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‘Potter, where are you?!’ A girl with red hair and beautiful emerald eyes yelled. ‘Ah there you are!’ She said when she saw a boy with brown messy hair sitting in a tree.
‘You are skipping classes again, aren’t you? The professor asked me to get you!’
The boy named James Potter was about to jump out of the tree he sat in.
‘No, don’t!’ Lily Evans yelled, but the boy had already jumped and landed safely. ‘You shouldn’t have done that, what if you got hurt?’
‘My apologies my princes I will return to the classroom.’
‘Don’t call me that!’ She said with an angry tone.
‘What? Princes or mine?’ he said with a smirk on his face.
‘Both!’ she said even angrier. ‘Let’s go’
They were walking back to the Hogwarts castle. ‘Hey lils you really shouldn’t go to France this year.’ He said to her and stopped walking.
‘What? How did you know that we were going to France?’
‘Oh, I have my sources. But we have to go to our classes now’ and continued walking to the castle. ‘Who do you think you are? Deciding if I’ll go to France or not.’
He stopped walking again ‘Lily please, I mean it. Don’t go.’ He was looking serious and sad.
‘Whatever.’ She planned her holiday with her family a year ago. Petunia’s friends were going to the same holiday resort as we are.


‘What! We are not able to go because grandmother is sick? But we planned it a year ago!’ Petunia said disappointing to out parents.
‘What we aren’t able to go?’ Lily asked her parents.
‘No dear, grandma is sick so we’re going to spend out vacation there.’ Her mother said.
‘But I wanted to go so badly with my friends!’
‘Sorry, maybe next time dear.’


‘We are almost there.’ Her father said.
Lily sighted ‘I wish we were going to France.’
‘Shush dear, we are trying to listen to the radio.’
‘…The airplane to France heading near Beauchamps has crashed in the sea. There are no survivors….’
‘Wait a minute, wasn’t that the plane we were supposed the fly?’ Lily asked.
‘Oh dear, yes it is. We have been so lucky.’ Her mother said.
‘But… but… all my friends…’

Petunia cried the whole holiday. I felt so sorry for her; none of her friends had survived.


‘Can you see the future?’
‘No way.’ He laughed.
‘I probably was supposed to die.’
‘No, you weren’t’
Suddenly James changed the subject: ‘Hey, are you skipping class?’
‘What? No way I won’t be so low like you.’
They were sitting against a tree in the soft grass. Without wanting it Lily felt asleep.

‘So what are we going to call him?’ James asked while stroking the belly of the pregnant Lily
‘How do you know it’s a boy?’ She asked him with a happy smile.
‘Oh, I just know so.’
‘Then I’d like the name Harry.’ She said.

‘James what’s the matter?’ she saw him crying silently.
‘Were going to die, aren’t we?’ Lily asked him and he nodded. They embraced each other, not letting go. What about Harry? He’s so innocent, so young.

‘No, not Harry, please not Harry!!’ Lily cried.
‘Go away silly girl!’ Voldemort said.
‘No, not Harry!’ She kept screaming.
‘My dear Harry……’

‘You dreamed something so sad that it made you cry?’ James asked. ‘Who’s Harry?’
Lily wiped away her tears. ‘I- I don’t know…’
‘Hey, you know. You missed class because you fell asleep.’
‘What! Why didn’t you wake me up?!’
‘Just kidding, you’re right on time.’
‘What you come back here!’ Lily chased James around the lake and Lily knew that she had a future with him, did he too?

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...
If They Come Back, They're Yours...
But If They Don't, It Was Never Meant To Be...
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