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Title: Physical Thing

Full Summary: Heather Potter has picked up her life quite nicely after the war, having bought herself a nice apartment, being a quidditch star along with Ginny... However she comes to the conclusion that she misses something. During a visit towards the Ministry of Magic she literally bumps into her old school enemy. They get to talking and after while they both see that there is something between them. But is this something more than a Physical Thing?

Couples: Fem!HP/DM

Author: Deianira~ / NiCoLe0eLoCiN

Warnings: Bad Language and mature content.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

A.N.: Okay, so this is the first time I've uploaded a story on HPF. As you can see above, I have posted this story before on FF with a different name. Don't accuse me for stealing!
This story contains Fem!HP and if you don't like it, please don't read or flame me without even reading it. In my opinion HP!Fem isn't a MarySue. Please, consider my feelings :'(
Also, I have edited this story and removed a few xrated scenes X3 If you want to read the full version, look on my FF.



'Oh, and do remember that we all have to present for the press conference tomorrow that is being held at the Ministry of Magic, Department of Games and Magical Sports.' Their new trainer added in an afterthought.

He looked at the group of women, some seemed excited about the press conference, but a few sighed and did not look happy at all. One of those women was Heather Potter. With a frown on her face she clung onto her new broom. The Shining Arrow was the fastest model yet. He noticed that she looked tired. He didn't blame her.

Heather caught him staring at her. He quickly looked away with a faint blush on his cheeks. Heather had also looked away. She stared at her feet, hoping that nobody had seen their obvious embarrassment when their eyes had met.

'Er-.. that'll be all.' He mumbled awkwardly and watched the women eagerly walk towards their dressing room. They all looked like students who had finally finished their last class, trying to get out of there as fast as they could.

'Ugh! I'm dead tired,' complained Heather, blinking her eyes a few times and covering a yawn behind her hand.

'Me too,' said Ginny with a childish pout, slumping exhaustingly onto the bench.

'I still cannot believe that our new trainer is a man!' complained Celeste. She let her hair down and threw her silvery blonde locks behind her shoulder. She turned around to face Heather and Ginny. '"”I mean.., we're an all-woman quidditch team! It is only right for our new trainer to be a woman, too.' She frowned and folded her arms like a stubborn child. Heather looked at her and nodded in agreement.

'Yeah.., I guess you're right.' Said Ginny agreeing with Celeste.

'I really do miss Edith,' said Heather with a sigh, referencing to their previous team captain.

'Well, if we're lucky she returns.' Said Ginny hopefully but the other girls shook their heads.

'Small chance,' said Celeste.

'There hasn't been one woman on this team that returned after a pregnancy,' Heather told Ginny. '"”which I quite understand actually. If I were in her place I wouldn't return either. No matter how much I like playing quidditch and no matter how much I love this team.' Heather paused for a few seconds. 'Besides Emmett isn't that bad.' She reasoned.

'Of course you think Emmett is okay,' laughed Ginny while rolling her eyes and Heather blushed a deep red. '"”You'd like him even if he was the worst trainer ever!'

'I would not!' Heather defended herself, glaring at the redhead.

'You would!' Ginny giggled.

'That is absolutely not true!' Heather looked at Celeste for help but she just laughed along with Ginny.

'Come on, Heather.' Celeste shook her head with an amused twinkle in her green eyes. 'Everybody who've seen you two together know you like him. It's quite obvious, honey.' Heather buried her face in her hands, groaning softly. '"”Don't worry though.., I am quite positive that he likes you, too.' Celeste softly giggled.

'No, you don't understand!' said Heather, looking desperate. She ran her fingers through her long messy hair.

'We do understand, Heather.' Said Ginny while she tried to pull off those impossible difficult quidditch boots off her foot. '"”We understand this whole situation more than you realize. We've all been there before.'

'No, you haven't!' snapped Heather. 'Look, let me explain..-' Heather quickly spoke, drawing the attention of the girls. '-..I already went on a date with Emmett,' she confessed and Ginny looked at her in surprise.

'Really? How did it go?' She questioned and then frowned. '"”Hey! Why haven't you told me this before?' she then added with a childish pout that would have looked quite funny to Heather if this situation wasn't so serious for her.

'It was...okay...in the beginning.' Heather spoke slowly and hesitantly.

'Oh dear, I hear drama coming.' Laughed Celeste and Heather glared at the blonde.

'Everything was alright until we started banging on his couch"”'

'Heather!' Ginny slapped her softly on her shoulder, sending her a scandalized but amused look. Celeste burst into a fit of giggles.

'"”It was okay until his girlfriend floo-called him!' Heather growled, just thinking about it made her furious. She never felt so betrayed by a bloke ever before. Celeste leaned against the wall with her hand on her stomach, she was laughing so hard that it hurt.

''s not funny!' Heather snapped.

'Why would you go on a date with a bloke who already has a girlfriend?' asked Ginny in shock, not knowing if she should laugh like Celeste or scold Heather for doing something so reckless.

'Because I didn't know he had a girlfriend, you twat!' Heather defended herself, slapping Ginny playfully on her shoulder.

'Wha-..what-..what happened then?' question Celeste, still laughing her arse off. Heather shot her another murderous look but continued with her story.

'Well, when she realized what was going on, she flooed over of course. She was yelling like mad.' Heather told them with a scowl on her face. '"”Why is it that when a woman finds out that her man is cheating on her, that she always attacks the other woman? It's not fair!"” He's the one who's cheating, not me! I'm innocent!' She pouted. She then softly sighed and shook her head, not understanding why she always ended up in such situations.

'Ah, well.., I did get away without a scratch, luckily. But still.., I'm scarred for life. That was one hell of a traumatic experience!' She said seriously, making the other girls laugh.

'Hmm-... that coming from you does says something,' said Ginny.

'It does,' agreed Celeste with a nod. 'That'll be the lesson for this week then, don't shag a bloke on the first date, no matter how cute he is.'

'You slut,' said Ginny jokingly with a sly grin on her face and a amused twinkle in her brown eyes.

'Thank you for telling me Ginny,' Heather spoke dryly with allot of sarcasm in her voice. '"”for the record, I do not shag every bloke I like! He has to be nice.., good looking.., like me for who I am-..' she counted on her fingers.

'"”Has to be single?' added Ginny with an innocent look, batting her eyelashes. Heather's eyes twitched in irritation and she huffed, looking away.

'I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?' Heather sighed in sorrow.

'Never,' both Ginny and Celeste answered.

'Ah, well.., I'm off.' Announced Heather, throwing her yellow quidditch outfit in her bag. She stretched her arms and let out a huge yawn. 'Like I said before; I'm dead tired. And then we have this stupid press conference tomorrow-...ugh!' Heather made a face just thinking about it. 'I'm going home, take a shower, eat something and then go to bed.'

'See you later Heather...'


Heather walked out of the bathroom with her towel still wrapped around her hair. She walked over to the kitchen and took a peek into her refrigerator and her lips turned into a frowned. She closed the refrigerator and saw her owl standing on the table with a small package.

'Hello, Peridot.' She greeted her gray owl with a smile on her face. 'Have you got anything special for me?' She questioned as she loosened the package from her owl. Peridot hooted cheerfully at her as she began to read the letter that was stuck upon the package.

I just had to send you this copy of the newest Witch Weekly. I had a good laugh while reading this. I'd probably would laugh even harder if I could see the look on your face while you read this. Anyway, go to page 23 and you'll find what I'm talking about.

The best team captain you ever had,


She raised one eyebrow at the magazine. She stared at the cover that contained a photo of a pretty and probably famous witch (somebody Heather did not know and frankly wasn't interested in).

With doubt she slowly opened the magazine. She knew that shouldn't read it, but she hadn't really had a choice. Heather was sure it was about her, or else Edith wouldn't have send it to her. She flipped the pages and froze. Oh bloody hell! Merlin, stand by me!

Without horror in her eyes she stared at a picture of herself. She should have never let herself being talked into letting somebody taking that picture. She knew that it would come back to her at one day. And she was right.

She stared at the photo of herself where she wore nothing but a black skimpy dress... She was going to kill Edith! She was the one who talked Heather into taking that picture in the first place.

With a sigh she read the article. This was going to be horrible, she predicted...

It probably won't come as a surprise but the hottest famous witch of this year is none other than Heather Judith Potter!

This young woman grew up in a muggle family, never knowing about her magic abilities. However even then there was nobody who did not knew her name. For she was the one to kill He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the age of one! Along with that she was the only survivor of the killing curse.

However He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose from the dead and gained power again. During the war she defeated the Dark Lord in 1997 at the age of 17. She was just an adult and she was the one to succeed in what so many hadn't.

One year later our heroine surprised us all to become the new seeker of the Hollyhead Harpies, an all-woman quidditch team. We all had thought that she would become an auror. But her becoming a quidditch star made her even more famous, if that is even possible.

Life goes on and it has not slipped us by how beautiful this witch has become. People of Witch Weekly has voted on her for her to be the hottest famous witch of this year. Which frankly, did not surprise us at all.

The photo on the right was taken one year ago and is the only sexy photo she made. But we are hoping for more...

Heather softly sighed and dropped her towel onto the ground, running her fingers through her wet hair. She got to her feet with a scowl on her face. I really need a drink right now!

After pouring down some firewhiskey she sat back down and grabbed the Witch Weekly. She began scanning the page, flipping the pages uninterestedly. She took a sip of her firewhiskey and flipped back a page. Heather spat her firewhiskey onto the magazine when she saw a picture of Ginny. It was a photo quite similar to Heather's photo because it was taken at the same time. Heather wasn't the only one being talked into taking such a photo.

No. 2 on our list for the hottest famous witch of this year is Ginevra (Ginny) Weasley.

Heather burst into a fit of laugher and shook her head in amazement.

'This is too much for one evening.' She laughed to herself. She got to her feet and walked towards her bedroom. She could use a good night of sleep...

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...

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Chapter one – Apologizing

It was still dark outside when Heather's alarm went off. She groaned loudly at the annoying beeping sound. She turned around and stretched her arm. She reached out towards her nightstand, searching for her alarm without bothering to look up. Just ten more minutes...

Heather closed her eyes again but of course those ten minutes had gone by like ten seconds. Frustrated, Heather growled, reaching for her alarm again. Five more minutes then...


'Argh!' Violently she grabbed her alarm, making her nightstand wobble. She set her alarm off and fell back onto her pillow. She looked at her ceiling while blinking her eyes.

'I need to get up...' she spoke out loud, trying to stay away somehow. But slowly her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.

A few hours later she was woken up by the sound of birds chirping. She softly groaned and hugged her pillow tightly. It took her a long moment before she finally realed that she had slept through her alarm. With a loud gasp of realization she kicked her sheets off her and jumped out of her bed into her clothes. Quickly she brushed her teeth and looked into the mirror, seeing that her hair was a mess. Which wasn't so bad, because it always was a mess. She rolled her eyes and quickly made her way out of her apartment.

She arrived at the Ministry of Magic with a stressed expression on her face. Apparently everybody decided to leave home for work at the same time.., like always! The crowd made her feel even more stressed out.

Heather walked as fast as she could between the people. She was irritated by the people who walked in front of her and then suddenly just froze. It was maddening.

'Ah! Wait!' She yelled, waving with her hand when she saw that the elevator was just about to close. Luckily for her they were kind enough to wait for her.

'Thanks,' she mumbled. Softly panting as she leaned against the wall.

A few minutes passed by and her eye twitched out of irritation. Was the elevator always this slow?

'Er-... excuse me-... aren't you Heather Potter?' A soft female voice asked from her left corner. Heather looked behind her shoulder and saw a blushing teenage witch gaping at her. That's when the other people in the elevator also started to notice that they were indeed standing next to Heather Potter.

'Er-..yeah.' Heather mumbled awkwardly with a blush on her face. 'The last time I checked it was.' She spoke dryly.

'That's amazing!' She exclaimed with much excitement in her voice. Her eyes glittered and Heather smiled weakly at the girl.

'Department of Magical Law Enforcement...'

'I can't believe I'm standing here next to you! I'm a huge fan of yours!' She told Heather who nodded at her with a fake smile. It was always nice to hear from people that they admired you, but at the same time it made Heather feel uncomfortable and awkward. '"”I mean, you defeated the Dark Lord and everything! And then becoming the seeker for the Holyhead Harpies!' The girl rambled as if Heather didn't know what she had done in her life. 'You know, I really want to be a quidditch star, too!' The girl admitted with a faint blush on her cheeks. 'Wouldn't that be great?' She asked and Heather was hesitant with her answer.

'Well..,' she slowly spoke, searching for the words. '"”You should just keep working on that dream and I'll be sure that you'll make it true. Nothing is impossible.'

'Wow.., those are amazing words!' She complimented, making Heather blush again.

'Yeah, er-..well...'

'Department of Magical Games and Sports...'

'Oh! This is my stop!' Heather announced and excused herself. Thank Merlin for that!

She ran out of the elevator and looked around, only then she realized that she didn't know where she had to go to. She ran her hand through her hair out of frustration.

'Miss Potter!' A loud male voice called her by her last name. Before she could react she was pulled into an excruciating hug.

'Ugh!-... Mr. Bagman..!'

'What a pleasant surprise to see you!' He said with his loud voice and Heather winced as he slapped her shoulder a little bit too enthusiastically. He placed his arm over her shoulders, pulling her closer to him in a friendly but very annoying way. '"”What brings you here?!' He questioned.

'I'm here for a press conference for the Holyhead Harpies.' She answered and he had an expression on his face that showed that he suddenly remembered something.

'Of course! I had forgotten where I was supposed to go, but you are my saving angel!' He admitted while laughing and Heather smiled back weakly. 'Shall we go then?' He asked and Heather could only nod. She had no idea where she was supposed to go. The Department of Magical Games and Sports was huge, it could be held anywhere.

'I always knew you'd do amazing in quidditch,' he then told her and Heather bit her on her lower lip awkwardly. 'Ever since I saw you flying against that dragon during the Triwizard tournament... do you remember that?' He asked her.

'Hard not to remember that sir,' she answered, speaking half irritated, half amused.

'Please Heather!' He spoke her name in shock and her eyes widened. Had she said something wrong? 'Don't call me sir! It makes me feel old,' he told her with an amused laugh and she softly giggled. 'Do call me Ludo,' he insisted and she nodded.


'Amazing how fast time passes by, don't you think?' He tried to keep up a conversation as they made their way up the stairs. Heather nodded absently. Time had indeed passed by quickly. It was like she was living a dream. She was afraid that she could wake up any minute now. That she would find herself back in time in the war with Voldemort still alive. She shuddered and blinked her eyes a few times, trying to wake up from her flashbacks.

'"”Especially seeing you lot grow up. I mean, look at you now! I can still remember clearly when you were still a kid. Some people of your age I know are already married and have a kid their selves you know!' He said and Heather cringed. She did know...

'Well.., I guess I'm not ready for that yet,' she lied with a fake smile on her face. She knew that it was normal in the wizarding world to have a child as soon as you finished school, her parents for example. But she doesn't even have a boyfriend...

When she was younger she had never thought about the future. The only future that she had was all about destroying Voldemort. She had never even dreamed about surviving that. But she had survived it somehow, and now she slowly realized that she never had any plans for her future. Only to realize that she does want to have a family... But being her.., it made it all more difficult.

'Ah, here we are!' He said and they stepped into a room that was crowded with reporters much to Heather's distaste.

'There you are!' Suddenly a voice growled and Heather knew it was directed towards her. She looked up to see Celeste frowning at her with her hands on her hips. 'Where have you been?' She demanded to know.

'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know they made you our new team captain.' Heather rolled her eyes. '"”It's like Edith's soul has gotten transferred into yours.' she added, speaking softly, but Celeste had heard her and wasn't amused.

'Heather!' She said her name warningly.

'Look, I'm sorry, okay? I overslept.' Heather explained with a sigh. 'I swear, I came as fast as I could.'

'Now, now girls.' Ludovic Bagman tried to calm Celeste down. '"”Come on, there is no need to fight.' Celeste let out a big sigh and her expression softened.

'Fine..,' she mumbled. 'Come on, let's go. Everybody is waiting for you Heather.., and you Ludo.' She frowned looking up at the irresponsible head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Ludo softly laughed and didn't seem to be taken back by her glare.

'Well, well, who do who have here?' Ginny spoke mockingly as Heather arrived at the long table where every other Holyhead Harpies player sat. '"”If it isn't my competition.'

'Huh?' Heather shot her a puzzled look but then laughed, realizing that she was talking about that article in the Witch Weekly. 'Did Edith send you one, too? 'Should have known.' Heather laughingly sat down.

'Seeing everybody has finally arrived,' Emmett spoke, frowning at Heather who scowled right back at him in the open for everyone to see. '"”I think we can begin.' He said and the reporters screamed their names for attention. Pictures were being made and Heather couldn't see anything within a minute. She could only see white spots from all those flashes.

'Er-... you.' Emmett pointed at a man in the front.

'Byron Finn from the Golden Snitch.' The man told his name and for which magazine he worked for. 'This one is for the whole team. Why did you decide to take in a trainer instead of pointing out a new team captain? And why is the new trainer a man? Weren't you supposed to be a all-woman quidditch team?' The man names Byron asked.

'Nobody wanted to be the new team captain.' Heather quickly answered for everybody.

'Heather, why didn't you want to be new team captain?' A woman asked and Heather was silent for a moment.

'I-... I-... I dunno... I guess I never thought about it.' She mumbled awkwardly. Ginny shot her a warning look and Heather straightened up with a blush on her face. She was always bad in giving interviews and she was even worse in taking part of a press conference.

'Oh, I-..er-... I mean, I won't do it because I'm not interested in being the new team captain. I won't do well as a leader in quidditch.., I had experience with that during my school years.'

'I remember the Gryffindor was the best team at Hogwarts when you were team captain,' a voice said. Heather looked up and saw that the man was probably not much older than her, maybe even the same age. There was a very good chance that they both went to Hogwarts at the same time.

'I was.. lucky.' Was all she could say.

'Eleanor, is it true that you're dating Parker who plays proffesionally Shuntbumps?' A woman asked and Eleanor eyes widened and she quickly denied.

Heather leaned with her elbow on the table with her face on her hand. This was going to take a while...


'Okay, that will be all for today!' announced Emmett and the reporters screamed in protest. Heather eyes snapped open as she suddenly felt awake again. She thought she wasn't going to last one more second trapped by all those reporters. It was a good thing that she got paid well for doing this.

The reporters slowly left the room, leaving the female quidditch players sitting there.

'Urgh! I can't see!' complained Ginny, blinking her eyes.

'I'm sure I won't be able to see anything until tomorrow morning,' Eleanor frowned, also blinking her eyes.

'Those flashes as given me a huge headache, I'm leaving.' Said Heather.

'Not so fast Potter,' said Emmett. 'I want to speak to you first.' He told her and Ginny looked at her with a smirk on her face. She stuck out her tongue to Ginny while the other girls left.

'Well? What do you want to talk about?' questioned Heather when they were completely alone.

'I wanted to apologize for what has happened last weekend,' he said and Heather raised one eyebrow at him. She had expected for this conversation to be serious, something about quidditch or maybe that he was going to scold her for almost falling asleep just now. But apparently he was going to beg for her forgiveness.

'Uhuh...' Heather huffed unimpressed.

'I mean it! I should have broken things off with her first.' He added weakly.

'Yes, well, thanks for trying to apologizing. I'm leaving.' She turned around to leave but he wrapped his hand tightly around her wrist, pulling her back. She looked back over her shoulder with a frown on her face. Why can't he just take a hint?

'What do you mean with trying?' He asked her in confusion, looking serious.

'You're apologizing for something that can't be forgiven and besides you're apologizing for not breaking up with your girlfriend. It should be; sorry for not telling you I had a girlfriend and for lying at you.' She snatched her hand back from his tight grip. '"”Just.. stop trying.' She left the room with a frown on her face. That sure spoiled her mood, as if she wasn't grumpy already.

She descended the stairs and felt her stomach grumble. She hadn't eaten any breakfast and it was way over lunchtime. She really needed to eat something.

Lost in her thoughts she bumped hard against somebody. She saw files flying everywhere as she fell onto the ground. She winced and rubbed her shoulder.

'I'm sorry,' a male voice said. 'I should have watched where I was going.' He mumbled. Heather blinked her eyes a few times, but she still saw little light points in her sight. That voice was awfully familiar. 'Potter?' The voice then said in a tone that she could not help but recognize.

'Malfoy?' she questioned.

'Er-... here-... let me help you up.' He offered his hand and she took it. She was surprised by his kind words. She had thought that he would take back his apology and would start scolding her.

'Thanks...' she mumbled awkwardly as she brushed the dust off her robes.

'What are you doing here?' He questioned.

'Me? Oh, er-.. I had to take part in a press conference.' She quickly explained. 'What about you?' She asked out of curiosity.

'Me? I work here.' He answered. 'Well, not exactly here at the Department of Magical Sports and Games. I work at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. I'm here because of an accident with a quidditch team, exposing magic to a few muggles. I'm here to talk to them. You see they can't just walk off without a punishment-....' He cleared his throat when he realized he had been rambling. Heather watched him curiously. '-...what I really wanna say is sorry.'

'Huh?' was her brilliant response. Her jaw dropped and she eyed him in confusion. 'Sorry for what?' she asked him, seemingly dumbfound.

'For never thanking you for what you did for us after the war.' He said and Heather still eyed him in confusion. What the hell what going on here and what had happened to Malfoy? This was just scary.

'Oh, well that was-...' she paused for a few seconds. She couldn't lie and say that is was nothing. She had to work really hard to get the Malfoy's out of trouble. Why she had done it she never really knew. She just felt like she had to. It felt the right thing to do. '"”you're welcome.' She mumbled.

'If there is anything I can do for you?' He offered and she raised one eyebrow at him for his sudden offer.

'No.., no.., I don't think there is. But thanks anyway.' She mumbled awkwardly. They stared at each other, not knowing what to say. That's when her stomach grumbled loudly. She blushed and looked away as he tried to hold his laughter.

'On second thought.., how about you buy me lunch?' She suggested and he looked confused, as he was taken by surprise with her sudden request.

'Oh-..er-... okay.' He shrugged. 'I know a good place.' He then said.

'Is it okay for you to leave work like this?' She then question when they left the Ministry of Magic.

'I wasn't-...I'm not-...No, they won't-... I'll tell you later.' He stuttered and she gave him a funny look. This was going to be interesting...

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...


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Chapter two – Beauty

'Where are we going?' asked Heather, giving Draco a puzzled look. She blew a strand of her raven hair out of her face as they both walked through a small park. She had her hands in her pockets and her cheeks and nose was a little bit flushed, it made her skin look even paler than it was. It was cold outside and the sky was a dark gray color, it made it look very gloomy outside.

'Somewhere to eat,' he answered seriously and she rolled her eyes. She knew that much. She was the one who suggested to lunch somewhere in the first place. Where was he with his thoughts?

'I meant where.' She hissed agitatedly. She looked around and for some reason this place seemed very familiar to her.

'Just somewhere I go for lunch sometimes,' he mumbled absently. She looked at him, seeing that his face was also flushed from the cold.

'Why aren't we just apparating?' She asked while shivering. Heather wasn't so fond of the cold. 'It'll be less cold and I'm really hungry.'

'I like walking,' he muttered and she softly sighed. '"”It takes my mind off things.'

'Okay, then.' She said with a curt nod, understanding what he meant.

She glanced at him, studying him carefully. What was going on here? Had he really changed? And why did go looking for her after all these years? She wasn't sure if she could trust him. Heather looked at him. She wanted to trust him. It was just difficult all of a sudden.

'Oi! Watch where you're going!' He spat when another man bumped against him. 'Filthy muggle,' he whispered under his breath. Heather scowled. No, he hasn't changed at all...

'Did you see that?' He growled and Heather looked confused for a moment.

'What do you mean? That he accidentally bumped onto you?' She asked angrily and he shook his head.

'Didn't you see the way he was looking at you?' He spat angrily, but his anger wasn't towards her.

'No.., I didn't.' she whispered. 'Does it matter?'

'Hmpff-...' he folded his arms and walked a little bit faster. 'Here we are,' he mumbled and they entered a small café.

'This looks nice,' she commented with a smile on her face. They had stepped into a very warm and comfortable looking café. They sat down at a table for two. Their eyes met and they quickly looked away. They both felt the awkwardness between them. Heather started wondering herself why she asked him to go out to lunch in the first place. Her stomach grumbled softly. Oh.., that's why. '"”Hey, isn't this a muggle place?' She asked, finally realizing that there was no magic surrounding this place.

'Er-.., yes, it is.' He admitted.

'I would have never thought that you would go to a normal muggle café for something to eat. And definitely not willingly.' She muttered, sounding a little bit impressed but suspicous at the same time. 'You didn't have to do this for me, you know? If you wanted to go to an expensive pure blood restaurant instead, you should have said so.'

'That's not it.' He mumbled.

'What is it then?'

'Come on, Potter.' He hissed, rolling his eyes. 'I don't need to be a seer to predict that. The-Girl-Who-Lived on a date with an Ex-Death Eater. I can already see that line at the front page of the Daily Prophet and the Witch Weekly, not to mention all kinds of Sports magazine, seeing you play professional quidditch...'

'Oh.., I hadn't thought about that.' She admitted with a faint blush on her cheeks.

There was another uncomfortable silence while they looked at the menu. Heather softly bit on her lower lip as she glanced at him over her menu.

'So...' she softly cleared her throat and he looked up. 'Are you going to tell me why you were in the Department of Magical Sports and Games with such a lame excuse?' She questioned and Draco looked up with a faint blush on his cheeks with a shocked expression on his face.


'I once wanted to become an auror Malfoy,' she laughed. For some reasons she wasn't mad at him at all for lying at her. '"”And I've spied on you before. Plus you're a terrible liar.' She added and he scowled at her, making her softly giggle. 'Well.., are you going to tell me?'

'I just wanted to apologize,' he mumbled weakly, staring at the menu even though he had already made his choice. He just couldn't stand looking at her piercing eyes right now.

'After all these years?' She questioned him while giving him a puzzled look.

'Look! I'm not a Gryffindor like you, okay?' He snapped and she gave him a soft smile. 'I've thought about it for years.' He admitted.

'I'm not going to lie to you Malfoy.., you suck majorly at apologizing.' She laughed and he rolled his eyes with a frown on his face.

'Why didn't you become an auror?' He suddenly asked her and she softly bit on her lip.

'I dunno.., I guess it just.. didn't feel right anymore.' She answered. 'After I defeated Voldemort-..' she mumbled and he shuddered at his name. '-..sorry,' she whispered awkwardly. '"”After that.., I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. I wanted to do something else, something that made me feel happy. And flying does make me happy.' She answered with a soft expression on her face. 'But I haven't pushed the idea of being an auror aside though... who knows, maybe in the future-...' she didn't complete her sentence. 'What about you? What do you for a living? I can't believe you work for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.' She laughed.

'I don't,' he admitted lying at her. 'I work at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.'

'Really?' said Heather in a surprising tone. '"”But doesn't Hermione work there, too?'

'I have seen Granger around, yeah.' He said through gritted teeth and Heather laughed. Apparently he never felt the urge to act nicer towards her. Which was fine because sometimes things should just stay how they are.

'How is your mother doing?' She asked and he shrugged.

'She's doing fine,' he said with a smile on his face.

'What?' She questioned, seeing that he was being reminded by something.

'Nothing,' he mumbled.

'Oh, I wanna know!' She whined with a childish pout, making him laugh.

'Every time I visit my Mum, she complains about not having grandchildren.' He blurted out, blushing a deep red. 'It sometimes makes me not wanting to visit her.'

'Ha! That sounds very familiar,' laughed Heather and he gave her a puzzled look, wanting to know more. 'I visit my godson as many times I can.., Andromeda keeps saying that I should start a family of my own.' She answered his unasked question.

'I didn't know you visited Andromeda frequently.' He commented and she nodded.

'I do. The poor woman lost everything except her grandson. She lost her husband, her only daughter and her son-in-law. It's not fair.' She whispered sadly.

'My mum really wants to talk to her again, but she's afraid of rejection. Do you think Aunt Andromeda could ever forgive her?' asked Draco with uncertainty in his eyes. Heather look up with a hesitant smile on her face.

'I honestly don't know Malfoy. Whenever her family is mentioned she always jokes about it, saying that she doesn't care at all but.., I think she does.' She paused for a few seconds. 'I think the only way of finding out is for your mother to just try.'

'I'll tell her that,' he said with a curt nod.

'But let's talk about something more pleasant,' she suggested as she took a bite of her sandwich. '"”I'd rather not want to be reminded of the past.' She told him seriously. Heather licked the ketchup of her fingers, not noticing in what way he was watching her.

'So..?' Draco cleared his throat. 'How's life? In love? Engaged? Married?' He asked and she burst into a fit of laughter.

'No, not one.'

'Not?' He asked in surprise.

'Why the surprise?' She asked.

'I thought you were dating Terry Boot after the war.' He said and she softly cleared her throat.

'Don't remind me of that,' she mumbled embarrassedly. 'That was one hell of a mistake.'

'And why is that?' He asked, showing interest.

'I'd rather not talk about that,' she whispered with sad eyes. 'It's just that I've searched for love in different kind of men and all those relationships ended badly. I guess you can say that I have given up on real relationships. Sometimes pretending to love is better than the real thing because I know it won't hurt me when it all ends badly once again...' she whispered and ended the sentence with a soft sigh.

'Does that mean you won't want to start a relationship with me?' He asked and her eyes widened. She looked at him in shock.

'What did you just say?' She almost shouted in surprise.

'Huh..? I didn't say anything.' He said, looking puzzled. Heather blinked her eyes a few times and finally shook her head. Must be imagining things...

'Why am I telling you this anyway?' She laughed, shaking her head while laughing. '"”I sound like a lovesick girl.'

'I read that article about you in the Witch Weekly,' he told her nonchalantly. She stared at him without any emotion in her eyes.

'What are you doing with a Witch Weekly?' She then questioned with a giggle. He blushed and cleared his throat.

'That is a long story.' He quickly muttered.

'I have time,' she said cheerfully and he scowled at her.

'A female colleague showed me the article.' He quickly explained.

'Why would she show you that article?' Heather asked him and Draco felt his blood rush up his cheeks.

'What's with the interrogation?' He snapped, trying to avoid the question. 'You'd do really well as an auror.' He said, sounding agitated.

'Okay, sorry, continue.' She said, holding up her hands in defense.

'That is one nice picture,' he complimented with a smirk on his face. Heather felt her blood rush up her cheeks.

'Don't start,' she mumbled. 'It's fake.'

'Huh? What do you mean? It can't be anyone else.'

'I didn't mean it like that. Yes, it is me in that picture... But they removed all imperfections.'

'What imperfection?' He frowned, not believing her.

'Look, the scar on my forehead isn't the only one I have, okay?' She spat. 'I have allot of scars all over my body, Malfoy.' She told him and he was silent. '"”Most of them were because of the war. It wouldn't made a pretty picture, would it?'

'I still think you look beautiful,' he admitted and she gaped at him.

'What?' She hissed, not looking flattered at all. She looked angry and it made him careful with his next actions. '"”Is this some sick joke or something? Are you out to get me? I knew there was something funny going on,' she said, getting to her feet.

'Wow! No! Wait!' he said, grabbing her hand.

'Don't touch me!' She spat, pulling her hand back. She looked at him with fire in her eyes. But he saw something else along with anger, it looked like sadness.

'Please... Heather?' She looked hesitant when said her first name.

'What are you going to tell the press about me? Or is this some bet you made with your friends, to see how fast you can get me to sleep with you?'

'No! I swear it isn't!' He stared right back at her eyes. He showed confidence and he seemed to feel the need to prove himself. 'Look! I've had a crush on you since our fourth year of Hogwarts, okay? And I finally plucked up the courage to talk to you while not being your enemy! I'm not letting you leave me again with the wrong conclusions!'

There was silence between them while she stared at him in shock. His breathing sounded heavy and his expression was determined.

'..what?' she finally whispered something. It wasn't the most bright thing to say right now, but at least she wasn't shouting at him anymore.

'I really like you.., please go out with me?' He asked and she looked at the floor.

'Er-.., I'd like to go home.' She whispered, grabbing her robe. He looked at her with pain his eyes and a sigh of disappointment escaped from his lips.

'Okay,' he muttered, trying to keep his voice in tone. 'I'll see you around, I hope.'

'Are you willing to escort me home?' She asked and he looked up in surprise.

'Sure,' he quickly said. 'Where do you live?' He asked her.

'Just a couple streets further from here.' She said with a smile.

'Really?' he said in surprise and she nodded.

While they walked towards Heather's apartment they didn't say a word to each other. They were just walking in silence, not even bother to say something to suppress the tension and awkwardness between them.

'This is it,' she whispered when they were standing before a large building.

'Okay..,' he mumbled awkwardly. He wasn't sure how to react towards her right now.

'Will I see you again?' He asked. He just had to try. She hadn't rejected him yet. She hadn't said anything about his confession. 'Do you want to go out with me sometime?'

'Er-... I'm kind of busy.' She avoided the question. 'I'm going to visit Teddy tonight, and tomorrow as well. The day after I'll be visiting Hermione and Ron.., I haven't seen them for a while now.' She explained and Draco felt his shoulders slumped in disappointment. '"”After that I'll be training whole day.., I'll be exhausted when I finally come home.'

'Right..,' he whispered once again in disappointment.

'Pick me up at next Friday night?' She asked with an innocent grin on her face. His eyes widened and he looked back at her. He was speechless and she softly laughed. 'I'll see you at 8 o clock Malfoy. Be on time,' she warned jokingly and closed the door behind her.

It took him a moment to realize what had really happened. With a confident smirk he apparated away.

After Heather had closed the door, a permanent smile was plastered onto her face. She had pressed her back against the door with her eyes closed. A soft sigh escaped from her lips in a way that made her seem in love. She had her hands placed above her heart that was racing in her chest. She couldn't wait until Friday.

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...


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Chapter three – Chance

'Are you sure you don't mind coming over?' asked Andromeda with uncertainty in her voice. '"”I know you're awfully busy with everything.'

'Don't worry,' Heather laughed happily as Teddy sat on her lap. 'I'm not a bother, I hope?'

'No, of course not!' Andromeda quickly told her with a smile. 'I'm really happy you spend so much time with him. It's just that.., you should think about yourself, too.'

'I am, Andromeda.' Heather said, determined to prove herself that she does want to spend as much time as she can with her godson. Heather knew how lonely she was without her parents when she was younger. And even though Teddy has got his grandmother, Heather felt the need to be there for him. '"”I really am thinking about myself, too,' she said in defense.

'Yes.., but very little.'

'Please, believe me Andromeda!' Heather whined. She knew that Andromeda was just looking out for her but sometimes it could be awfully annoying. But then again, Heather didn't mind it at all. Being looked after was another thing she had missed in her childhood. It was nice to know that Andromeda cared for her.

'Maybe you should settle down yourself, Heather.' Andromeda told her and Heather softly sighed. Here it comes... 'Why don't you try to find a nice guy for yourself? A beautiful girl like yourself shouldn't have much trouble in finding a nice handsome man.' Heather blushed and looked away.

'You have absolutely no idea,' whispered Heather. Teddy pulled on her hair, asking for some attention. Heather giggled and started tickling the little boy. Teddy screamed in laughter.

'No! Aunt Heather! Stop!' He giggled. Andromeda watched the two play with each other for while.

'You're not getting away from me, Heather.' Andromeda laughed when the two of them had settled down, catching their breaths. 'Try and find your knight in shining armor.' She giggled.

'I am trying.' Heather snapped with a pout on her face.

'I'll be your knight, aunt Heather!' shouted Teddy, lifting an invisible sword in the air. 'I'll defeat every Hungarian Horntail that comes in your way!' He promised. Heather pulled him in a tight hug.

'I'll bet you will.'

'Argh! You're crushing me!' Teddy shouted. 'Lemmego!'

'Actually Andromeda, I am going on a date next Friday.' Heather admitted, still pulling Teddy in a tight hug, trying to let him struggle away from her on his own.

'Aunt Heather!'

'You are?' Andromeda said in surprise. 'With whom? If I may ask.' She asked Heather with a sly smirk on her face. That smirk always reminded Heather that Andromeda really was a Black after all.

'I'm not sure if you want to know,' Heather laughed, making Andromeda even more curious.

'Urgh! Please! Aunt Heather!'

'Oh, I am quite sure that I do want to know,' she told her, wriggling her eyebrows, making Heather laugh again.

'Well, I am kind of going on a date with your nephew.'

'Nephew..?' It took a moment for Andromeda to realize who she was talking about. 'You're not going on a date with Draco Malfoy, are you?' Andromeda asked in shock.

'I am going on a date with Draco Malfoy.' Heather confirmed with a nod. Heather never thought she would ever say those words. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not.

'But-... I don't know... Heather... are you sure that's a good thing to do? I mean, he has been a Death Eater...' Said Andromeda, sounding worried. '"”What if it's a trick? What if he's just using you?' she spoke hesitantly, hoping that she wouldn't hurt Heather's feelings.

'Don't worry,' Heather tried to calm Andromeda down and finally she let Teddy go from her grasp. He ran out of the room, up the stairs to his own bedroom. '"”I know it probably won't work out. I'm just having some fun and I'll see where this goes to.'

'Oh, Heather.' Andromeda whispered, still sounding worried but the smile on her face told Heather that Andromeda trusted her.



Blaise jumped from behind his desk. He looked up with an agitated frown on his face. He saw his best friend walking into his office with a huge smile on his face.

'I did it!' Draco shouted and Blaise looked puzzled at his best friend. 'I finally asked her out! And she said yes!'

'Oh.., I'm really glad for you.' Blaise told him, speaking dryly. '-Who the bloody hell are you talking about mate?' he then snapped.

'Heather!' Draco was still shouting. Blaise winced, as if his headache wasn't bad enough already.

'Heather who? Not Potter?'

'Who else?'

'No...' Blaise shook his head in disbelieve. There was no way that Heather Potter would ever go out with Draco willingly.


'Wow.., and she said yes?' He asked with his eyes wide.

'Why are you looking so surprised?' hissed Draco angrily at his best friend and Blaise laughed at his sudden change in mood.

'Why the bloody hell would she ever go out with you?' Blaise laughed, still not believing it.

'Come on, Blaise.' Draco smirked like a true Slytherin. 'We both know how attractive I am. The girl wonder never stood a chance against my irresistible charms.' He laughed arrogantly.

'Yeah, right.' Blaise snorted. 'How did you pull it off? Did you got on your knees, begging the poor woman to go out with you?'

'No, I did not.' Draco hissed through gritted teeth.

'Well, I must admit Draco. I am impressed.' said Blaise while he slowly nodded. '"”I mean, I still remember the look on your face when she arrived at the Great Hall with Cedric Diggory during the Yule Ball in our fourth year.' said Blaise with a short mocking laugh as he pictured that moment in his mind.

'You first looked absolutely gobsmacked at her beauty, then you glared at Diggory with pure hate in your eyes like a real jealous bastard and then you went back to denying you liked Potter.'

'Shut up Blaise,' hissed Draco. He as well remembered that day clearly. She had worn a simple green dress that made her emerald eyes stand out. She looked absolutely beautiful. After that, he started picking more fights with her, just to get her attention. He knew he would never be able to ask her out back then. Seeing she hated him and because she was dating Cedric Diggory at that time.

After Diggory was killed Heather was heartbroken. She refused to date anyone anymore. The year after that she seemed much happier but then things went bad for Draco. He shook his head.., he didn't want to remember that part.

The only part he wanted to remember of the war was when Heather had saved him in the Room of Requirement from the Fiendfire. He really thought he was going to die there, but then Heather offered her help. She would probably do it for everybody but it made his feelings towards her even stronger.

When the war was over it was most likely that all the Malfoys would go to Azkaban. But they were lucky and never got send to Azkaban. They were punished though, they already had a bad name in society, they weren't allowed to leave their house for a very long time and there were several other things they had to do as punishment... but anything was better than going to prison. And that was all because Heather was so kind to help them out. Why she had done it, Draco had never known... maybe he would ask her one day.

'Oi, wake up daydreamer.' Blaise snapped his fingers and Draco blinked his eyes.

'Come on, let's go out.' Draco suggested.

'To where?' Blaise scowled.

'To the usual.' He said but Blaise wasn't convinced to go. 'Come on! I'll buy your drinks.'

'Feeling lucky, are we?' Blaise raised one eyebrow at the blonde man. 'Fine.., I'll come.. you don't have to buy my drinks though.' He rolled his eyes.


'I saw that article about you in the Witch Weekly,' Hermione told her with a smile on her face.

'Who hasn't.' said Heather with a sour expression on her face. 'I can't believe they just did that. I mean, don't they have to warn me or something. Suddenly.. Bam! I'm hottest female of this year. It's just insane.'

'Insane indeed,' Ron nodded seriously. 'Who the bloody hell would make you into the hottest female of this year? They obviously haven't lived with you.' He said and Heather smacked him hard on his shoulder. '"”Ouch!'

'Don't be so mean Ronald,' Hermione snapped at him.

'What?' He laughed. 'I was only kidding.'

'It wasn't funny,' Hermione scowled at him but Heather had to fight back a smile.

'Well, dinner was wonderful and it was nice to see you again Heather.. But I'm afraid I have to get back to work.'

'How are things going at the auror office?' Heather asked out of curiosity.

'Oh, just fine. We're on this big case though, it takes allot of our energy... it's about former Death Eaters... I still can't believe you're not becoming an auror Heather,' he said in disbelieve while shaking his head.

'Ah, well.., I never say never.' Heather smiled. Maybe she would become an auror in the future.

'"”But then again, playing quidditch for money must be bloody awesome as well.' Ron said with a grin on his face. 'Well.., see you around Heather.'

'Bye Ron.'

'Oh, let me help you with that Hermione.' Heather offered her help with the dishes.

'Heather..,' Hermione spoke hesitant and Heather knew immediately that something was wrong. She looked up in worry. '"”Can I ask you something?'

'Sure, Hermione.' Heather quickly nodded. 'Always.'

'But you can't get mad, okay?' Hermione quickly rambled. 'I mean, you have to hear me out and don't jump on silly conclusions"”'

'What is it Hermione?' Heather asked with a short laugh, wondering where this was going to.

'Well...,' Hermione spoke slowly.

'Yes..?' Heather spoke slowly as well but in a mocking tone.

'I have been working with Draco Malfoy the past couple of weeks-...'

'You are?' Heather asked, trying to sound surprised.

'Er- Yeah.., he works at the same department..' she quickly explained and Heather nodded. Where was Hermione going with this?

'Yes, Hermione?' She encouraged her to continue.

'I have found out that Malfoy has a bit of a crush on you.' She said and Heather laughed at her. 'I'm serious Heather!' Hermione exclaimed with her cheeks flustered.

'Yes, yes.., do continue.' Heather softly cleared her throat.

'I know you two don't have a great past with each other, being enemies at school and everything. And of course, he has been a Death Eater... But I know he really likes you and I think you should give him a chance.'

'Hermione...' Heather sighed.

'No! I really mean it!' Hermione almost shouted at her best friend. '"”I mean he hasn't been completely nice towards me.., but I can see he's trying and"”...'

'I am going out with him this Friday.' Heather admitted, speaking fast.

'No, no, no! Hear me out!' Hermione rambled on, not realizing what Heather had just said. 'You should really give him a cha"”...' Hermione blinked her eyes a few times and stared at her best friend. '"”What?' She said weakly making Heather laugh again.

'He asked me out and I said yes.' she chuckled.

'He asked you out... and you said yes..?' Hermione slowly repeated.

'Yes,' confirmed Heather.

'Oh.., okay...' Hermione slowly nodded. 'Great....' She whispered, still not believing what Heather had just said. 'You really said yes?'

'Yes, Hermione!' Heather laughed cheerfully. 'I said yes.'


Blaise eyed his best friend in confusion as he saw that Draco's expression from happy turned into miserable.

'Draco.., why the long face all of a sudden?'

'What if she changes her mind?' He asked and Blaise let out a big sigh. '"”What if she doesn't want to go out with me after Friday?' A gasp escaped from his lips when he realized something. '"”What if she wants to have sex?' He almost shouted and Blaise's eyes widened.

'What?' He hissed. 'You don't want to shag her? I can't believe you Draco, you're one big mystery.'

'That's not what I meant!' Draco sighed and ran his hand through his hair. 'She'll see my mark...'

'Oh..,' Blaise cleared his throat, understanding him now. '"”Are you sure you have tried every glamour charm on it?'

'I tried every single one,' said Draco sourly with a nod. '"”There is no way she won't see it. And when she does, she'll change her mind. I know that for sure.'

'You could just turn the lights off,' Blaise suggested with a shrug.

'I don't want to have sex with her with the lights off,' snapped Draco and Blaise laughed understandingly. '"”Besides, it could give her the wrong idea. She'll think I don't want to see her, while it's the complete opposite.'

'Well, there is only one option left then...' said Blaise with a mischievous smirk.

    I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts...

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