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AN: Hiya!! How R U doing? Razz
I thought about writing a english story (english cause i'm better in writing english stories Smile ) This story is about a young woman who doesn't know about herself. Not even her name or her past. This story is a bit difficult to understand because the girl in this fic is very Mystical and has a strange way of talking. In the first chapter doesn't have allot of HP in it, but that will change of course. And the first chapter isn't so long as the rest is going to be. I'll be spending allot of time writing this story okay? I'm doing the best I can.


‘Go away my princess. Somewhere you can’t be found. Be safe.’

Water. Falling into darkness, no one is there to help. Can’t breathe, can’t feel the cold water touching your skin. Yet you feel alone and fear. Then you find strength to make your way up. Can you make it? Do you have enough air left?

The water of The Black Lake was splashing around while she was finding her way to land. Finally she found the surface. She was coughing and spitting out water. She was exhausted because she used all her strength to swim her way out. After a while she was laying on the ground looking at the full moon. Where am I? Who am I? Those questions were wandering through her head. Not knowing what to do. Why am I here? Who send me here? Do I even have a past? She stood up walking on the water. Her beautiful pink elegant dress was shimmering in the moonlight. Her black long hair was waving along with the soft wind. Her gold-coloured eyes were gazing at the sky. Her necklace wasn’t a necklace: Chains. Why did she have chains on her neck? It doesn’t even have a keyhole in it, how was it supposed to unlock?

‘Who’s there?!’ A voice shouted. The girl lost her balance and fell again in The Black Lake. But this time she didn’t have the strength to swim to the surface anymore. But then again she wasn’t alone, was the person who shouted to her kind enough to save her out of the water. Yes, the person did save the girl. Again when she was on land she began coughing and spitting out water. ‘Are you alright?’ Asked the person. Even though it was midnight she could she the person holding her tight because of the full moon. It was a young man, he had blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was holding her tight but something was different about him. When he let the girl lose he asked: ‘Who are you?’ and the girl answered: ‘I don’t know.’ Because he let her loose she saw that he had only one arm, the other arm was replaced by a beautiful swan wing. ‘Let me get you to the castle.’ He said and led her to the Hogwarts castle. In the girls opinion the castle looked beautiful in the moonlight.

They were inside the castle and in the Headmistress office, they were discussing about the girl. Could she be trusted? While they were discussing about her she studied the fire burning. ‘She looks pretty innocent if you ask me.’ Said one of the teachers. ‘Is that really everything?’ The girl suddenly asked, still studying the fire. ‘Is beauty and innocent really everything? The beautiful flowers who are looking so innocent are always the one who bears poised fruit.’ After finishing her sentence she was looking at the discussing teachers, who stopped talking. ‘So, do you confess for can’t being trust?’ A woman said, probably the headmistress. ‘I never said that.’ Said the girl smiling. ‘I’m just saying that you can’t trust somebody so fast just because of their appearance.’ After she said that she was studying the fire again and the teachers were quiet for a second. ‘She isn’t just the average girl you see Minerva. When I saved her out of the water her skin was dry and her clothes weren’t wet either.’ The man said who saved her out of the water. ‘She’s at least magic. She could have been a muggle you know?’ A woman said. ‘What’s with the chains though?’

The girl, no actually young woman lay on a soft bed. She was exhausted but she couldn’t sleep. She jumped out of her bed and opened the doors to her balcony. Again she was stargazing; it was such a beautiful night. She looked again at the full moon, it shined upon her. She felt amazing in the moonlight, like she had no problems at all. But did she have problems? Yes, she doesn’t know a thing about herself. After a while she returns to her given bed. They had discussed long about her, but in the end they found it okay for her to stay and it was too late to discuss such thing did they say. She was invited for dinner at the teachers table. The student will be curious, but if they keep her a secret everybody knows and will be spreading rumours. The young princess fell asleep in the soft bed.

Dreams, what are they? A mirage for which you can’t escape? An image of our hearts desire? An illusion of what we want to be? Visions, signs, pictures or are they just simple thoughts? Where do they come from? The brain, the mind, the heart or do they come from our soul? Can you even remember your dreams? Do you understand your dreams? Do you even want to dream? Dreams of love, Dreams of laughter, Dreams of a happy life, Dreams of a happily ever after. Dreams are something too good to be true. Dreams are something you wish for but never can be reality.

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...
If They Come Back, They're Yours...
But If They Don't, It Was Never Meant To Be...
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