. MOODY’s lopsided face breaks into something that’s supposed to look like a half-hearted smile and he waves his hand once, more to silence the audience than to greet them.

VOICE-OVER: “Are you looking forward to your thirty-day adventure, Alastor?”

ALASTOR MOODY: “Depends. I don’t know who’s going to last together with me, of course, so it’s a little unpredictable. I just want to say that there’s only one way to gain victory in a tv show like this.”

VOICE-OVER: “And what is that?”


Camera moves backwards so we can see all twelve candidates together.

VOICE-OVER: “Now we know all of you a little, but we will get to know you much better during the show. We wish you all the best of luck and may the best man win!”

Picture slowly turning black as we see the candidates standing up from their pink arm chairs to be shown to the house they will inhabit the next thirty days.

    I'm a TIMELORD.

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BerichtGeplaatst: Vr Feb 29, 2008 19:26 Terug naar boven Sla dit bericht op

@ jilly-ann, Plot and Cho: Thanks for reading and commenting, guys! :3

I must say it was kind of frustrating to realize again how much work it is to write one chapter. But it's all worth it in the end, and I'm confident I will definately finish this fanfiction this time! So here's a new chapter. I hope you like it. It's not extremely interesting when it comes to action, because it's basically the candidates dividing into teams for the three bedrooms, and then a tour through the mansion, but still, you'll need to read it to know a little about the house the candidates are in the next 30 days xD

Anyway, have fun reading and please comment when you've read my fanfiction. I love comments! : D

- - -
    Chapter 1 - Day 0
Camera shows us a huge villa with a swimming pool in the huge garden. We see the twelve candidates taking their luggage inside using spells. Apparently it's late in the evening, for it's really dark outside and the full moon is high up in the sky. Camera focuses on SIRIUS, who's looking up, grinning in a melancholic sort of way.

SIRIUS BLACK: "Good thing Moony isn't here."

Once the candidates are all inside, the camera switches to a picture of the living room where we see the candidates arrive. We see them looking up as they hear a familiair voice.

VOICE-OVER: "Welcome in the villa! As you've probably noticed, there are cameras hanging everywhere. And with 'everywhere' I mean absolutely everywhere. Outside at the pool, on every corner in the garden, inside in every room; in the kitchen, in the living room, in the recreation room, in the bedrooms and even in the bathrooms."

The candidates talk a little amongst themselves after hearing all this. They realize they can't do anything without being watched. Some of the candidates, like MOODY, start looking around suspiciously. Others, like RON, are waving at random directions, shouting things like 'Mum, I'm on television!'.

VOICE-OVER: "About the bedrooms: you're going to have to decide who's going to sleep in one room with who. There are three rooms with four beds each. Since there are only four women in your midst, there's no problem with that. The four ladies will share Room 1. But the eight men have to split up into two teams. Good luck!"

There are some mixed reactions to this announcement. We see HERMIONE sitting next to LUNA.

HERMIONE GRANGER: "We're going to have to sleep in one room with that Death Eater and Umbridge?"

LUNA LOVEGOOD: "Maybe it'll be fun."

HERMIONE GRANGER: "Fun? What do you mean, fun?"

HERMIONE stalks off to the huge red couch and sits down with a cross look on her face. Camera switches to HARRY, who is talking to DUMBLEDORE about the two rooms.

HARRY POTTER: "Professor?"

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: "Yes, Harry, my boy?"

HARRY POTTER: "I think you ought to make two groups of four for the bedrooms."

VOLDEMORT: "What? That old fool is not going to decide who's going to sleep where!"

HARRY POTTER: "He's not a fool! And he is going to decide who's going to sleep where."

VOLDEMORT: "No, he's not!"

HARRY POTTER: "Yes, he is!"

While VOLDEMORT and HARRY are getting into a heated argument about DUMBLEDORE deciding who's to sleep where, SNAPE comes up to them.

SEVERUS SNAPE: "Why don't we just draw straws?"

Both VOLDEMORT andHARRY look up from their argument, somewhat surprised of SNAPE's remark. DUMBLEDORE smiles happily.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: "Excellent idea. Now, if all the men could get up here?"

The eight men get together in a group while DUMBLEDORE gestures for HERMIONE to come over.

HERMIONE GRANGER: "What is it, Professor?"

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: "Hermione, could you get us eight straws of different lengths, please? Keep them in your hand so that it looks like all the straws are exactly the same length. Every man is going to draw a straw, and then we compare them. The four men who have the shortest four of the straws will sleep in Room 2, the four men who have the four longest straws will sleep in Room 3. Ready?"

HERMIONE nods, and with a small movement of her wand she's suddenly holding eight similar looking straws. SIRIUS decides he should draw first and he draws a straw, which seems quite long. The other seven men draw their straws and when they all have one, they start to compare. Eventually, after a long time of argueing about the lenght of several straws (with MOODY claiming somebody altered his straw so it suddenly was shorter), the eight men are divided in two groups of four: Room 2 will belong to SNAPE, RON, SIRIUS and DRACO. Room 3 will play host to VOLDEMORT, MOODY, DUMBLEDORE and HARRY.

RON WEASLEY: "I'm sleeping in the same room as Malfoy? Do I really have to?"

DRACO MALFOY: "I'm not looking forward to sleeping in the same room as you, either. I'm not sure whether I can handle the stink."

RON looks like he wants to hit DRACO in the face but HERMIONE holds him back, muttering soothing words about how she's not happy with her roommates, either. But RON's not the only one who's unhappy with the way things go.

SIRIUS BLACK: "What? I've got a short straw?"

SNAPE looks like he would absolutely love to make a somewhat perverse remark about this fact, but then he realizes he's got a short straw himself and stalks away in a cranky fashion. DUMBLEDORE claps his hands as though he wants everybody to pay attention. Surprisingly, almost everybody does.

DUMBLEDORE: "I propose everybody should take their luggage to the rooms now we all know in which room we're going to sleep."

Everybody seems okay with this and we see all of them magicking their luggage up the broad white stairs to the three rooms waiting for them. The four ladies disappear behind the large white door bearing a large golden '1', SNAPE, RON, SIRIUS and DRACO go into the room with number '2' on the door and VOLDEMORT, MOODY, DUMBLEDORE and HARRY enter room number '3'.
The camera switches to Room 1, where we see
HERMIONE, LUNA, UMBRIDGE and BELLATRIX argueing about who's going to sleep in which bed. Obviously, there are four beds. Two of the beds are next to a huge window and the other two are closer to the white door. We see UMBRIDGE waddle towards the bed in the right corner next to the window, while BELLATRIX storms in after her to claim the bed facing UMBRIGDE's. HERMIONE looks absolutely enraged, while LUNA doesn't appear to have noticed something because she's looking closely at the rich red carpet.

LUNA LOVEGOOD: "This looks a lot like Drooling Giralephant's hair! It's really rare and when you spill water on it, it comes to life, so it's quite dangerous you know. Do you think they put it here as a test to see whether we are brave enough for...-"

But LUNA's awfully interesting observation gets drowned by HERMIONE's indignant shouting.

HERMIONE GRANGER: "HEY! Who says you can just take those beds next to the window? Maybe Luna and I wanted to sleep there!"


Upon hearing her name, LUNA looks up from the carpet, looking surprised.

LUNA LOVEGOOD: "What's the matter, Hermione?"

HERMIONE GRANGER: "Profess-, I mean, Dolores and Bellatrix claimed the best beds! Now we have to sleep in the beds next to the door! We will catch a cold!"

LUNA LOVEGOOD: "Well, I don't really mind, actually. A little draft is really good against that Giralephant hair."

And LUNA picks up her luggage, places it next to the bed closest to her and sits down on the bed. All four beds have red covers and light pink pillows. HERMIONE looks at LUNA, astonished.

HERMIONE GRANGER: "Wha-? No! We should decide this democratically!"

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: "Fine. Who wants to switch beds?"

Only HERMIONE raises her hand.

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: "Who's okay with the bed they're in right now?"

BELLATRIX, UMBRIDGE and LUNA raise their hands.

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE: "Well, that's settled then."


DOLORES UMBRIDGE: "Mrs. Granger, be quiet. Maybe, hopefully, you don't have to endure this terrible decision for very long."

HERMIONE looks at UMBRIDGE in a scandalized sort of way but decides it's better to retreat in angry silence. She takes up her luggage, places it next to the last bed and starts unpacking agressively, as though it's the fault of her luggage she has to sleep in this particular bed.
Camera switches to Room 2, where a similar discussion is being held.

SIRIUS BLACK: "Hey Snivellus, you should take a bed next to the door so you can get a bit of fresh air."

SNAPE looks around at SIRIUS with an angry glare. SIRIUS is grinning at him.

SEVERUS SNAPE: "And why would I need fresh air?"

SIRIUS BLACK: "So you won't pass away from the stink of those greasy locks you got."

SNAPE gets up, looking as if he would like very much to punch SIRIUS in the face.

SEVERUS SNAPE: "Well, I understand why you need a bed next to the window!"

SIRIUS BLACK: "Oh yeah? And why's that?"

SEVERUS SNAPE: "So you can look at your own reflection all the time!"

SIRIUS and SNAPE are standing there, facing each other, wands drawn and chests heaving. Then, RON looks up as though he didn't notice the argument up until now.

RON WEASLEY: "Guys? Why don't you just pick a bed and start unpacking?"

Silence, in which SIRIUS and SNAPE keep looking at each other. Then, SNAPE turns away bitterly.



SIRIUS throws his bags upon one of the beds next to the window, facing RON's bed, while SNAPE sends his luggage flying through the air towards the spare bed close to the door, facing DRACO's bed. DRACO has been exceptionally quiet during the heated conversation, which is very unlike him. RON seems to notice.

RON WEASLEY: "Hey Malfoy, what's that you got there?"

We see DRACO putting something away quickly, looking up a little guiltily, as if he has just been doing something he knows he's not allowed to do. He quickly seems to recover and snarls at RON.

DRACO MALFOY: "Nothing."

RON raises his eyebrows but decides not to push it. Looks like he'll find out anyway.
Camera switches to Room 3, where things are going surprisingly well, considering there's
VOLDEMORT and HARRY in one room. It seems that DUMBLEDORE and MOODY can keep things down a little.

HARRY POTTER: "I don't want to sleep in a bed that's facing Voldemort's!"

VOLDEMORT: "I don't want to sleep in a bed that's facing Potter's!"

ALASTOR MOODY: "Shut up, the both of you. If you can't cope with it this way, grab your blanket and go sleep on the floor."

The two rivals glare at each other, then continue unpacking their things.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: "I must say, Alastor, you handle situations like this quite well. You should think of rejoining our staff after this little adventure."

MOODY shakes his mane of grey hair and looks up at DUMBLEDORE with a lopsided grin and his electric blue eye swivelling in all directions.

ALASTOR MOODY: "I'm too old for that now, Dumbledore. No offence."

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: "Well, you know the gates are always open for an old friend. If you'd ever change your mind..."

MOODY grunts something inaudible and continues to unpack his luggage, revealing dull grey pyjamas with little brown teddy bears on them. He hides them under his light blue pillow and throws the dark blue blanket over it.

VOICE-OVER: "You've had quite enough time now. Get back to the living room so I can give you a proper tour through the villa."

We see our twelve candidates coming out of their seperate rooms and gathering in the living room where they sit down on the huge red sofas.

VOICE-OVER: "Right. So now that everybody knows where to go when he can't keep his eyes open, we'll discover where you can go when you want to do something else. Come on, get up. Now walk over to that big white door on your right and open it so you can see the marvellous kitchen."

RON hurries forward at the sound of the word 'kitchen' and opens the door. His jaw drops.


He gets into the kitchen, stumbling rather than walking, looking around in awe. He looks like he's just been told he's in heaven. The other candidates follow him and they see a huge white room with a large wooden table and twelve wooden chairs around it. There's an old-fashioned fire with a cauldron on it, but also the latest magical developments in magical kitchen life. There is a huge refrigerator and when RON opens it, he discovers it's filled to the brim with every kind of food he could ever dream of, both magical and non-magical. RON produces a sound somewhere between a squeal and a groan. The other candidates look around, all looking quite impressed. LUNA's looking out of one of the huge windows.

VOICE-OVER: "As you can see, this is the kitchen. Not really much more to say about that, you just know where to get your food now. So, let's carry on before Ron's going to faint. Open the door on your right again, which is quite obvious 'caus there's no other door than the door on your right."

The candidates do this and this time, it's HARRY who's going first. He opens the door and reveals a huge room with a checkered floor. There are several sorts of coloured lights hanging from the ceiling and there seems to be a elaborate sound equipment. Everybody files into the room and they discover a large bar, filled with all alcoholic drinks you could ever imagine. Especially DUMBLEDORE seems very pleased with this.

VOICE-OVER: "Well, this is the place where you can celebrate whenever you like. But please note we won't refill the alcohol cabinet as often as the refridgerator. Now go up the stairs."

The candidates look around to see a staircase, white as the other one but smaller this time, and they hadn't spotted it before. They go up and arrive in a wide, round room filled with fitness equipment.

VOICE-OVER: "I can be quite brief about this - if you like to work out, you can go here. There are showers behind the dark brown door on your left. Now go back downstairs again to the living room."

The candidates obey and when they're back in the living room, they get new instructions.

VOICE-OVER: "That was one side of the house. Let's discover the other side. Go through the door on your left to get into the entertainment room."

DRACO MALFOY: "Entertainment room? What's that supposed to mean?"

VOICE-OVER: "You'll see."

DRACO goes up front and opens the door to the special 'entertainment room', of which the candidates have no idea what to expect. When DRACO opens the door, he reveals a cosy yet enormous room, filled with a couple of comfortable couches sunken into the floor, a huge fireplace with a roaring fire, lots of pillows and a huge ebony cabinet. On the walls, there are candles and there's a large chandelier in the middle of the room, right above one of the circular sitting area. The candidates spread across the room, enthousiastically exploring the possibilities of this particular room. We see HARRY opening the large cabinet.

HARRY POTTER: "Woah guys, I understand why this is being called an 'entertainment room' now."

He steps aside to reveal about 200 different board games, both magical and non-magical.

HARRY POTTER: "Look, they even got 'Don't charm your head off', and of course 'Exploding Snap', and a couple of sets of 'Gobstones'... This is really amazing."

SEVERUS SNAPE: "Yeah, board games, great."

But before HARRY and SNAPE can start a proper argument, the tour around the house continues.

VOICE-OVER: "Now, as you can see, there are two doors - one on your right and one on your left. The one on your left will take you to the enormous bathroom, the door on your right will take you outside. Let's discover the bathroom first."

The candidates turn left and are impressed once again. They enter a huge white circular room with an enormous white bath, integrated in the wall. There are a couple of large mirrors. SIRIUS is already standing in front of one of them, checking whether his hair hasn't got messed up.

MIRROR #1: "You look fine, dear, your hair's fine."

SIRIUS backs away a little, a bit taken aback by the fact the mirrors are talking, but then he grins at the mirror.


MIRROR #2: "I think you look like a piece of -"

MIRROR #1: "Don't listen to him, dear, he's just jealous you're looking at me instead of him."

SIRIUS raises his eyebrows and walks back to the rest of the group. There is a large closet, filled with fluffy white towels and washcloths. There's also a shower cabin.

VOICE-OVER: "I think you'll like it in here. Let's get to the garden now. When we’re done there, the tour is over and I can get back to work."

The group walks back towards the entertainment room and step through the door towards the garden. If possible, it's even darker outside, but with a soft clicking noise a couple of gentle lights get turned on. The candidates look upon a huge garden complete with swimming pool, a large wooden table and twelve wooden chairs. The garden is built in a way that allows the little groups of trees and bushes to create little corners and clearings. It’s almost as if the candidates could have a little privacy here. They can’t, of course, because there are cameras all around, hidden in the leaves.

VOICE-OVER: “As you can see, the garden is quite large. Well, that’s about it.”

A few of the candidates, like HERMIONE, frown when they hear the VOICE-OVER giving such a short and actually quite lame description. They walk around a bit, and RON almost falls into the pool. Judging by the way DRACO is grinning smugly, RON didn’t stumble on his own accord.[/i]

VOICE-OVER: “Now go back inside and get to sleep, tomorrow’s your first day in our luxurious mansion. Go on, get inside!”

The candidates look like they don’t like being pushed around, but they obey nonetheless. Quite fast after that, a couple of the candidates go upstairs to sleep.

HERMIONE: “We’d better get to bed soon, because we’ll need our energy tomorrow.”

DRACO: “For what, sitting in a huge mansion, doing whatever you like? I don’t think so. Let’s throw a party!”

MOODY: “Mr. Malfoy, go upstairs, now. You’re young and lively, but we grown-ups need our sleep. If you are going to throw a party tonight, I’m afraid I will have to kill you.”

DRACO looks like he wants to say something like ‘You wouldn’t even dare!’ but then seems to realize his father isn’t here. He doesn’t say anything and goes upstairs like everyone else. We see RON looking rather disappointed, as though he would’ve liked to have a party tonight.

When all is quiet and the candidates finally lie in their beds, a soft creaking noise is heard, and before anyone realizes that it’s the intercom, a loud voice rings through the entire house.


We hear a collective groan coming from the candidates and a smug chuckling through the intercom before everything goes quiet again.

    I'm a TIMELORD.
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