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Ik schrijf een Blaine FanFic en ik wilde hem delen. Hij is Engels. Mijn Engels is niet perfect hier, mainly omdat ik altijd tijden door elkaar haal zonder dat ik het merkxD Terwijl ik wel weet hoe het moet, fail.

So It's called Courageous(After Blaine's Famous Courage) and it's all about Blaine's past and future. He has come out on his school, but people on his High School aren't dealing with that as he hoped. He gets chased away and goes to Dalton. There he meets friends, and he becomes a Warbler, but not everything will be perfect. Of course eventually he will meet Kurt, too. (Because I'm just too much of a Klaine to stop before that).

Oh yeah you can comment here or over pm or, well just see wathever you please I don't really mindxDIjustlovecommentsokay?

Chapter one: Beaten

The boy looks at himself in the mirror, glaring at the blue shadow slowly growing around his cheekbone, around his eye. He wiped the blood off the cut just under his eye, and winced at his salt tears hurt the wound. He grunted, looking at his feet.

He heard a sound outside and winced, stumbling a few feet back before he remembered he had locked the door to the boys bathrooms. He sighed in relief, and then in disgust. What happened to him? He used to be really full of courage. He used to be friends with people. He used to be liked. But that changed, dramatically. He sighed again, sliding down against the wall and gripping his knees to his chest. The tears streamed over his face. He remembered the change, though, hell how couldn't he. It was just a few days ago when it all had started.

Blaine knew for a period of time he was gay, but he'd never felt like the time was right to come out to everyone. It felt unfair, why should he come out to people that he liked man? Everyone would look at him as if he was crazy if he had just stood up and told his classmates 'I like girls'. But there was a need in this society to tell it if you didn't. And so he had done so. He'd never been mister popular at his school, loving to sing and dance, dressing a little different than most guys of his age did. He never felt like guys from 'his age' either, he felt like he was much older. But he'd never expected the reaction he got. His classmates were stunned, at first, and then they looked at him like he was mad. They had whispered through the whole class, and after. And on the same day, they'd told the whole school. And that was the first time the misery began. Blaine could remember the whispers, and then they got louder by the hour. By the time he went home he hadn't talked to anyone, for they all looked at him like he was someone who shouldn't be there.

Blaine wiped his tears from his cheeks as he heard a loud bang at the door. He stood up and walked towards the sink, splashing water into his face to hide his tears. He thought about the first time he had heard the word faggot, whispering behind him. The first time the word was directly said at him, only yesterday. He opened the door as he recognized the voice from the person who was banging at the door. It was the principal.

"Mr. Anderson, what are you doing so late on the boys bathroom, locking yourself up?" He asked, frowning, his face mad. Blaine shrugged.

"Nothing," he mumbled, for once not caring to be polite or not. The principal looked at his face, but didn't comment on his injuries. Was he that stupid, thought Blaine harsh. He groaned as his face hurt because of his frown.

"Go home, right now, Mr. Anderson," The principal ordered. Blaine nodded silently and walked through the hallway, getting his coat from his locker and walking towards the parking lot. He was glad he'd waited. It was 8pm, and he was sure no one was there anymore.

Blaine slid into his car and drove away silently, know that his parents wouldn't be home. He was glad, he didn't want to explain this to them. What would he say? 'Yeah they beat me, why? Oh I'm gay didn't I tell you that? Sorry.'. No, there was no way. He planned on telling is parents the same day but just that reaction. It made him so scared.

Her pulled over when he was home, looking at the house standing against the dark shadows of nightfall. He bit his lip, flinched at that because he had a thick lip, and climbed out of his car, taking his bag with him. He marched right off to his room, not even caring to eat something before he was going to bed. He threw his bag on the ground, something he never, ever did, and sat on his back. The hurt in his face reminded him constantly of what happened, and as he closed his eyes he could still see it happening.

Blaine had been walking along the hallway as he heard it. 'Hey, faggot!' someone had shouted. Blaine, a boy full of courage and somehow wanting to get on with it, to confront them, turned around. There were three guys from the football team facing him, in the middle the most popular guy of school, the biggest idiot you'd imagine.

"Is there something wrong?" Blaine said, his voice close to cracking but he controlled it. The guys laughed.

"Yes, there is, and it's you," They bellowed. Blaine blinked in surprise by his tone. He sighed as he knew those guys were just the kind of guys you'd imagine to have a big problem with people like him. Blaine felt his hands going into fists as he thought that. There was nothing wrong with him, there was nothing wrong with being gay.

"I do think you have a problem if you have something against me," Blaine told the guy, his voice now trembling a little.

"Are you trying to be funny, faggot?" he asked. Blaine winched at the name, knowing he should walk away.

"No, and I'll just- go now," Blaine whispered, turning around. He heard it a fraction of a second earlier than he felt it. A hand on his shoulder, roughly turning him around.

"You are going nowhere, filthy fag," the guy bellowed. Blaine stepped a little closer, trying to be good, he supposed, and lay his hand on the guys arm to calm him. He snapped.

"Don't you dare touch me!" he screamed, and that had been when the first blown came. Blaine shielded his face with his right arm but there were three of them against one of him, and he had no chance. The blows came right into his face and he didn't do anything. He didn't want to be scared in front of them, cry, show them weakness, but he couldn't do anything against them. He had walked towards the bathrooms after and had stayed there until he hadn't been afraid anymore.

Blaine wiped the tears off his cheeks at the memory. He wasn't going back, they couldn't make him. He'd never get abused again by those guys, never.



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Woonplaats: District 4

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Lau: Ty<3 I know, I'm absolutely too lazy to check my spelling and grammarxD

Yes quick update, I wrote up to chapter 6 alreadyxD (I know the jumps from scene to scene aren't really good to see, I'm trying to change it.)

Chapter 2: Confession

"Blaine open the door," A voice shouted from the hallway. The boy just put his head under the blankets, shouting a muffled 'no' back. There was a bang at the door.

"Blaine, you're going to be late for school," his mother's voice said. Blaine closed his eyes. That's exactly my intention he thought silently. He threw the blanket on the floor and walked to the mirror on the wall. His face was getting purple from the attack from yesterday. His parents hadn't seen him yet since.

"Blaine!" He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to school today!" he shouted, slightly touching the blue skin on his face.

"Are you sick?" his mother asked.

"Yes, I am," Blaine answered. He was terrible at lying towards his mother.

"I don't believe you, open the door." Blaine didn't open the door, just sat on his bed and stared outside through the window. Blaine could hear his mother walk off the stairs, saying something his dad, and then he heard the two of them coming up. He sighed. Once he'd have to open the door. Maybe, if school had already began. But after another 15 minutes his parents began to get really mad, so he sighed and got up. He opened the door, then walking towards his bed, not facing them.

"Blaine what's wrong? You don't look sick," his mother said, still a little anger in her voice. Blaine coughed and then turned. First they looked at him, their eyes growing bigger. Then His father frowned, and his mother shot forward, walking towards him.

"Blaine! Who did that to you?" She asked, worried. Blaine didn't look at her, only at his dad. It looked like he was thinking something over and also he looked disappointed, as if he hadn't expected his son to be beaten up.

"Some guys at school," Blaine mumbled towards his mother, who softly touched the blue spots on his face and Blaine winched.

"I'll get you something for that, stay here," she said before she disappeared into the bathroom. Blaine looked at his father, who finally walked closer and sat next to him.

"Why did they do this, son?" He asked quietly. Blaine sighed, staring at his hands as he fumbled with his blanket. His father waited.

"I- I'll wait till mom is back okay?" He whispered. They both looked up as his mother came walking into the room with some ice en something she put on his wound.

"So?" his father asked. The boy tried to avoid their gazes.

"They beat me up because..." no he couldn't say it. His father, he wouldn't be happy with it, maybe he'd get mad. His mother would be disappointed, not that she'd show it, though. They both stared at him. He closed his eyes, tears running over his cheeks as he thought of a way to tell them why their son got beaten up because he was gay.

"Oh, honey it's okay it's not your fault, I'm sure you didn't do anything wrong," his mother said, hugging him close.

"I'm gay mom," Blaine mumbled against his mother's hair. She didn't hear him.

"Say that again sweetie?" She said. Blaine sighed, not able to bear the sweetness of his mother's words because he knew she wouldn't like it.

"I'm gay, mom," he said again, louder this time. He would've expected her to be surprised, but as soon as the words were out, she stiffened and then released him, as if she'd burn herself.

"What?" She said, her eyes big, looking at her son. Blaine sniffed.

"Don't let me say it again, mom. I like boys, I-." but he made the mistake to look at his father, who looked like someone had died. Blaine had known his father would react that way. Mr. Anderson stared at his son like there was something terribly wrong which in his eyes, was very true.

"Don't be silly love," his mother vowed, looking from her husband to her son.

"It's just a phase- you'll get-"

"No, mom, I thought about it thoroughly," Blaine said. "I'm sure of it, really," he continued.

"They beat you up because you told them you're a-." his father didn't continue though it was practically clear what he intended to say.

"Yes," the dark-haired boy said, his eyes full of tears. Suddenly, there was something in his father's eyes what looked like he made a decision.

"Boy, you'll get late for school, and Andersons are real man, they don't get late," he said stiffly and then walked out of his sons room. That sentence made Blaine wince. He looked at his mother. She had tears in her eyes while watching her son, who just told her he was beaten up because he was gay.

"Blaine, your father is right, you have to go. Just tell them you made a mistake and they'll leave you alone," she whispered, rushing off out of his room. Tears now fell quick and the boy hid his painful face in his pillow, throwing the ice on the floor. He had expected them to be mad, but not just- ignore it, not believe it. That was just- unbelievable. And he wasn't going to go to school!

"Blaine Anderson come downstairs, I'll drop you off at school," his father yelled, and Blaine cringed again. No, no. This wasn't true. He never expected them to react ok, but never like this. He couldn't go to school. He didn't want to get beaten up again. His father appeared at the door, then walking in.

"Come now, boy," he bellowed. Blaine stood up. He had been wearing his clothes, but not because he had been planning to go to school. But now, somehow, he knew he couldn't not go. His father would make sure he'd be here, to man up. He knew his father had always known it. He'd always wanted to straight him up with these car sessions. And he knew it was going to be even worse now.

"Dad I really don't want to go," Blaine mumbled.

"Well, that's really bad because you can't always get what you want, Blaine, that's part of being a grown up, now, isn't it?" he said. I'm only just 16 Blaine thought, but he didn't say it.

"And when you're back, we can continue on the Chevy, huh?" His dad said as Blaine got out of the car. He sighed, nodded, and walked into school. Somehow, he made it through his first classes without much more than some gazing. Blaine walked towards the courtyard at break, trying to walk from the three guys from yesterday as he walked into one of his only friends he had here. Instead of saying hi, however, he just glared and walked straight passed him. Why is being gay so bad? Blaine thought to himself but he just walked on, setting himself against the wall as he heard footsteps. He looked up, scared, and saw them. The same three guys.

"Nice face, lady," the biggest of the three said. Blaine frowned, standing up and trying to get away from them as quickly as possible. They didn't let him.

"Still no manners, huh? Still a faggot? Maybe we can teach you a lesson, just to turn you to the good side again, since we don't really like having people like you near," another spoke.

"Leave- leave me alone," Blaine mumbled. But they wouldn't, of course, and Blaine closed his eyes.

"But it's been the second time!" Blaine complained, winching as he moved his arm which was clearly hurt. He looked at the principal pleadingly.

"I'm sorry Mr. Anderson but we didn't see anything, I can't do something about it," he said, and Blaine looked at him with an angry frown.

"They beat me!" he yelled.

"Well, now, why would they do that?" He asked. Blaine sighed.

"Well obviously because I just came out! I'm gay and they don't like that!" He yelled, getting angrier at the second. The principal looked at him, a thoughtful frown on his face. But Blaine could read it. Then your life will be miserable it was written on the man's face.

"Fine," Blaine snapped. "But I won't go back!" He threw the door shut as she walked out of the office. His mother followed him.

"I'm sure it'll get better, honey, when everything's over-"

"MOM! I'm gay! They won't accept it and I WON'T change!" He sighed, walking faster so his mother couldn't keep up.

"But Blaine! It's just inside your head, it'll go away eventually!" his mother shouted. Blaine sighed, then opened his car and drove away. His mother would drive home in her own car. He looked at the rearview mirror, his face was even worse now, after the second fight he'd had. Though it hadn't been a fight, really, seeing as though everything he could do was shield himself. They were with too many; they were too big, too old.

He pulled over and stared in the distance. It was a small lake, lying ahead of him. He got out of his car and went to sit near the water. He could see his own face, mirrored in the water. He softly touched the water with his fingertip but then sighed and lay on his back, staring towards the sky. It was getting darker with the second. But he wasn't going to go home soon. No, no way he was.

At that point soft raindrops started to fall out of the sky. They washed his tears from his face and mixed with fresh ones. Only as it was long dark and long dry, Blaine got up and drove home to sneak into his room without his parents noticing he even got home.



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Woonplaats: District 4

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Chapter 3: Last time

The dark-haired boy opened the door and walked into the house, taking off his coat and looking up as he heard footsteps getting near. He looked right into his fatherĀ“s face.

"There you are," He said, he sounding a little mad. Blaine frowned.

"Hello dad," He mumbled, knowing what was about to come.

"I thought we were going to build on that Chevy yesterday? Where were you?" He asked, his eyes full of an angry fire. Blaine sighed.

"I was just- going out somewhere, dad, isn't that ok?" He asked.

"You sneak into the house when we're asleep and then go to school at the crack of dawn before we're well awake, and you think I'm okay with that, Mr. Anderson?" he asked, his voice raising.

"I- no, I just- I went to the city with some friends and-," Blaine tried to lie.

"You don't have any friend, Blaine, I went to your school this afternoon, looking for you. I saw you, sneaking as cowardly into the bathrooms as sneaking into this house, your face afraid, bleeding from your nose." Blaine looked as his father astonished. He went to his school. Blaine tried to think about the last time he had done that. He couldn't think of any time. Yes, Blaine had gone to school, but only because he knew his parents would have made him and getting dropped off by his dad didn't really help his situation, did it? And Yes, he had lived through today with only a bleeding nose, but just because he had hidden every free minute inside the bathrooms, door locked.

"What were you doing at my school? And I do have friends." Blaine lied again. He did, they only just left him, as simple as that.

"Getting you, of course, I don't need a son who doesn't do as told. And I talked to Michael, that guy you used to take home sometimes. He told me he didn't want to be your friend anymore because he doesn't want a gay friend falling for him. He said exactly that, and I don't really blame him, son, with that nonsense about being gay." Blaine felt his eyes light with the same fire that was in his father's. He felt himself getting angrier by the second, with every word.

"He said that, didn't he? Well why don't you just leave me alone! If you hate gays so much, just leave me alone!" Blaine spit.

"I don't hate gays, because they don't exist, they just think they can be different." Blaine blinked. He hadn't expected that. He knew his dad was denying his sons sexuality but not the whole homosexuality all together.

"Fine, bye, dad," He yelled at his dad and without waiting for a response, he just walked outside slamming the door shut and not even caring about taking his car. Everyone was wrong. Everything was wrong. This could not be happening. He would just- he sighed. It was that bad, then? That he wished he'd never came out? He groaned as he felt tears streaming down his cheeks, and he wiped them away quickly seeing as he just walked into the city. He was planning to go to the other side, into the forest, just to be alone. He could cry then. He looked up as he nearly walked into someone. It were two guys, laughing about something while exiting a bar. They were in some kind of blue uniform with blue and red striped ties and a big 'D' on their blazers.

"I'm so sorry," he told the blonde one. They looked up.

"Don't worry about it, man," they said with a smile, turning back to his friend, already forgetting Blaine.

"Ohmygod, so he and Rob actually kissed? I knew it! You so owe me ten bucks, dude," he said with a grin. The other guy laughed to, reaching for his wallet while watching his phone with a surprised look at his face. Blaine stopped dead, wiping the last tear off his face and watching the two guys walk around the corner, still laughing about their bet. About two guys who kissed. He must have heard that wrong. That couldn't have been what they meant. He frowned and walked again, deep in thought, so deep that now he actually did walk into someone, just as he walked out of the city towards the forest.

"Sorry," he said now, still deep in thought and not caring who it was.

"Don't you touch me in any way, Anderson," the person said. Blaine closed his eyes in horror as he recognized the voice. He looked up. Yes, two bullies out of school were standing right in front of him, on a lonely road outside town. Could his nightmare come true just a tiny bit more accurate? Probably not.

"Go away, I didn't do anything to you," Blaine said, taking a step back.

"It's more the fact what you are, Anderson," said the other one. Blaine felt tears of fear welling up.

"G-go away," He whispered.

"Ahw, he's scared, do you see that, Lee, he's scared, isn't that cute?" the biggest of them said. Lee laughed.

"Crying is for little girls," he grumbled. They closed a tiny bit of space between them and the scared boy they were talking to.

"Oh, yes, and I happen to hate guys who behave like little girls, Lee," the big one said. Lee agreed.

"We might have to do something about it, then," Lee said with a big, ugly smile on his face, flashing his yellow teeth at the big one. Blaine was now standing with his back against a tree. The biggest one then stepped forward and shoved him against the tree, hard, and tears of pain shot into his eyes and the tree hurt his back. He fell on the ground, coughing. Not long after a foot kicked him in his stomach, time after time and Blaine coughed more gripping his stomach and moaning in pain. A hand gripped his shirt and with some help from the other they heaved Blaine up on his feet and shove him against the tree once more. Blaine tried everything. He kicked both of them against their legs, his arms waving in the air but he couldn't reach them.

"Kicking hmm?" Lee said, and he pushed Blaine against the tree with one hand and hit him in his face. Blaine could feel his wound starting to bleed again.

"Leave me alone!" Blaine shouted, but they weren't going to listen he thought, as he felt a knee in his stomach again and he fell on the ground. He lay there while they were talking over what they should do.

"Leave him here," Lee offered, and Blaine closed his eyes, praying that would be what they'd do.

"That doesn't help much does it? I don't want people from other football teams think we have a faggot on our school, imagine their laughs!"

"You're right," Lee said and he bend down, his face appearing into Blaine's view once more.

"Go away or I'll do something to you!" Blaine tried. He knew the second after he'd made a mistake. The big one's head appeared now.

"Not such a dapper Anderson anymore, huh? We should teach you some manners, too, I'll take it," he said. Then his hand started around his throat, and Blaine looked at him. He could think clearly until he could feel he didn't get enough oxygen anymore.

"Come on, don't do that," Lee said, his voice afraid but close. Blaine started to choke, trying with all the power he had to push the guy away. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think. There was something going terribly wrong. Then the hand released his throat and Blaine sucked up as much air as he could at once, his throat hurting, his longs screaming for help. Lee had pulled the big one away and they were looking at Blaine who was fighting to breath.

"We need to go, I hear someone coming," Lee said and then they ran, disappearing from view soon. Blaine sat on his knees, coughing, and his throat hurt. He could feel his face bleeding, and when he lifted his shirt, his stomach was bleeding too. That couldn't be good...

"Oh My.. are you okay?" a voice asked. Blaine looked up. There was a woman standing in front of him. She was looking at him in concern. Blaine shook his head. He couldn't talk, he could just cough and gasp for breath.

"Who did this to you, boy?" She asked, kneeling beside him. Blaine just shook his head again, starting to feel light-headed.

"I'll call 911," she whispered more to herself.

"N-no," Blaine tried to object in a whisper but she didn't listen, in fact she was already with her phone at her ear. Blaine put his hands on his stomach.

"I heard someone yell, and then I found him, we're-," she started to talk fast and Blaine couldn't hear her anymore. He looked at his hands, covered in blood. Was there something wrong inside? No, that couldn't be, he thought, no, no...

His eyes fluttered open as he looked at the nurse. She smiled.

"Good you're awake, that's good," she said in a kind voice. Blaine looked up. He was in a bed, in the hospital, judging by the white walls and the nurses around him.

"I-," He closed his eyes as he suddenly remembered; he was beaten up, almost got strangled and then there was an ambulance with a very kind woman who had helped him. The trip to the hospital had been short and they had brought him in, worriedly stopping the bleeding from his stomach, not even taking care of his face. It was just an old wound opening up again. His parents had come; he had a memory of his father arguing with the doctor to take him home. That must be when he fell asleep, dead tired.

"Hey honey," his mother said, and Blaine looked to the side. His mother was sitting next to him, but his father wasn't to be seen.

"Mom?" He gasped; he could tell he couldn't talk.

"Shh don't talk," she said and he frowned. That was it, he wasn't going back.

"It was- it was them mom," he whispered. She nodded.

"I thought so. I know this all is a phase, and it's okay, every teen has it. But as long as it lasts your father has agreed you'd have to go to another school, Blaine," she said. Blaine frowned but didn't say anything, it was of no help, his parents won't believe him.

"Your father found a good one. It's expensive but that's okay. It's a private boys-only school. You'd have to live there, but we think that's better," she explained. "You won't live with us, maybe that'll cool things down, and then when you're over it, Blaine, you can just come back and we won't even be mad, we get this, that you're thinking it, really!" She meant to sooth him. It didn't help, it made him angrier. But it sounded great. A private, boys-only school. He wouldn't have to see his parents all the time, and maybe, on an all-guys school, there would be more guys who were gay, maybe even out. Then he wouldn't be so damn alone...

"Now they couldn't prove it were them," his mother babbled on. "So they aren't going to get punished but I want you to know your dad and I are very sorry this had to happen just because of the fact you are a little confused, which is normal in your teens," she said, not really looking at him. Blaine closed his eyes.

"When can I leave?" He asked the nurse, who looked at his mother as if she had three eyes. She then contained herself and smiled

"You just have to be in here for one night for observation sweetie, then everything will be fine," she said and walked away with another quick astonished glance towards his mother. His father entered the room as she left, as if he had been waiting.

"It's all been cared for," he said, not even caring to say hi to his son who had just been beaten up badly.

"He can go to that Dalton school next week. They'll send him his uniform. It's not far, actually, so at the holidays he could come home. I don't think weekend is a good idea, though, we're really busy at weekends.." he said. His mother nodded to their son, and his father looked around.

"Oh, he's awake," he only said. "Well, what do you think, son?" he then added. Blaine shrugged. It sounded perfect and even though he wouldn't admit it, a big part of that perfect was that no one there knew he was gay. And he didn't want to hide, which was the reason he told the people back on his own school, but now he knew how people could react... he'd just take it slowly. That thought disgusted him, but not as much as his mother still believing it was a phase. At least he'd be free, he could start again...


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