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Title: A Different Fairy Tale..

Author: NiCoLe0eLoCiN / Deianira~

Full Summary: When the Dark Lord attempted to kill Helena it backfired and he almost killed himself. When he restores his powers after eighty years he discovers that Helena is still alive, but has been asleep for eighty long years. Things will change for good for both each other when they meet once again.

Pairings: Female!HP/TR

Warnings: Another Universe. Character Death. Violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Years: 1890, 1970, 1990

Comments: Helena is between the age of seventeen and twenty in the beginning of this story. Most of the characters have a different age than in cannon.

A.N.: I have also uploaded this on FF, please don't accuse me for stealing! I hope you enjoy this story. Reviews will be much appreciated!!
Chapter one

The Sleeping Witch

Finally after all those years of questions and uncertainty the Dark Lord was able to get his hands on the prophecy he had searched for so long. He knew that this prophecy contained very vital information. With it he will be able to discover the name of his equal. He was going to hunt down his equal and kill him and there would no longer be any threats to him anymore. Not even Dumbledore was going to stand in his way. He would truly be the master of Death.

Lord Voldemort stared at the glass sphere that he held in his hand. His eyes glistered mysteriously while he listened to what the prophecy contained. His lips turned into a smirk when he heard the name of his so-called equal.

He let out a shrill laughter that echoed through the house in an eerie way. His equal was a woman that went by the name of Helena Potter. He rose to his feet and looked through the window, seeing the moon shining brightly. Tonight was a good night to kill.


Lily Potter pushed her daughter in her bedroom and closed the door behind her, locking the door with every locking charm she knew.

'No!' screamed Helena, banging on the door. 'Father!' she cried, feeling the tears run down her cheeks. Lily pulled her daughter away from the door. 'No! Let me go! What did you do!' she yelled, looking completely outraged. 'Father needs us!'

Helena looked at her mother and saw the sorrow in her eyes. '"”I love your father Helena. But right now my choice is to protect you.' She said, speaking fiercely

'B-but he needs us...' Helena fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands, crying out loud. It was most likely that James Potter was already dead, and Helena knew this. '"”I don't understand,' she sobbed. 'What is going on?' she asked. Helena looked up and saw that her mother was crying as well. Lily's tears fell silently from her eyes, she was trying to keep herself strong. '"”Who is that man?' she questioned, referring to the Dark Lord. '"”You have kept in the dark for all my life and I believed you and let it go when you said it was for my own safety. But now I want the truth now, mother. I need the truth.' she said through her sobs.

'Your whole life we have been trying to protect you from the Dark Lord.' Said Lily. Something pounded against the door and they both flinched, their eyes grew wide as they looked at the door.

'The Dark Lord?'

'There has been made a prophecy about him and you.'

'About..me?' she whispered questioningly. They both flinched again when they heard something bang against the door again. 'What did it say?' she asked but Lily had no time to answer. The Dark Lord had broken through all her locking- and shielding charms.

'Helena!' Lily grabbed her by her arm and yanked her up from her knees. Lily stood before her daughter, trying to protect her. They both looked at the hooded figure with fear in their eyes. Helena sobbed softly against her mother and Lily clenched her fists fiercely.

'For years you have been hiding from me, Helena.' The Dark Lord spoke calmly as if they were having a civilized conversation, he spoke to her like an adult confronting a child of its wrongdoings. Helena shook with fear at the sound of his voice.

'I don't know what you're talking about!' she shouted truthfully. He barely heard her though, her voice was muffled as she pressed herself against her mother.

'You will not get away with this!' Lily spoke bravely.

'Oh, I will.' He laughed confidently. 'After I killed you both.., nobody will question my powers ever again! Nobody!' said Lord Voldemort, speaking with pride.

Lily pointed her wand at the Dark Lord but he didn't see her as a threat. He ignored her and looked at the young woman hiding behind Lily. '"”You're just a silly little girl.. there is no way that you could ever be my equal,' he sneered angrily, wondering why a prophecy was ever made between him and a girl. 'I won't take any risks though,' he said, mostly speaking to himself. '"”But you..,' he spoke towards Lily now. '-you shall die first.' He said and before Lily realized it, he had disarmed her.

Lily's eyes grew wide but she didn't back away, she looked more bravely than ever before, she really was a true Gryffindor.

'I am merciful tonight,' he told her. 'I give you the chance to step aside.'

'Never!' she shouted at him, looking at Lord Voldemort with her piercing emerald green eyes. She didn't have to tell him twice.

'Avada Kerdava,' he hissed and watched how the light left Lily's eyes.

'No!' shouted Helena in despair. There was nothing she could do as she felt her mother slump to the ground as Helena held her in her arms. 'No, no, no...' she sobbed, sinking to her knees, hovering over her mother.

'Why so sad?' he laughed darkly, seeing her tears. '"”You shall join your filthy mudblood mother very soon,' he promised her and Helena sobbed. She didn't want to die...

'Avada Kerdava,' he said once more. Helena looked up with her eyes wide, seeing how the curse flew towards her. The last thing they both remembered was the green flash that blinded their eyes. After that everything went dark...


There was not one witch or wizard who did not know about the story of Helena Potter. Every child in the wizarding world grew up the romanticised stories of The-Girl-Who-Lived, also called The Sleeping Witch.

The very feared Dark Lord had stolen the prophecy that told him that Helena Potter was the one who would one day vanquish him. After hearing the prophecy he searched for her with the intend to kill the young woman. When he found her, he killed her parents and attempted to kill her as well. But when he shot the killing curse towards the girl, a mysterious thing happened and it had left everybody in questions. The girl survived the killing curse and it had rebounded onto the Dark Lord, killing himself with his own wand. It was why Helena Potter was called The-Girl-Who-Lived. Nobody had ever survived a killing curse ever before.

But Helena Potter also has earned another name, The Sleeping Witch. The killing curse did not kill her but had put her in an eternal sleep instead. To this day she still hadn't woken up. That is how the story goes.

The story used to be a fact. But as the time passed by, the story grew into a myth. There were only a few witches and wizards who actually believed that the story was true. Those people were the ones who had lived through the war and they still remembered the day that the Dark Lord was defeated, as if it had happened yesterday. Some had actually known or once seen Helena Potter in the past. That Helena Potter had existed was a fact.

The story had grown into a myth because there was no evidence. Helena Potter had disappeared. There were many theories about the young woman. Many people believed that Helena Potter had not survived the killing curse at all. They believed that she had died along with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. There were also people that believed that she had killed the Dark Lord but that he never had the chance to shot the killing curse at her. They thought that she had wanted to stay anonyms for some strange reason. But there hasn't been any record of Helena dying...

All ordinary witches and wizards thought that nobody would ever find the body of Helena Potter. They did not know that a small group of people knew the exact location of where Helena Potter was resting. They had seen her asleep for real and they protected her secret with their lives. They were called the Order of the Phoenix.

Today, exactly eighty years have passed since the Dark Lord has been defeated. It was midnight and everybody who lived at Godric's Hollow was sound asleep. They were unaware that a famous wizards that went by the name Albus Dumbledore was walking through the long magical street right now.

Silently he walked passed a house that was completely destroyed. That house once belonged to the Potters. Dark magic has a permanent touch and nobody had been able to restore the house where James and Lily Potter had been killed. He ignored the dreadful appearance of the house and continued his journey through Godric's Hollow.

He stopped when he noticed a familiar tabby cat sitting on a stone wall. The cat was watching him intently and Albus smiled.

'Ah, I see you have already arrived Professor McGonagall,' he spoke to the cat. The cat stretched its legs and Albus watched the cat with amusement in his eyes. The cat then jumped off the stone wall and before it landed on the ground, the cat had transformed into a stern looking woman. She looked at the wizard for a moment and they both nodded at each other in acknowledgement.

'I simply cannot believe that it has already been eighty years,' she sighed as they both made their way through the street. 'Do you think that she has woken up?' questioned Minerva McGonagall. She asked this with a little bit of hope in her voice, but she knew all too well what the answer was.

'I am afraid not,' sighed Albus. They both stopped their journey when they noticed a muggle war memorial. As they both looked at it, they saw how the names disappeared and another inscription replaced them.

... As she sleeps we celebrate...

...We shall never forget the sacrifices that have been made...

...When she wakes we must remember...

...That some things never last forever...

They both sighed in worry after they had read the inscription. Minerva looked at Albus for a split second and he answered her unasked questioned; 'The one who has written this, still has not been identified,' he told her and she nodded.

'I was afraid so,' she whispered.

Minerva wasn't sure what to think of the inscription. It was indeed very beautiful and very fitting to the story as well. However, it was also very dark and.. it was the truth, even though she wished it wasn't.

Even after eighty years it was still unclear if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had truly died. Albus had told McGonagall the truth about his thoughts; he thought that Lord Voldemort was still alive. He was just too weak to move on. Albus thought that he was wandering around through the unknown, searching for a way to survive. It had worried her.

They crossed the road and opened the kissing gate that lead to the graveyard, which had been their destination all along. They walked towards two graves and it was clear that they had been here before. They knew exactly where to go to without a doubt.

They stopped before the graves of James and Lily Potter. Minerva looked down in sorrow as Albus conjured some beautiful flowers and laid them on their graves.

'After all this time.., it still hurts.' Whispered Minerva. Albus silently nodded and glanced at a few other graves that were two rows away from them. He softly cleared his throat.

'Shall we?' he asked Minerva and she nodded, looking intently at the graves. There was a large space between their graves, another person easily could be buried between them.

Suspiciously they looked around before Albus raised his wand. With a wave the space between the graves of the Potters were changed into a stairs that lead underground.

'After you,' said Albus and Minerva descended the stairs after lightening her wand with a simple spell. Her shoulders were pressed against the clammy walls and it felt slightly claustrophobic, but fortunately the wall moved further away from her with every step she took.

After descending many steps, a full minute had gone by and both Minerva and Albus were standing in a room that was located many meters under the ground. They were standing before a heavy looking gate. Minerva held her wand near the lock of the gate, using it as a torch. Albus reached for a large key that he had kept safely in one of his pockets of his robe. Minerva stared at the key in fascination. The key looked rusty but beautiful at the same time. In the middle there was an emerald coloured stone and it looked like it was a real emerald, judging by the way it was glistering beautifully in the light.

Albus turned the key and the whole gate glowed an emerald colour and with a screeching eerie sound the gate slowly opened. It was an unpleasant sound and Minerva could feel the goose bumps appearing on her arms. They entered the next room and the gate locked itself automatically after they had walked through it. Minerva looked worried for a moment but Albus didn't seem to notice, or perhaps he had pretended not to notice.

'We are almost there,' he said comfortingly after another long walk. Minerva could feel her heart beat rapidly in her chest when she saw something in the distance. As they walked closer they saw The-Girl-Who-Lived fast asleep on a stone altar. Dim candlelight lit the room, the candles hadn't stopped burning even after eighty years.

Helena Potter was dressed in a long scarlet dress. The fabrics of her dress were draped over the stone altar, giving it a beautiful and perfect image of her eternal sleep. In her hands she held a single rose that hadn't died either, even after all those years it was still as red as her dress.

They stepped closer towards her and took a good look at the young woman. Everything about her was perfect. Her lips were just as red as her scarlet dress. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the candlelight and not one raven hair was out of place. She had a small cute nose and her eyelashes were long. The look on her face was peaceful, as if she was dreaming the most wonderful dream.

The truth was that she had looked like a mess when they first found her. But when they realized that she was cursed with an eternal sleep, and when they decided that they had to frequently visit her, to see if she had awoken, they had cleaned her up. Wiping away the dried tears on her cheeks and brushing her wild hair, before laying her to rest on the stone altar. They wanted to be reminded by her beautiful character, not how she looked when she had almost died.

'She hasn't changed one bit after all those years,' said Minerva in amazement and Albus nodded along with interest.

'Yes, she is under a very powerful spell.' He said, never taking his eyes off her. '"”For her to stay unchanged and youthful even after eighty long years...'

'Do you think that she will ever wake up?' questioned Minerva, sounding hopeful.

'I don't know..,' said Albus truthfully. 'Forgive me Minerva, it might sound cruel but.. we will continue to live a peaceful life until she awakes from her sleep.'

'I know that,' she said along with a sigh. Albus had once told Minerva that it was most likely that only Lord Voldemort was the one who could wake her up. Perhaps it would be for the best if she just stayed asleep... no matter how selfish that sounded.

She hoped that Lord Voldemort would never resurrect again.. little did she know about what was happening at Hogwarts right now.


'Please.., don't hurt me,' a young witch whispered. She was leaning against a wall for support.

'It won't hurt,' promised Tom Riddle. He tucked a strand of her red hair that had fallen in front of her eyes behind her ear and she flinched. 'What happened Ginerva? I thought you liked me?' he said, sounding offended but Ginny could hear the amusement in his voice as well. A sick laugh escaped from his lips and Ginny could feel unpleasant shivers run up her spine.

'I don't want to die..' she whispered weakly.

'Well, neither do I,' he laughed darkly. 'See this as an honour Ginerva. I myself have given you this opportunity to give you your own life to save the life of the Dark Lord!' he said, his eyes glistering mysteriously. Ginny buried her face in her hands and softly sobbed.

She fell to her knees and softly cried. Tom Riddle watched her patiently, seeing how she grew weaker every minute. It was a long process, but he had time. He had loads of time.

'I don't feel so well..,' she mumbled weakly and he looked at her. Very slowly she closed her eyes and she wasn't ever going to open them again. He laughed in satisfaction, she hadn't died, but he was more closer than ever in restoring his powers.

He searched through her pockets and found her wand. He practised with it and found out that the wand wasn't properly working for him. He wasn't really satisfied with it, but it was the best he could get right now.

He felt a strange tingling in his fingers and he wondered for a moment as he looked at the unconscious girl. He checked her pulse and found that there was none. He laughed darkly. Lord Voldemort was very much alive.

He snatched his old diary from her cold hands and flipped through the blank pages. Slowly words appeared on a few pages and he read them to remind himself of an important conversation he and Ginevra once had.

No, today was just another boring day. Nothing special happened.

Not even during class?

No, the only thing that was a little bit interesting was History of Magic.

History of Magic..? When did that subject got interesting..? I mean with professor Binns teaching...

Wow.., how long has professor Binns been teaching at Hogwarts?

Too long... Well? What was so interesting at History of Magic today?

Well, he told us the complete story of The Sleeping Witch. Normally he doesn't speak of myths but he seemed to be actually excited to tell about this story..

The Sleeping Witch?

It's my favourite story since I was a kid.

I have never heard of it..

You haven't?... Oh, I guess that was after your time.

Tell me more about it.

Okay... The Sleeping Witch is about a girl called Helena Potter. She vanquished the Dark Lord during the last war when she was barely an adult!

The Dark Lord..? How was a girl able to vanquish the Dark Lord?

Well, that's the question, isn't it? Nobody knows how she survived the killing curse.

She was able to survive the killing curse from the Dark Lord his wand? That is impossible!

Unbelievable, isn't it? Many don't believe the story because it sounds too amazing.. it is why it has become a myth. The story is used as a fairy tale right now.

But.. the Dark Lord really disappeared, did he not? Doesn't that give prove that this Helena Potter existed?

I do like to think that Helena Potter of those stories really existed and that she was the one who was able to vanquish He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and that she survived the killing curse...


Well, there is no prove, is there? Her body is gone.

Her body..? I thought you said that she had survived the killing curse?

Oh, I guess I forgot a very important part of this story. The killing curse didn't kill her but it did had another effect on her. She fell in a deep sleep and she was unable to wake up. It is why she is called The Sleeping Witch.

She fell.. in a deep sleep..?

Yes, an eternal sleep... But nobody can prove that this story is the truth, even though You-Know-Who disappeared when she did as well. You see, Helena Potter did exist! Nobody knows why the Dark Lord was out to kill Helena Potter, but we do know that her parents didn't survive... They found their bodies in their own home, but Helena was nowhere to be found.. or so they say.

Or so they say..? You believe different?

I don't know.. I just really don't know.. I guess something tells me that there is more to this story. Maybe Helena is still alive. Perhaps the story was just made up, that she was never hit by the killing curse and that she has never fallen in an eternal sleep. Maybe she was powerful enough to vanquish You-Know-Who without ever getting hit.

You believe that?

I said I don't know! I just... I don't know... anyway, if the story is true and she is fast asleep somewhere on this earth.. she must be around ninety years old. There will come a time that she dies of old age.

I guess that is true... perhaps we shall never know the truth of the story.

Some things in this world aren't supposed to be discovered...

He stared at the pages for a long while and then shut the little black book and placed it in one of his pockets in his robe. He wasn't sure if he believed in this story but he was sure that there was some truth in it. He had to believe in something, for his memory of the night he had almost died was nothing but a blur. The only thing he remembered is a flash of green light, unmistakably from the killing curse. Had it come from his own wand? He also remembered the pain.. the unbearable pain as his split soul was ripped away from his destroyed body.

He had a lead and that was Helena Potter. He was going to search for her and was going to kill everyone who got in his way. Nobody was going to stop him.

But first he had to rest and restore all of his powers. And he had to figure out what he was going to do with his followers. Most must be dead already, for eighty years have already passed. Witches and wizards can live to a great age, longer than any muggle. But too many years had passed by... He had to figure out which former Death Eater had an heir and would want to follow in their parents footsteps.

He remembered Phineas Nigellus, who was a few years older than himself. He had three sons and one daughter. Some where still young, but Phineas oldest son Sirius Black and his wife Hester Gamp had always been loyal to him. It was unlikely that they were still alive so he had to seek out their heirs...

But there was no haste. He had the time of the world.


...20 years later...

Ginny Weasley's disappearance was recorded as the most mysterious disappearance ever in the Wizarding World. Many wondered why she was the one who had been taken down to the Chamber of Secrets. And it was odd that the attacking stopped after her disappearance as well. The story of her disappearance had become a legend as well. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.., you just might get it.

In those twenty years Lord Voldemort had gained new followers and had restored all of his powers, everything in secret of course.

He had even managed to find Helena Potter, or at least, that is what he thought. He had found a passage way that lead underground next to her parents graves. However, there was a gate and he could not pass it, no matter what he tried. There must be a key that could open that gate, and he was never going to stop searching for it.

'Tomorrow is Halloween,' said Lord Voldemort, looking at his followers who all seemed to be nervous. 'Tomorrow is the day that I died one-hundred years ago.' He laughed darkly.

'They won't know what will overcome them, my Lord,' grinned Bellatrix, her eyes flashing mysteriously in the candlelight.

'You know what to do,' said Lord Voldemort, looking very serious about this matter. '"”This will be large event, Aurors will be everywhere. Don't get caught.'

'As long as I can kill that bloodtraitor that used to be my sister-...' hissed Bellatrix angrily, feeling her blood boil just thinking about her. Nobody filled the silence and they all shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. Voldemort looked at her in amusement. He had been amused to hear that so many Blacks had turned against their own family. And he was pleased as well, he had gained many promising followers. Everything was going according to plan. Nothing was going to stop him now.


'I thank everyone for coming to this special event,' spoke the minister of magic. 'Exactly a hundred years ago, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was killed by Helena Potter. The heroine who saves us all"”...'

There was a loud explosion and even before people realized what was going on, they screamed around in panic and tried to get their way out of the street. However, for some strange reason they were unable to disapparate.

'RUN! IT'S THE DEATH EATERS!' somebody screamed. It was chaos at Diagon Alley.

Lord Voldemort enjoyed seeing the fear on the faces of all those people who had wanted to celebrate his death. In the distance he could see Bellatrix, one of his most precious Death Eater, duel with another women. And he had never seen Bellatrix fight like this before. She was truly angry.

He found himself curious and invaded the mind of the other women. Like he had expected he saw that the women with the pink hair was a relative of Bellatrix. But when he searched through her mind he found something even more interesting. She had seen Helena Potter!

He made his way towards her and disarmed her easily. Tonks looked at Lord Voldemort and her eyes grew wide, for she had not known that Lord Voldemort had been resurrected, she only knew that this was the work of his followers.

With a wave of his wand he summoned a key from her pocket. Her eyes widened in realization. 'NO!' she shouted, wanting to stop him from taking her key, but Bellatrix had stepped back in the fight and hit Tonks with the cruciatus curse.

Lord Voldemort laughed out loud when he was sure that he had obtained the key that lead to Helena Potter's body. He looked around and realized that there was no actual need for him to stay any longer. He could not wait to see Helena and thus apparated towards Godric's Hollow.

It was unusually quiet all of a sudden. Silence filled the street unlike the street of Diagon Alley right now. With a smirk he made his way towards the graveyard. He still knew exactly where this underground passage was.

He made his way underground and stopped before the large gate. This was the moment of truth. He placed the key in the lock and stared at the gate that glowed a green light for a moment. Then the gate slowly opened. He quickly made his way through the next passage, he hadn't felt this excited in a very long time.

In the distance he already saw her. The stories were true. She had survived the killing curse and had fallen in an eternal sleep. He walked closer towards her and found himself speechless and unknown what to do. He hadn't expected her to look so.. beautiful. Suddenly his need for him to kill her had disappeared. He wanted to wake her. But how was he supposed to wake this young woman from a spell he had never known of? How was he supposed to wake her while many others, including Dumbledore, had failed at it.

He noticed how red her lips were, they reminded him of the colour of blood. Then he thought about kissing her. He shook his head and blinked his eyes a few times. What was he thinking..? He stepped back and looked at her in anger. He felt his heart ache. What kind of magic was this?

Lord Voldemort gritted his teeth and grabbed his wand, pointing it at the sleeping witch. He then noticed that his hands were trembling. He couldn't do it...

He stared at her and noticed that she wasn't breathing. He frowned, was she dead..? He placed his hand on her chest and felt how soft her skin was. He was surprised when he felt the warmth of her body against his hand, and he felt a heartbeat as well, even though it was very slow, unlike any other human.

He snatched his hand away when she glowed an emerald colour, like the gate had done. He stepped back and watched her in disbelieve. He stared at Helena and saw how the young woman slowly opened her eyes. She blinked them a few times, batting her eyelashes at him. He saw how a faint blush coloured her cheeks. She leaned on her elbows and tried to sit up.

What is going on?' she softly asked. He could do nothing but stare at the young woman before him. 'Where am I?' she questioned but he didn't answer. She looked at him and stared intently at him. 'Do I know you?' it sounded almost as if she had recognized him.

'Probably not,' he finally managed to say.

'I just had the strangest dream..,' she smiled.

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...


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The Seventh Sister

It had taken a long while for Lord Voldemort to convince Helena to come with him. In the beginning she didn't trust him at all, though he could see that she wanted to trust him, she was just scared. She had demanded answers from him and her kindness seemed to have disappeared at that moment.

The Dark Lord had grown impatient and told her harshly that she had slept for one-hundred years and that her parents were dead, as were everybody else she once knew. He wished he hadn't lost control. It had put him in a rather complicated situation. He was unsure how to act from then on.

He had his hand in his pocket, his long fingers were wrapped tightly around his wand. He could do it. He could kill her right now and she would no longer be a bother to him. But for some reason it just didn't feel like the right thing to do.

Even after these years of living in secrecy, he had been unable to find out what kind of magic had kept her alive one-hundred years ago. He still didn't know what had destroyed his body. He didn't want history to repeat itself. He would be taking a huge risk by trying to kill her. He wouldn't allow himself to be foolish and make the same mistake.

His fingers loosened from his wand and a soft sigh escaped from his lips. He looked at the younger girl. She was still crying. He body shook as she sobbed. His eye twitched in irritated as he watched the girl. She was such a bother. He still watched the girl cry, how she covered her face with her small hands.

He realized that he should have let her sleep. She had told him about her wonderful dream before she got suspicious of him. She sounded very happy. When she slept she was unaware of everything that was happening around her. It had left her without any worries.

If he had let her sleep, they both would have been happy. She would be asleep without a worry and he wouldn't be bothered with her existence. He told himself that it wasn't his fault, she had awoken when he touched her. He didn't know it would wake her up. He ignored the thought that he had wanted her to be awake just minutes ago.

As he watched her sob, he thought about how he was going to act from now on. He was thinking about locking her up in the dungeons. Keeping her there forever until she died. This way she wouldn't be a bother to him and he won't have to kill her with his wand. But again, it felt wrong. He looked further into this and realized that if she would escape, that she would want revenge. She would fight against him and that won't do. That won't do at all.

There was really only one option left.

'Helena...' he addressed her by her name and heard how she softly hiccupped. She didn't look up but he knew that she was listening to him right now. '"”I understand that you feel sad right now,' he lied to her. 'But perhaps it would be for the best if you went with me. You can take your time figuring thing out, I will allow you to go your own path when you have decided.' He promised her, it wasn't the truth though.

Finally she looked up. He eyes were slightly puffy and her nose was red from crying. Her red lipstick was slightly smeared and she looked nothing like the peaceful young woman he had seen asleep just minutes ago.

'I don't even know you,' she said, her voice sounding strained. It didn't seem to him like she cared much though. She didn't care. She had lost everything and everybody she once knew. She stared angrily at him, as if she knew it was all his fault that she had been asleep for one-hundred years. For a moment Lord Voldemort thought that she had figured him out and began to rethink his decision.

'But.. you do know me..' she said, obviously wanting more answers before giving in. 'How come you know of me? I don't suppose you have slept for one-hundred years as well.' She spat and Lord Voldemort almost laughed at that. But he kept himself from giving himself away.

'Everybody knows who you are Helena,' he told her smoothly. He wasn't lying. It was the truth. Everybody in the Wizarding World did know Helena. As Ginny had once told him, every child grew up with stories about him and her, especially about her.

Her expression then softened. She felt like she could trust him. She slowly nodded, finally giving in. However, Lord Voldemort was curious about the situation.

'What is the last thing you remember?' he asked her, sounding worried, though he was only after answers for himself. Helena furrowed her brows, sniffling softly as she tried to recollect her memory.

'Not much,' she admitted. 'I remember having dinner with my parents,' she said and there was another silence. He noticed how her lower lip began to tremble again. He had to keep himself from rolling his eyes at that moment. '"”I can't remember what happened after that,' she said to him, speaking the truth. She wiped away a silent tear from her cheek and looked at him in a questioning way.

'Nothing?' he asked for confirmation. He could use this information. He could manipulate the girl and turn her into something entirely different from what she once was. If he would succeed, she would fight on his side.

'Oh,...Just one thing,' she then mumbled, seemingly to remember something. Lord Voldemort stiffened, thinking that she remembered him after all.

'What do you remember?' he asked her.

'A flash of green light..,' she told him. 'It must have been the killing curse you have been telling me about...' she mumbled more to herself. But then she shook her head. 'That's ridiculous,' she said to herself, laughing softly at her own silliness. 'Nobody is able to survive to killing curse.'

'Perhaps.. you were hit by a different spell,' he told her and she nodded in agreement. '"”A spell that put you into an eternal sleep, or at least, that was his intention.'

'Perhaps..' she nodded, her eyes turned glassy as though she was deeply in thought. She blinked her eyes a few times and got out of her trance. 'Do you.. know wh-..who wanted to kill me..?' she asked hesitantly, as if she was afraid for the answer.

Lord Voldemort was silent for a brief moment. His mind was racing. He could lead her into the right direction already...

'I have an idea.. who could have done this to you,' he told her hesitantly and her eyes grew wide.

'You do?!' she asked in surprise. 'Who did this to me?!' she demanded to know, looking fierce all of a sudden.

He contained himself from smirking. While he restored his powers the last couple of years, he had researched on Helena. He had found out a lot about her and her parents. Her parents were true Gryffindors. It was most likely that Helena was a true Gryffindor in her heart as well. Gryffindors were known for their bravery and their loyalty. But they were also known for them being aggressive and reckless.

She surely would want to avenge her parents death. This girl had nothing to loose anymore. She would probably give her own life to avenge her previous life. Foolish girl...

'Please! Tell me who did this to me!' she pleaded, her eyes filled with desperation but also anger.

'I am not sure Helena,' he told her. 'I wouldn't want to lead you on the wrong track. I could be completely wrong about this matter.'

'That's okay! Just tell me your thoughts! Please, it's the only lead I have!' she said but he slowly shook his head. He watched how Helena's shoulders slumped in disappointment.

'Helena.. you cannot let your revenge be lead through anger. '

'That person ruined my life,' she spat.

'If you truly want to take revenge you have to take your time. Be sure of your actions and no one should be able to read your thoughts.' He said and Helena stared at him. She then softly sighed in defeat, knowing that he was right. It didn't make her anger for this unknown person go away though.

'I promise to tell you who killed your parents when I am sure.' He promised her and she looked at him with appreciation.

'You promise?' she asked and he nodded.

'I promise,' he told her. Her lips turned into a small smile.

The Dark Lord felt satisfied about this. This could be of great importance in the future. He had the power to control her anger now. He could lead her perfectly into his trap.

'I don't know about you. But I'd rather not stay here any longer.' He said and she nodded in agreement. 'Shall we go?' he asked and she nodded again. Again he fought the desire to sigh, but this time in relieve. He didn't think he would ever be able to convince the girl.

'Okay...er-...?' she looked at him in a questioning way and he raised one eyebrow at her.

'What is it?'

'I still don't know your name,' she said and he furrowed his brows. What was he going to tell her. He couldn't ask her to address him as Lord Voldemort or the Dark Lord yet. That sounded... too dark and too suspicious.

'My name is Tom,' he told her and she softly smile. 'Tom Riddle.'

'Okay.., Tom,' she tried out his name. He almost flinched at the sound of his real name. He had to work on that. There was a high possibility that he was going to hear his old muggle name a lot more often than he had ever hoped for.

'We cannot apparate from here, we must go outside.' He told her and she nodded. She slid off the stone altar onto her feet. She bit her lip when she felt a sharp pain in her right ankle, she tried to ignore it though. Slowly she followed him up the long stairs, feeling slightly dizzy as she walked.

In the distance Helena could the light and her heart raced in excitement. When they were finally outside, Helena felt relieved. She may not have noticed that she had slept for one-hundred years, but her body knew that she hadn't smelled the fresh air for so long. She closed her eyes and felt the wind blow softly though her hair. Her lips twisted into a soft smile, it felt good to be outside. She took a very deep breath and exhaled loudly, enjoying the fresh air.

She opened her eyes and only then she realized that they were standing in a graveyard. She spun around and her smile disappeared when she saw her parents graves. But before she could really react to it, Tom stepped towards her, grabbing her hand, he muttered; 'Let's go,' and apparated away.

They both experienced the unpleasant feeling of apparating and found themselves standing before a large gate. Helena stared at it for a brief moment, remembering the image of her parents' graves. She felt sad and slightly angry that she didn't got to spend any time at her parents' graves. Yet, she was thankful that Tom had quickly snatched her away. She knew that she had spared a lot of tears by leaving the graveyard.

She softly cleared her throat and blinked her eyes a few times. She realized that she shouldn't dwell on it.

Helena looked passed the large gate and her eyes grew wide in amazement when she saw the large mansion. She looked at Tom in a questioning way.

'You own this?' she asked in disbelieve. She had never seen such a beautiful mansion.

'Yes,' he answered, seemingly unimpressed, not noticing her excitement at first.

'But... You're so young...' she acknowledged, curiously looking at Tom. 'Wherever did you get the money? Did you inherit it?' she asked bluntly and he laughed, shaking hs head.

'No, it is mine.' He said, grinning at the innocent girl. '"”I am not as young as you think,' he said, winking at her. 'Like yourself,' he added and she gave him a funny look.

'I'm just...' she swallowed with difficulty, she realized that she had forgotten a very important matter. '...eighteen...' she finished her sentence with doubt.

'Hundred-and-eighteen,' he corrected for her. Helena was silent. Though she now knew the pain of losing everybody she once knew, she still found it hard to believe that one-hundred years had gone by. She was in a completely different time.

Tom had opened the gate while she was lost in her own thoughts.

'After you,' he said politely and Helena jumped, waking from her daydream. A faint blush appeared on her pale cheeks and she entered the garden, which was as beautiful as the mansion that she could see in the distance.

'Why are you walking limp like that?' he suddenly asked and Helena turned around to look at him.

'My ankle hurts..' she muttered.

'You should have told me,' he said, sounding a little bit too dominant than he had intended. He mustn't forget that he should keep her a friend. 'Here, sit down. I shall heal it for you.' He said and Helena nodded, sitting down on the edge of a large fountain.

She moved up her dress, showing him her bruised ankle. He moved down onto one knee and grabbed his wand from his pocket. He cast a non-verbal spell on her ankle and she could feel the warmth spreading through her feet.

She tried to move her ankle and felt no longer any pain, the bruising had disappeared as well.

'Thank you,' she flushed and he nodded. They stared at each other for a brief moment.

'Good afternoon, my Lord.' A feminine voice said and they both looked up. Tom quickly got back to his feet, looking slightly embarrassed for some reason, but he recovered quickly.

'Hello Narcissa,' he acknowledged the blonde woman.

'Oh..Who is this?' she asked nonchalantly with much interest as she studied the unknown girl. It was clear that she had seen the girl all along.

Helena looked up at the woman in awe. Narcissa was probably the most beautiful women she had ever seen. The woman had soft blonde hair that she wore up, a few strands were hanging loosely against her face. Her lips were full and painted red. Narcissa's eyes were deep blue and it made Helena feel like she was looking right through her soul.

Helena suddenly felt uncomfortable and she quickly ran her hand through her raven hair, trying to straighten it. She knew she looked like a complete mess compared to the blonde woman before her. Especially since she had just cried. Her eyes must be red and puffy.

'This is Helena,' Tom introduced her. 'She will be staying here for a while,' he told Narcissa who nodded stiffly at this.

'I see,' she said, her eyes glittering in a mysterious way. Helena softly gulped as she glanced at the woman. The first impression of Narcissa to her was that she looked beautiful and elegant, but it didn't seem like she was a nice woman.

Narcissa then looked at Tom and her red lips turned into a small smile. 'My husband is looking for you, my Lord.' She said and Helena frowned at how she addressed Tom. '"”He said it was important... regarding our victory from today.' She said and Tom nodded.

'Where is he right now?'

'Probably waiting for you inside, my Lord.' She answered and Tom nodded again.

He wanted to leave and see Lucius immediately but then he was reminded by Helena. He looked at her and Helena saw that Tom was annoyed by her presence. He only showed this for a brief second but Helena had seen it and realized that she was burden to him. She looked at the ground in disappointment.

'Perhaps I can show Helena around the house,' suggested Narcissa and Helena looked at the women in surprise. Tom nodded satisfied.

'If you would,' he said and that's when Helena noticed how cold he was towards Narcissa. It seemed like he was a completely different person now that he was home. Without another word he left them, he didn't even glanced at Helena for the last time. She watched him leave in confusion and she couldn't help but feel slightly hurt. Had she done something wrong?

Then she noticed Narcissa's stare and a faint blush appeared on Helena's cheeks. She shifted uncomfortably and smiled weakly at the other woman. Narcissa showed her a smug smirk.

'So you're his new playtoy,' she laughed darkly and Helena blushed a deep red.

'Wha-.. what?' stuttered Helena, feeling embarrassed. What was she talking about?

'Do you have a good reason to live here? Or did he let you live here, just like that?' asked Narcissa, demanding answers. Helena softly bit on her lower lip. It was a good question to which Helena did not know the answer.

'I-... I don't have a home anymore,' answered Helena but Narcissa didn't look at her with sympathy, she grinned at her instead, like she knew something Helena did not. '"”I'm not sure why he lets me stay here... I guess I must be grateful to him that he does...' she said thoughtfully.

'You should,' nodded Narcissa. 'But.. I can see why he does though.' She laughed darkly and Helena looked at her in question. '"”You're exactly his type,' she told Helena as she studied the girl unashamedly, her smug smirk still plastered on her beautiful face. 'Dark hair... bright eyes... young...beautiful... and innocent, of course.' She laughed and Helena looked at the ground. She wasn't sure if she should be flattered that a beautiful woman like Narcissa had called her beautiful. Yet, it didn't feel much like a compliment the way Narcissa told her this.

'I-... I don't know what you're talking about,' said Helena, looking at the ground again. It was hard for her to look Narcissa in the eye. Her blue eyes were so piercing and cold.

'Come,' said Narcissa and grabbed Helena's hand, forcing her to stand up. 'Let's take a walk,' she suggested, her warm hand still wrapped around Helena's cold hand. Suddenly Narcissa sounded a lot nicer and less uptight.

'It's a beautiful place,' commented Helena and Narcissa nodded in agreement.

'It is,' she said as they both strolled through the garden. It was Fall but the grass they were walking on was bright green, as were the leaves on the trees they passed by. Definitely the work of magic. She stared at one particularly tree and on the branches there were sitting six doves.

'The weather is nice,' commented Helena and Narcissa nodded.

'Yes... today is a surprisingly good day to walk around the garden. Whenever I am here and the weather is good, you can mostly find me in the garden.'

'You don't live here?' asked Helena in surprise.

'No, I don't,' answered Narcissa as she shook her head. 'But I guess you can still say that I live here though..,' she said with a soft laugh. '"”You can find me here more often than in my own house.' She told Helena.

'And why is that?' asked Helena out of curiosity. Right now, there was a lot going on that she didn't understand. She hated being oblivious. She desperately wanted answers.

'Because my husband and I belong to the inner circle,' she said proudly but Helena wasn't any wiser with this.

'Inner circle?' repeated Helena and Narcissa looked at the younger woman in irritation.

'You don't know much, do you?' she hissed and Helena blushed in embarrassment. Narcissa sighed out loud, shaking her head in disbelieve. 'The Dark Lord outdid himself this time.., talking about innocent,' Narcissa rolled her eyes.

'The Dark Lord?' it was out before Helena could contain herself. Narcissa's eyes widened as she looked at Helena in shock.

'You don't"”...?' there was a short silence before Narcissa continued. 'Were you obliviated?' asked Narcissa, looking very serious about this matter. Helena looked down in embarrassment. This whole situation was humiliating to Helena. She just felt so stupid...

'I don't think so...'

'You're not a muggle, are you? Or a squib?' Narcissa automatically took a step away from Helena. She shook her head and Narcissa seemed relieved at that. Helena didn't like the fact that Narcissa was prejudice.

'What are you then? What is your blood status?'

'Blood status? Oh, er-... half-blood,' she answered and Narcissa nodded approvingly.

'I guess that will do...'

'I assume you are a pureblood then?' said Helena with a soft smile and Narcissa nodded, holding her head high.

'I am, as is my husband Lucius,' she answered with a confident grin. 'My son has just arrived from Hogwarts today, I'll introduce you to him later.'

'He goes to Hogwarts?' asked Helena, her eyes lit up in excitement. Narcissa looked amused and nodded.

'Yes.., didn't you?'

'No..,' Helena sighed sadly. 'I was home schooled. My parents taught me a lot but I just wanted to go to school like a normal girl,' she sighed.

'What is your last name?'


'Cissy! There you are..!' a feminine voice suddenly interrupted them. Helena looked up and saw a woman walking towards them. She looked almost as beautiful as Narcissa. She had long black hair and her eyes were dark, making her skin look even paler. But it was the long gash on her left cheek that drew Helena's attention. Blood dripped down her chin.

'Bella! You're bleeding,' said Narcissa worriedly.

'It's nothing,' the woman dismissed it. 'You must be Helena,' she said, addressing the oblivious girl. Helena's grew wide and she nodded.

'Do you know her?' asked Narcissa.

'The Dark Lord told me all about you,' smirked Bellatrix and Helena's frowned in confusion. She still didn't know who this Dark Lord was... but from the sound of his name...

'He did?' gulped Helena.

'He wants to see you,' she said and Helena immediately felt a uncomfortable feeling her stomach. 'He told me it was important, Miss Potter.'

'Pot-? Ouch..' Narcissa's eyes widened but she was caught off by Bellatrix, who had elbowed her in the ribs. Helena stared at the women in confusion.

'Go inside, up the grand stairs, to the left and the first door to your right,' said Bellatrix helpfully, suspiciously kind.

'Okay... thank you.' Helena mumbled unsure.

'What do you mean with Potter?' Narcissa whispered furiously at her sister.

Helena ignored the women behind her and nervously made her way towards the house. She stepped inside and looked around in awe. The house was as beautiful from the outside as well as the inside. She softly gulped when she walked up the grand stairs. She felt slightly nauseous from feeling so nervous. Slowly she walked towards the direction Bellatrix had pointed her to.

Softly she knocked on the door and carefully opened it, afraid for who she might find. Her lips then twisted into a smile and she let out a soft sigh from relieve. Tom was looking back at her with a smug grin on his face. Though Helena was relieved, her mind was still racing.

'You're the Dark Lord?' she immediately asked him and he laughed.

'Yes.., are you surprised?' he asked and she nodded truthfuly. He walked towards her and she looked up at him.

'You got me all worried and nervous,' she admitted with her hand on her heart.

'I don't make you nervous?' he asked, tucking a stand of her hair behind her ear. Helena could feel all her blood rush up her cheeks.

'In a different way,' she mumbled softly, but hard enough for him to hear.

'I do?' he asked, with amusement in his voice.

'Er-... you wanted to see me?' said Helena, trying to change the subject. He stared at her for a brief moment, amused at how she tried to change the subject.

'Yes,' he said with a charming smile. 'Tonight we shall celebrate out victory from today,' he said and she looked confused. She opened her mouth to speak but he cut her off. 'Don't ask,' he said with a charming smile. She smiled back and nodded.

'It will be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know everybody,' he told her and she nodded in agreement, though she couldn't help but feel slightly nervous at that thought. She had already met Narcissa and Bellatrix, and she wasn't sure what to think of them...

A silence fell between them and Helena glanced around the room. It was a small study with a large window that had a beautiful view on the garden. The room held a desk and a few bookcases.

Helena couldn't help but feel curious. She smiled innocently at him and he raised one eyebrow at her in a suggestive manner. She slowly walked towards the bookcases and began scanning the books, coming across a few interesting titles.

'I don't think"”' began Tom but he was silent when he heard her gasp in excitement.

'Wherever did you get this?' she asked excitedly and he was taken back for a brief moment. 'It is known that Salazar Slytherin only wrote a few books.' She said and turned around. 'Is this book for real? Was it really written by Salazar himself?' she asked, demanding an answer. He stared at her in surprise, seeing her eyes glint with excitement.

'It is indeed written by Salazar Slytherin,' he answered. 'It is written by hand.' He told her.

'I-... Wherever did you get it?'

'The Chamber of Secrets,' he told her honestly and she stared at him.

'Are you serious?' she almost shouted. 'The Chamber really exists? In my time that was just a myth!' she softly sighed and shook her head in disbelieve. 'I really missed a lot in the time that I was asleep.' She said and he was silent for a moment.

Helena stared back at the book with much interest and Tom grinned, seeing her interest and curiosity growing. 'Do you wish to read it?' he asked and she spun around.

'Can I?' she asked excitedly and he nodded in approval. 'I shall be very careful with it!' she promised, taking the book from the shelf as careful as she could.

'I trust you do,' he said. 'I must admit though that it is a surprise.'

'What?' she asked, totally oblivious.

'For you to be interested in the Dark Arts.' He said and she looked at her feet, holding the heavy book in her arms, pressing it against her chest.

'I have never performed any Dark Arts,' she quickly said. 'And honestly, I am not intending to ever do so.'

'Yet you are interested in it?' he asked her and she nodded.

'Yes.., I really am.' She admitted. 'I never told my parents though. I knew that they would stop teaching me about the Dark Arts if I told them.'

'If they never wanted you to be interested in it.., why did they teach you about it?' he asked her. He was becoming more interested in this girl by the second. It was clear that one mustn't always look at appearances. This girl really seemed to know a lot about the Dark Arts, yet she looked so innocent.

'My parents were very keen on teaching me about defensive spells.' She explained him. 'They told me that you can't properly defend yourself if you don't know what you are up against. Learning about the Dark Arts made me learn about defending myself.'

'I see...' he stared at her, very intrigued by her. 'That is indeed a very clever perspective. One cannot protect himself against the unknown.'

'Indeed,' she nodded. 'Thank you so much for loaning me this, if I may be excused?'

'Of course,' he immediately nodded. 'Be on time for tonight though.' He told her and she quickly nodded. 'If you are in need of anything, call one of the maids.'

'Maids?' she questioned, looking confused.

'House-elves were banned to use as servants thirty years ago,' he explained and her eyes grew wide.

'Really..? How odd...' she mumbled out loud. 'How many maids are there?' she questioned.


'Six? What an odd number...' she said and Tom's eye twitched in irritation. This girl was really clever. He had to be careful around her. '"”What are their names?'

'I don't think that is of much importance,' he said to her. 'They are difficult to remember anyway.' He told her but she shook her head, stubborn as she was.

'Can I hear them? Or are they too difficult for you to remeber as well?' she asked bluntly and he felt the urge to curse her. But instead his lips turned into a charming smile.

'Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Calaeno and Sterope.' He told her and she nodded seriously.

'Whatever happened to Merope?' she asked him and he looked at her in shock. 'Whatever happened to the seventh sister?'

'H-how do you know?' he demanded to know but she simply shrugged.

'I just know the tale.. I just found it odd that the seventh sister was not included. Is there any reason why there are only six maids?'

'No particularly reason.' He lied, speaking softly. 'Merope was the weakest one.., she married a mortal. Weakness is not tolerated here.'

'Hmm.. okay.' She nodded. 'I shall leave you to your thoughts then.' She mumbled and silently left the room.

'I'd rather not be reminded by Merope...'

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...

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