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Disclaimer: Everything you will find here is the rightful property of Rowling. I simply nicked it and had my imagination have a go at it.

If you happen to have a spare moment, please visit the feedback topic and tell me what you think. Everything and anything is truly welcomed with open arms. :)

Edit. 12 May. Considering the fact that I just posted chapter five in which Prudence mentions a family tree, I decided to upload it for you. I also added a map of her house and a Potter/Weasley family tree, because I've always been rather curious about Dorea Black and Charlus Potter and how they're related to everyone. I totally made that up, for the record. No one knows JKR's mind in this.
Go ahead and have a look.

Lovely new banner@Agenia

Do not doubt this is yet another Marauder fic. Because it is.
Do not hope for a lack of original characters. Because there are.
Do not expect short and sweet. Because it won't be

But if you're still here, reading and waiting, I would like to tell you that although there are many things you can say about this story, no one can truly explain the bond between brother and sister. It can only be experienced.

Meet Prudence Morgan and delve into the mysteries of the past. Sooner or later you will know what that experience feels like.



"Boo... Guess who?"

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Soft footsteps sounded in the hall, making Sirius Black turn his head. His hand instinctively reached towards his wand, but it wasn't hard to guess who the person approaching was. Every member of the Order had a job to do and the only person who found time to visit him simply because he wanted to was Remus. Yet Sirius doubted his old friend had come to see him just to have a simple, friendly chat.

Sirius smiled when Remus opened the door and he took a few steps towards his friend. “Moony, what are you doing here?” he asked, while the lighter-haired man closed the door behind him with a resounding click. “I'm sure the Order's got better things to do. You're not here for pleasantries, are you?”

Lupin shook his head and smiled back slightly. He avoided Sirius' eye and looked around the room, searching for a distraction. His gaze landed on the tapestry on the opposite wall. The tapestry, Remus knew, on which generations of names were neatly written in golden thread that was woven through the material. He paid no attention to the burn marks that were scattered around on the black cloth but instead chose to turn his eyes towards the top of the giant wall. There, above the names and dates, hung the crest of the Black family. It was the two greyhounds and the words that drew his attention the most: Toujours Pur, Always Pure.

Suddenly, the former professor was just as disgusted by the ways of his friend's family as Sirius himself was, perhaps even more for how they had treated his friend all those years. He had always shared in his friend’s aversion to his family of course, but actually facing the thing which symbolized the hatred towards him made Remus clench his fists almost painfully.

He shifted his gaze back to his old friend. Sirius was right, he hadn't come for a nice chat. He needed to tell his friend something, but he had no clue how to do it.

“Did something change in here?” he asked innocently.

Sirius raised an eyebrow and put his right hand on Remus' shoulder, waiting impatiently. “You know nothing's changed. Now, what are you here for?”

Remus sighed and looked his friend in the eye. “We found her, Padfoot,” he spoke softly. He had no idea how Sirius would react to hearing this. Yes, he was aware of the search for her, but neither of them had expected to actually find her. They had expected her to be dead by now, like so many were.

Sirius' eyes widened and Remus wasn't surprised to see a mixture of emotions flood his face. “We need to send her a letter,” he continued. “Do you want to do it or shall I?”

Sirius frowned and licked his lips. “No. No, I'll do it.” He nodded, trying to convince both Remus and himself that he could do it. “Just tell me where she lives.”

Remus watched him with a concerned look and what he found surprised him. He hadn't seen his friend this nervous in a long time, yet nervousness was definitely the emotion that played across his features right now, “Look, Sirius, I can do -”

Sirius shook his head defiantly and looked Remus in the eye. “No.”

Remus nodded, though still slightly uncertain, and let go of his friend's arm. He had grasped it when Sirius had turned a pale green, looking ready to throw up.

He reached into his pocket and let out a breath. “She lives in the Netherlands.” He handed Sirius the piece of parchment and saw his friend's eyebrows shoot up into his hairline.

Sirius frowned. “Well, when she told us she was leaving she meant it, didn't she?”

"Boo... Guess who?"

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I split the chapter in two, because it's actually pretty long. It'll be up soon and will continue right after this post's last line.

Chapter one
Birds, Part I

The plaza was full of children. The smaller ones were easier overlooked than the taller ones, but even they made their presence vividly clear. The carriages would be leaving within fifteen minutes and everyone was in a hurry to find the vehicles for their year.

The horses neighed nervously, waiting for the driver to pull the reigns. Children were running past their legs; some even stopped to pet the animals. Although they were well trained and used to children, it was still obvious that they would be glad once everyone was inside the carriage they were supposed to pull.

Every dark blue vehicle was drawn by four brown horses and inside was space for ten people, which was most likely the effect of a spell. The cushions on the benches were a deep blue and the curtains that hung before the small windows were red.

"Come on, Hans, hurry up, the carriages are leaving in ten minutes!" a female voice yelled. The voice belonged to a tall, blond girl who was searching the crowd, looking for someone.

"Relax, like you said, we've got ten minutes, we won't be late!" a small boy shouted back.

A whistle rang, signalling what time it was. A lot of the smaller heads turned to look where the sound came from, while the taller kids either grinned at the reaction of the younger ones, or ignored the whistle and continued their search for transport.

"Come on! First Years should be in the vehicles over here! No objections, Mr. Jansen, get in the carriage." A woman held the door of the carriage open and ushered the youngest children in. Every few minutes a child would object and start whining about wanting to sit in another carriage and the excuses were slowly getting old.

"But my trunk is in the other carriage with my brother!" a black-haired girl complained while pointing at the carriage on the other end of the platform. Unfortunately for the girl the luggage of the children was to be transported magically and it wouldn't come with the students in the carriages.

The teacher raised an eyebrow and nodded her head. "I'm sure your trunk will be home when you arrive. Now get in the carriage with your classmates, Miss van Dyck."

The girl glared slightly, but obeyed nonetheless, stepping inside the carriage with some difficulty. The teacher swore she heard the girl mutter something that sounded like "they should make those darn steps a little lower" and she smiled.

"First Years in these carriages!" she once again shouted over the lines of children hurrying towards their carriages.

Another whistle rang and the woman sought the eyes of one of her colleagues, nodding when he told her she could close the doors. Everyone was inside and the carriages were ready to leave for Utrecht Centraal railway station where their parents would be waiting to pick them up.

Unfortunately, the year before five kids had been standing on the railway station for three hours before their parents remembered to pick them up. Five out of nearly three hundred weren't that much, but it had been unpleasant nonetheless. One of the girls had been close to tears when she was the last one to be picked up and the teachers hadn't known how to calm her down.

"Prudence, the Headmistress wants to know if you plan on staying at school for the summer or if you wish to go home," the colleague she had nodded to a few minutes before told her. "You should go and see her. The rest of the staff and I will make sure the students arrive home safely. Join us when you're done." He smiled politely, sent her a small nod and then disappeared with a pop.

The woman watched them ride away until the thirty-one carriages couldn't be seen any more and then she sighed. It was early in the afternoon, yet she already felt drained. She felt like a shepherd who had been herding her livestock the entire day. No one knows how exhausting it is to teach until you've actually done it. But she loved it.

She pulled out her wand and Disapparated with a pop to see the Headmistress. Appearing in front of the office of the head of the staff, she knocked on the door made of the finest oak. It flew open and the woman at the desk smiled. "Ah, Prudence, take a seat."

The woman named Prudence smiled back and took five steps into the room, waiting for the click of the door falling shut. "If you don't mind, Hendrika, I'd rather stand. Kenneth told me the others would take my shift, but I don't really feel comfortable with it, so I'd like to get back to my post as soon as possible." She smiled again and laid a hand on the back of the chair.

The Headmistress nodded in understanding and coughed a little. "Well, I – and by 'I', I naturally mean the entire staff – was wondering if you were planning on staying here during the summer like last year or not."

Prudence pursed her lips and wrung her hands together. "I don't know yet. I know there is much to be done here during the summer, and I would love to help, but I haven't seen my own home in six months..."

"I understand," Hendrika answered with a nod. "I suggest you go home for the night and let me know by owl tomorrow morning." She stood up smiled again. "We would love to have you here, though; you are an asset to our institute."

"Thank you, Hendrika. I'll send you an owl as soon as possible." Prudence bid her goodbye, put another smile on her lips and walked back towards the door. It opened itself and once she was outside, she took hold of her wand again and Disapparated.

She Apparated into a small alleyway behind a couple of street litter bins. She wrinkled her nose, but resisted the urge to make them disappear or to at least clean them a bit. She grumbled about Muggles being the least clean creatures on the planets and once again made a disgusted face at the rubbish. With a swish of her wand she cleaned her robes.

Prudence frowned at her clothing and sighed. She flicked her wand again, transforming her robes into Muggle jeans and a T-shirt. It was summer, so even though the Muggle clothing didn't hide much, she definitely wouldn't freeze.

Finally satisfied, she wanted to put her wand in her holster, but realized that that wouldn't work either. She sighed and flicked her wand again, murmuring something for the first time. She had conjured a small jacket with a pocket on the inside and a little uncomfortably she put the wand inside. "Annoying Muggle clothing," she growled.

Her feet made strides as quick as they could as she left the alleyway and headed for the building where the Muggle trains arrived daily. There the carriages would also arrive after a two-hour journey and the parents could pick their children up in what looked like a toilet to the Muggles; it was engorged from the inside by magic and there nearly three hundred children from the ages eleven to seventeen would wait for someone to pick them up.
It was a rumour that once a Muggle went inside and they had to Obliviate her memory. After that, they had decided on creating an illusion for Muggles. They could go to the loo there without seeing anything. Of course, the students wouldn't see them either: they might be tempted to play a trick on a poor, unsuspecting Muggle.

Different sets of heels clicked softly on the floor and it was more than a little noisy in the large building. Several little shops were scattered around the main room and to get to the platforms where the trains left you had to go down some stairs, according to multiple signs in the large hall.

"Prudence!" a male voice shouted from somewhere to her right, making her, and some Muggles, turn their heads expectantly. A smile lit her face when she noticed it was Kenneth and she quickened her step. By the time she was able to push her way through the mass of people, Kenneth had already reached her and had taken her by the shoulder. "The children haven't arrived, yet," he began. "Aren't you supposed to be with the Headmistress? It hasn't even been thirty minutes since I left," he added softly, making sure the Muggles around them didn't listen in on their conversation. Not that they could, the noise in the railway station would probably keep them from hearing anything.

The woman shook her head. "No, I've already spoken to her."

Kenneth nodded and shrugged his shoulders. He put his hands inside the pockets of his Muggle jeans and smiled. "Are you going to stay for the summer? I know you love your farmhouse, but I – we would really appreciate it if you stayed." He stumbled over his words and he coughed suspiciously, though he hoped Prudence wouldn't pick up on it. She did, however, and raised her eyebrows.

Prudence shrugged and continued to walk towards the supposed toilet. "I'll tell you the same I told her. I don't know yet. I'm supposed to think it over and send her an owl in the morning." She smiled at his grin. "You want some coffee?" she asked, seeing a small coffee house to their left.

Kenneth made a small humming noise, pretending to be thinking before nodding his approval. He grinned. "I could use some coffee. Those kids are dreadful. Did you hear them? Every year they try and somehow they never tire of it. What is wrong with sitting with children your own age?"

Prudence grinned and shrugged, handing the shopkeeper a few coins and taking the two cups from the counter. She outstretched her left hand and smiled. "Here you go. About those children though, I don't know. I never minded sitting with kids my own age, though I did sit with my brother most of the time." She smirked. "I suppose sitting with older kids is more fun?"

Kenneth raised his eyebrows and grinned back. "Are you implying that I didn't have any fun, Miss?"

She shook her head and laughed softly, sitting down on a small white bench near the shop. "I don't know. Now that I think of it, those kids seem to smile a whole lot more than we do."

Kenneth sat down next to her and took a sip of his coffee, watching her play with her own cup without drinking. "More than we do now or more than we did when we were their age?" he implied, taking another sip.

Prudence shrugged and wrinkled her brow, seemingly being in thought. Then her face lit up and she laughed again. "No, Kenneth. At least, not for me. I had the best time being a child in Hogwarts. I don't think I have laughed more since I graduated than I did during one single year in school." She lifted her head, tearing her gaze from the white plastic cup and smiled. "How was your childhood? You went to school here if I remember correctly?"

Kenneth grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I had the greatest time there. I never imagined coming back, though. And definitely not to teach, but here I am!" He brought the cup to his lips before lowering it again, swallowing the warm liquid. He raised his eyebrow and looked Prudence in the eye. "I didn't even like History in school, yet I'm teaching it now. Merlin, now that I think of it, a lot sure has changed."

Prudence smiled slightly and nodded, taking the first sip of her drink. She fixed her eyes on a particular tile on the floor. "Yes, it has." Without noticing it herself she had started tapping her fingers against the plastic of her cup and Kenneth raised his eyebrows at the action. She still didn't register her movement and Kenneth grinned, drawing her attention. "What?"

Kenneth pointed to her fingers and smirked. "Nervous?"

Prudence looked down in surprise and her lips formed a small 'oh'. She shook her head and smiled. "Whatever should I be nervous about?"

He shrugged in response and cleared his throat. "No idea really, but you seemed deep in thought."

"I was," she replied with a slight frown. "I was deep in thought, but it doesn't matter." She brought the cup to her lips, testing the heat of the coffee with her upper lip and when she felt it was cold enough, downed the drink in one swig.

Next to her, Kenneth snorted. "I like a woman who can drink."

Prudence laughed and licked her lips. "Well, if that's what you call drinking you haven't been out enough." She grinned and stood up, walking towards the dustbin to their left. Throwing the cup in, she pursed her lips. "Now that I mention it, do you even go out?" She sat back down and looked at the man next to her with an expectant look.

"What? A handsome young bloke like myself? Of course I date."

Prudence cackled and shook her head in mirth. "I never said anything about dating, I was talking about going out."

"Is that an invitation?" Kenneth asked, a slightly serious look on his face. A smile played on his lips and it suited him well, Prudence noted.

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, I suppose it was."

His smile grew wider and he checked his Muggle watch. "Great. When are you free?" He stood up to throw his own cup away and then turned back to her. "I don't want to sound enthusiastic," he added, grinning.

"Boo... Guess who?"

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This continues right after my last post, just to be extra clear.

Chapter one
Birds, Part II

Prudence smiled back and a thoughtful look appeared on her face. She started tapping her fingertips against her leg and pursed her lips. "I'll let you know when I've decided whether I'll stay at Dolmen or not, okay?" She smiled and stood up too. After he had nodded his agreement she stood on the tips of her toes, looking over the mass of people towards the lavatory. "Perhaps we should go? Make preparations for the carriages. What time is it?"

Kenneth frowned and looked at his watch again. "They won't arrive for another forty minutes. We could go and meet the others, though."

Prudence nodded and headed for the lavatory.

Once they had stepped inside the so-called lavatory they were met by mostly cheerful faces. There were the normal chagrined features of those who did not wish to be there in the first place, least of all wait for teenagers to arrive. Then again, the teachers in question were never cheery people.
They went around grumbling, handing out detentions and making nasty comments towards students, but, unfortunately, did their jobs well. There was a shortage of magical teachers too, so firing them and taking on teachers who actually liked teaching was difficult.

"Prudence, honey, lost your voice? I know Kenneth can be quite charming, but hopefully he didn't charm your ability of speech away? You'll need it for those poor First Years, honey." Ava smirked and winked at her.

Prudence shook her head and laughed. "No, my ability of speech is simply marvellous, Ava. Just as yours is, may I add?" She raised an eyebrow and grinned. "You don't think that your great ability of speech might have affected mine?"

Ava stuck her nose in the air and grinned. "No, I don't. Kenneth simply bewitched you."

Prudence ignored her and crossed her arms, patient enough to wait thirty minutes for the children to arrive. She'd listen to the many conversations between the teachers, mostly led by Ava and watch the landscape which, she had to admit, became more beautiful every season.

Prudence rubbed her arms when she noticed goose bumps had appeared on her skin. She frowned. It was only the end of June.
She figured it must have been the view. It reminded her of her house that stood amidst lots of grass and the occasional tree. She wondered how her horses were doing and whether or not the House-elves could manage it all.
It wasn't easy to own such a property; to own a farm you were supposed to be at home, something she only managed to be eight weeks a year.

Prudence sighed and smiled, watching the wind blow through the leaves of the trees and through the grass. It made her shiver again, though time to appreciate the view was growing scarce.

She realised she had already been admiring her surroundings for nearly thirty minutes; in the distance horses whinnied and drew her out of her thoughts. She looked around and noticed she was standing ankle-deep in light grass, her lips formed into a blissful smile.

"Prudence, we need to charm some areas and separate the carriages by years!" Ava shouted from several feet away, most likely using the Sonorus charm.

Prudence pulled her wand out of her jacket and started pointing them at the marked area; thirty-one carriages needed to be neatly guided to their places. They had to mark the grass with their wands to make sure the drivers knew where to stop their carriages.

She walked back over to the other teachers and apologised with an embarrassed smile. "Sorry, I should have been paying attention."

Kenneth shrugged with a grin on his face. "Yes, you should have." He got a raised eyebrow in response and he smiled.

"Break it up, you two! There are children coming!" Ava yelled jokingly.

The first five carriages came to a halt and the impatient students wasted no time in trying to pry open the locked doors.
"Ah, High School kids," Ava murmured nostalgically.

"High School?" Prudence inquired. She knew a thing or two about the Muggle world, but hadn't apparently hadn't been interested enough. She figured she wasn't to be blamed. One could call Muggles uncivilised half of the time.

Ava nodded and smiled. "American secondary school. For the Muggles anyway."

Prudence wrinkled her nose. "Interesting," she said dryly, once again repeating raising her wand at a carriage. "Colloportus! and do not open it again or I will have this carriage lifted so high up into the air you will know the true meaning of flying upon stepping out!" she warned.

Ava laughed and nodded appreciatively. "Good job, they're glaring at you now. It'll be a fun year for you next year. Those kids somehow always hold a grudge. They can't let anything go."

Prudence watched the frowns and angry faces that were staring through the window impatiently, and she shook her head. "No, they somehow can't," she answered, a grin on her face.

"Well," Ava began cheerily, "all the carriages have arrived. I think we can let them out now, can't we?" She smiled widely at the woman next to her, showing nearly perfect white teeth. She pulled out her wand and walked away, passed several carriages while murmuring the Alohomora charm and the children leapt out, happy to see their parents.

She had been staring after Ava, Prudence realised, while the children in the vehicle nearest to her began to shout. "Oi! We want out too."

Prudence glared at the door, trying to remember when children became so cheeky.

"Keep it down or I'll keep you in there for another ten minutes," she threatened, looking the black-haired boy who had had the biggest mouth in the eye. He scowled, but stayed quiet nonetheless and Prudence nodded. "Good. Alohomora." The door gave a soft click upon being opened.

After twenty minutes all the carriages were empty and the teachers were signalling the drivers that they could leave and head back to Dolmen Magical Academy.

Kenneth and Ava chatted for a moment - though Ava did most of the talking - and then he turned to Prudence, wishing her a happy holiday before Disapparating. The moment he was gone, Ava turned towards her with wide eyes and demanded, "Why did he wish you a good holiday? You're coming back to Dolmen for the summer, aren't you? I mean, you have to! If you don't..."

Prudence waited for her friend to finish her ranting and smiled patiently at her. "I don't know yet, Ava. I'm supposed to write the Headmistress a letter in the morning. I wish to go home first. I haven't been back in months."

Ava nodded and took a deep breath. "Well, fine then. I suppose I can understand even though I don't have such a lovely place to go home to." She smiled, winked and took her wand in her hand. "Have a nice holiday, Prudence." She Disapparated with a pop, leaving Prudence to stare at the now empty spot on the ground.

With her wand in hand, she, too, disappeared.

Once she reappeared, she barely had time to register her surroundings. A small black owl started scratching and pecking her head with its beak and claws. Prudence glared and swung her arm over her head in an attempt to get the bird to fly off her head. She succeeded, glaring at the bird again as soon as it flew a few feet away. She then realised that the bird was obviously upset and her gaze softened. She sighed.

"Okay, come here."
The black bird seemed more like a black ball of feathers. It was a pudgy animal nearly the shape of a football. It had an orange beak and surprisingly large wings. When she noticed its claws, however, her eyes widened.
"Come here, little one. I won't hurt you."

Once the bird flew closer and landed on the palm of her hand, she bit her lip. When she had swung her arm around to get the bird to let go of her head, the poor thing had obviously hurt itself. A nail from its right claw looked painfully broken and Prudence softly petted the bird's head. "I'm sorry, little one. I didn't mean to hurt you."

The bird screeched softly and she smiled. "I can fix that talon for you, but I'll need to get that letter off first. Hold still." She carefully unwrapped the rolled-up parchment from its leg, clutched it under her armpit and walked towards her wooden table that stood proudly in the middle of the room. The table was surrounded by six wooden chairs which were covered in dark red velvety cushions. She sat down, dropping the letter onto the table and carefully put the bird down.

"Now, hold still." She pointed her wand at the claw, whispered a spell and slowly the talon started to heal, mending the torn nail. "There you go." At this, the bird sang and started hopping around. It stopped and turned to look Prudence in the eye. She was met with a glare. She raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes when the bird once again urged her to read the letter.

"What is it with you?" She sighed and picked up the scroll, glaring at the bird when it pecked her again, this time on her hand. "Fine, I'm reading it. Go, fly off now!" She pursed her lips and rolled the parchment open. Her eyes widened.

"Oh, Merlin."

"Boo... Guess who?"

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Another chapter. (: I'll probably cut every chapter into two pieces from now on. My chapters have a good length for an archive, but they're too long to read on a forum. I hate tired and painful eyes as much as the next person.

What I
love, however, are reviews. [a]

Chapter two
All Those Weasleys, Part I

Lightning cracked in the distance, lighting up the darkened sky with a flash. The wind was blowing strongly and thunder accompanied it with a low rumble. Water ran down the windows, making it hard for the two men to watch nature in its anger.

A shiver ran up their spines and they sighed, thankful for being inside. Grey eyes met brown and they both saw anticipation in the other. Sirius averted his eyes and cleared his throat. "Will she come, Moony?" he asked softly, once again trying his hardest to see through the window.

Remus wrinkled his brow and focused his attention to a particular spot on his friend's robes. He took a deep breath and shook his head. "I don't know, Padfoot."

Sirius grinned sadly and tried to lighten the mood. "Yeah, with this weather I wouldn't come either." He strode away from the window and sat down on a chair at the dinner table. He drummed his fingertips against the wood and stared blankly at his hands. He crossed his legs, bumping his knee against the table, but he didn't seem to notice. Nor did he notice the footsteps that came stumbling down the staircase, announcing that someone was up.

Remus, however, had noticed and he stepped away from the window sill too, sitting down on the other side of the table. He watched his friend fidget and raised his eyebrow. Sirius definitely wasn't one to be nervous and it was starting to annoy the former professor a bit. He cleared his throat, shaking Sirius out of his thoughts and he opened his mouth to say something.

He was interrupted by the kitchen door opening, followed by Molly stepping inside. She nodded shortly at both men and hurried over to the counter, preparing breakfast.

"Everyone else still asleep, Molly?" Remus inquired.

"They better be," she snapped. "They went to bed too late last night, Remus. Couldn't those stories have waited until today?"

Sirius grumbled and glared at the woman's back. He stopped the movement of his fingers and leaned back in his chair. "No, Molly, they couldn't."

Molly whirled around and glared at the dark-haired man, putting her hands on her hips. "They are just children, Sirius! Harry isn't James who you can stay up with until late in the night, remembering the old days!" she hissed.

Sirius stood up, pushing his chair back, nearly letting it fall over on its side by accident. His hands gripped the table top hard and he took deep breaths to stay calm. "They are old enough to hear those things, Molly! You can't baby them forever."

The pan she had charmed, clattered on the counter as Molly lost her concentration. She took a few steps closer, pointing her finger at his face accusingly. "They are my children! I will decide whether or not they are old enough to hear those things!"

Sirius glared back at her and Remus noticed that his fingers were slowly turning white from gripping the table. If they didn't stop soon, he'd have to step in. He sighed and rubbed his temples, watching Molly fume with anger.

"Harry isn't your son!" Sirius' lips were pressed together so tightly that they too had started to turn white in his effort to grasp the edges of peace. Molly, however, didn't even try to recover her calmness.

"He might as well be! I am the closest thing to a mother that he has!"

"That's enough, Molly," interjected Remus. He walked around the table and put a hand on his friend's chest. He gave Sirius a pointed look at which the dark-haired man sat back down in his chair, though still seething with anger.

"He shouldn't be telling Harry those things, Remus, and he definitely shouldn't tell them to my children!" Molly decided, turning back towards the stove. She flicked her wand and slowly the sounds of a meal being cooked were the only sounds heard in the kitchen of the Black's Grimmauld Place.

Sirius stared hard at the table, clenching his jaw, and he almost didn't notice Remus sitting down next to him. He took a deep breath and dared a look to his left. He found his old friend sitting with his hands in his hair, which, Sirius noted, had a couple more grey streaks than the last time he'd checked.

"Breakfast is nearly ready," Molly announced stiffly. "I'm going to wake up the boys-" She was interrupted by thunderous footsteps coming down the stairs. The door flew open, crashed against the wall and heavy panting was followed by an excited yell.

"We were here first!" two tall redheads exclaimed with a happy grin.

"You were not!" another red-haired boy protested. He frowned and took a seat at the end of the table, not noticing the amused grins of the two older men across from them.

"They pretty much were, Ron," said Sirius, grinning.

"Hear that, little brother?" the twins asked in unison, two large grins on their faces.

Ron grumbled and shot Sirius an annoyed look, muttering something like 'Thanks a lot, Sirius'. He turned towards his mother and looked at the pans hopefully. "What's for breakfast, Mum?"

More people were heard coming down the stairs, and soon after they too stepped over the threshold. A red-haired girl entered first, sending her mother a smile, followed by a pale bespectacled boy with dark hair. He sent Sirius, Remus and Mrs. Weasley a smile before sitting down next to his godfather.

Last came Hermione, her brown bushy hair being the most noticeable thing about her. In her arms was a furry bundle of orange that meowed at the noisy room before jumping out of her arms. Hermione's eyes widened in surprise momentarily, but then she smiled and cooed, "Yes, Crooky, go and play okay?"
She sat down next to Ginny, who was seated next to Ron, and smiled at Mrs. Weasley when she came over to fill her plate with eggs and bacon. "Thank you, Mrs. Weasley."

Molly smiled. "You're welcome dear. Fred, George, stop teasing Ron and sit down!" she ordered when she noticed the twins were still teasing 'ickle Ronniekins' about losing.

The grins on their faces didn't deflate as they found their seats. They sat themselves next to Remus and close to the two dark-haired males, just in case they would be discussing anything interesting.

Sirius clapped Harry on the shoulder and pricked his fork into a piece of egg. "Morning, Harry."
Harry grinned and nodded, swallowing his food. "Morning, Sirius. What was that between you and Mrs. Weasley? We could hear you arguing upstairs."

"Again," the twins added simultaneously. Harry nodded his approval.

Sirius glanced at Molly's back and he noticed that she had stiffened. She continued cooking, however, and Sirius thought it best to keep silent. He shrugged. "Nothing really." He grinned and winked at his godson. "Me and Molly just want to make sure things don't get boring around here."

Harry blinked once before grinning and shaking his head. He took another bite and swallowed. "So, what are we doing today? More cleaning, I suppose?"

"Yes, we are," Molly interrupted. "This house needs to be liveable by the end of the summer." She sat down at the table, her back straight and her face tense, though she was polite even to try a forced smile.

"But Mum," began Ron with his mouth full of bacon, "we are living here." He had some trouble swallowing the huge piece of food in his mouth, but somehow seemed to manage. He took a sip of his juice and looked at his mother.

Molly sighed. "You know what I mean, Ron," she snapped.

"Are you... okay, Mrs. Weasley?" Hermione tried carefully, concern on her face. She pushed her plate further up the table, indicating that she was done eating, and kept her gaze on the woman across from her.

Sirius cleared his throat and pushed his chair back, standing up from the table. "If I may be excused," he began whilst heading for the door, ignoring Molly's annoyed huff.
When he closed the door behind him, he almost missed Molly's lie to Hermione, telling the girl she was fine while it was quite obvious that she wasn't.

Sirius sighed and headed for the Master bedroom, taking the stairs two at a time. Once he reached the third floor, he opened the door to the largest bedroom in the entire house. He once again sighed at it, trying to ignore his parents' taste in decoration and instead headed for the hippogriff that was lazily lying on the floor. He startled every time the thunder crashed outside and Sirius smiled a bit. He went over to the grey animal and petted its head.

Buckbeak immediately stood up and twisted his head so that Sirius could reach it more easily.

Sirius nodded. "I know. I don't like this weather either." He scratched the animal behind his ear and sighed. "She didn't come, you know," he went on. "I somehow knew she wouldn't."

The hippogriff turned his head and sent his master a curious gaze. He croaked.

The room lit up for a second and soon after thunder rumbled again, turning both of their heads towards the window. Sirius closed it with a bit of difficulty. "Strange how a house can turn in a shack just like that." He groaned and gave the window another push, closing it.

"Not just like that, Padfoot. It's been empty for ten years," a low voice stepped in. A short laugh followe, but stopped as quickly as it came. Remus looked at Sirius as he slowly turned around, an eyebrow raised in amusement.

"I suppose you're right."

Remus nodded and walked closer, bowing to Buckbeak and waiting for the animal to bow back. When he received a curt nod in return carefully petted the animal on his head.

"Do you still have to bow to him?" he inquired curiously, briefly looking into Buckbeak's orange eyes. He turned his gaze back to Sirius who in turn shook his head with a grin. "Interesting. Perhaps the fact that you're a dog has something to do with it?" Remus grinned as he watched Sirius's features change from content to mock-insulted.

"Now, now, Moony, remember who the animal in this room is, will you?" He smirked and looked back between Buckbeak and Remus, pretending to be making a decision.

"Funny," remarked Remus dryly, stepping away from the hippogriff and halting before the window, next to his friend. They both stared out into the bleek morning weather outside and the room turned silent.

Buckbeak shuffled around behind them, but they didn't pay much attention to him any more, both drowned in their thoughts, their minds on the same issue.

Sirius couldn't give the subject the silent-treatment any more. He sighed. "Why are we still waiting, Moony? She won't come, and you know it."

"We asked her to come last night, Sirius. She never replied and said that she would be able to. I'm sure she has built a life of her own by now."

Sirius didn't reply and stared at the grey clouds through his window. Little streams of water dripped down the old wood, but his vision was well enough to watch the wind bending the twigs and leaves near the glass. He sighed.

"I should go see what we're going to do about the drawing room, and I'm sure Dumbledore's got a job for you too." He nodded to Remus, cleared his throat and exited the room.

Remus started after him, but stopped himself at the last minute. He looked at Buckbeak and took a deep breath. He shook his head and petted the animal's head. "See you later, Buckbeak," muttered Remus before walking out of the room after his friend, his brow furrowed in thought.

The rest of that day continued the same way it had done the day before. The Weasleys plus Harry and Hermione cleaned out various places of the house, though they only managed to get to the small mouldy places before nightfall came.
The dark objects that were scattered around the house, including the Doxies in the curtains and the Boggart inside the writing desk, were saved for last when they had decided what to do with them. They weren't sure about the Boggart yet and they would probably need Moody to take a look at it.

Harry had tried to start multiple conversations with Sirius, happy to now see his godfather daily, but Sirius had seemed off and found an excuse to leave every time Harry cornered him.

At dinner he had been tense too, but that was most most likely because Mrs. Weasley kept sending him threatening glances.
He had immediately started up conversation with Arthur about the Ministry and how they still refused to acknowledge the Dark Lord's return. Harry had turned to Sirius to enter in the discussion, but Sirius blew him off gently every time, carefully watched by Molly.

Now, both Harry and Sirius were ill-tempered and Ron and Hermione sent each other nervous glances after averting their eyes from their other best friend.

Harry was munching on his food with a frustrated look and Sirius tried his best to keep his eyes strained to the fork that was lying forgotten on his plate.

The twins were whispering to each other and Ginny looked at them suspiciously while everyone made sure to keep an eye on Harry and his godfather.

The doorbell rang. Within less than five seconds the tension in the house was lifted and frustration and a mild form of chaos replaced it. The portrait of Mrs. Black began screeching, yelling and shouting and Sirius growled deep in his throat before standing up from his chair.

"I'll go silence that woman. Arthur, could you open the door? It's probably Kingsley with his report." He stalked over to the door, swung it open and growled again. "I swear, as soon as I figure out how to hex that cursed portrait off the wall, I will."

Arthur was only two steps behind him, walking up the stairs with a soft rustling of his robes.

While Sirius crossed the hallway, desperately wanting to cover his ears from the noise his mother made, Arthur went to the door and opened it.

"Honestly, woman, shut it!" yelled Sirius. His hands reached for the curtains to pull them to, but the woman inside the portrait was moving too much and her voice made him lose concentration.

"Mudbloods! Blood-traitors! Filthy Halfbreeds! Leave this ancient house! How dare you come inside with your filth! How dare you stain the noble House of Black!"

"Woman, I'll wring your bloody neck if you don't shut it right now!" Sirius threatened.

Finally, she quietened down a bit, glaring down at her son. "How dare you speak to your mother like that?! First you bring shame upon me, then you bring filthy Halfbloods and Mudbloods into this house and then you threaten me! I always knew you were unworthy of the name of Black!" She glowered at him, and smirked when Sirius drew his wand. "Like you can use that against me!" she huffed. "Leave this house this instant!"

Sirius smirked back. "Silencio! That'll teach you. Stupid wench." He put his wand away again, grinning evilly at the look of his mother's lips moving without sound coming out. He reached up again and strongly pulled the curtains closed. He sighed and growled. "I'll honestly blast that portrait off the wall first chance I get."

"Some Dark Magic should do it," a soft voice put in.

"Boo... Guess who?"

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Part II. Continues right after I. Enjoy. (:
And yes, I think we should have a magic school, too, just in case you were wondering after reading this.

Chapter two
All Those Weasleys, Part II

Sirius's eyes widened and he froze, staring at the curtains, silently insisting that they were more interesting than the person behind him. "Any suggestions?" he drawled, before slowly turning around. He fixed his gaze on Arthur instead.

Prudence pursed her lips and looked down at her feet briefly. She watched the red-haired man from the corner of her eye and smiled. She remembered him vaguely. He was a member of the First Order, a Weasley, and he had a row of children following him. Five, maybe?
She remembered his wife also; a somewhat stressed woman, always fussing over her children.

"Hello, Sirius," she whispered, raising her eyes to meet his. The eyes that met her were not the ones she remembered. They were still grey, but had lost their sparkle. His face held something ghastly and hollow; dark circles surrounded his eyes.
"Dear God, what happened to you?!"

Sirius kept his features blank and ignored her exclamation. "Let's go to the kitchen." He had already started for the staircase leading to the basement before they could respond.

Arthur went after him, leaving Prudence the last one to descend the stairs. The floorboards creaked beneath her boots and she realised she was soaking everything with the dripping cloak that still hung over her shoulders. She lowered the hood and unclasped the material. She refrained from drying it with her wand.

They had reached the bottom of the stairs and without speaking a word, both Arthur and Sirius strode inside the kitchen and sat down on their former seats.

"Arthur? Where is Kingsley?" a female voice inquired immediately when she realised no one had followed the two men back inside.

Arthur coughed uncomfortably and shook his head. "He wasn't the one at the door, dear."

Molly huffed and put her hands on her hips. She was staring at her husband, waiting for an answer, and consequently failed to notice Prudence enter the kitchen. "Well, then, who was?"

Seven of the nine faces in the room turned towards the door, the only people not watching Sirius and Mrs. Weasley, as she was still oblivious.

The twins watched with grins on their faces; Ron had his brow furrowed and was simply staring; his younger sister was looking at the brunette with curiosity and both Harry and Hermione had stood up from their seats, staring at her.

"Me, Mrs. Weasley," answered a low whisper. Prudence was trying hard to not look anyone in the eye, so she fixed her gaze to the floor.

Molly whipped her head around and stared at the woman with surprise crossing her features. "Wha-... Who-... Prudence? Prudence Morgan?" She stood up from her chair and slowly crossed the room, stepping closer towards the younger witch. "It is you isn't it?"

Prudence nodded slowly and dared to raise her head. A small smile lit her face, and she cleared her throat. "Yes, it's me. Hello, Mrs. Weasley."

Molly smiled and took Prudence by the arm. She led her towards the table, urging her to take a seat while she took her cloak. She hurried out of the room and an uncomfortable silence entered almost immediately.

Prudence pursed her lips nervously. Once again clearing her throat, she put a fake smile on her face. "Well, don't let me interrupt your dinner," she tried with fake cheer in her voice. Harry, however, didn't feel the need to fall for it and narrowed his eyes.

"Are you with the Order?"

Prudence shifted her gaze towards the raven-haired boy and her eyes widened in realisation. She blinked once, and opened her mouth to speak. "Harry Potter," she stated.

Harry sighed in frustration and had to use all of his willpower to not reach up and push his hair in front of his scar. He sat back down and nodded stiffly. Prudence nodded in return, determined to ignore the question he had asked. They had wanted her to come, so they could explain it to him.

She followed the people at the table with her eyes, a small smile gracing her lips. Her gaze lingered on Ron and Ginny and she raised an eyebrow. "Two more, Mr. Weasley?" The two in question stared right back at her, curious.

Arthur nodded and seemed determined to use it as a way to break the silence. "Yes, two more. That's Ron," he began, indicating the tall red-haired boy next to the twins. He nodded at his daughter, "and that's Ginny." Ginny smiled, but didn't get a chance to say anything else.
The bushy-haired girl had turned in her seat, introducing herself as Hermione Granger.

Prudence furrowed her brow in thought and hummed pensively. "Granger? Not a name that's familiar to me. Muggle-born perhaps? I believe I heard Mrs. Black shouting about them being in her house."

"Does it matter?" Ron interjected. He stared at her with an annoyed glare and she could feel the tension in the room rise again.

Prudence shook her head with a soft laugh and raised her eyebrow, a smile playing on her lips. "No, Mr. Weasley. It doesn't. It was merely an observation."

Ron glared nevertheless refused to let go of his glare, but Hermione hurriedly added, "Yes, I'm Muggle-born," drawing everyone's attention back to her.

Prudence couldn't blame the teenagers for their lack of trust in her. They obviously hadn't been informed about her arrival and, admittedly, even she didn't really know what she was doing back in England, at the Headquarters of the new Order, nonetheless.

She smiled at Hermione and then turned to Sirius, determination in her eyes. She cleared her throat again to draw his attention away from his hands, which were clearly very interesting. He raised a questioning eyebrow, his face otherwise blank. He was not planning on showing her the nervous mess he'd been when he'd talked to Remus.

"I received a letter telling me that the Order of the Phoenix wished to discuss something with me," she told him professionally, deciding that if he was going to act stiff and formal, so would she.

Sirius nodded curtly and raised his chin. "Yes, we do." He gave her a pointed look, and she realised that they wouldn't be able to talk until the children were gone. If she knew Molly, she wouldn't want her precious offspring to be caught up in Order business.

"So she's with the Order?" Harry repeated.

At first everyone's glances were directed at Harry, but then they turned them towards Prudence, making her feel like a troll trapped inside a cage, doomed to be watched forever.
She fixed Sirius with a pointed glare who, in return, smirked at her. She was surprised by his reaction. She had expected him to help her out. What was she supposed to say? That she was a member of the Order of the Phoenix when she wasn't?

She took a deep breath. "We're still working on that, aren't we, Black?"

Molly chose that moment to stumble back into the room, a content smile on her face. She looked at the table and frowned when she noticed that no one had touched their food. "Well, I think everyone's done. Kids, please go upstairs until we call you. We have something we need to discuss."

Fred and George grinned mischievously and winked at Ron. Fred pointed at his pocket and mouthed something that resembled 'ears' while George smiled innocently at their mother. Ginny followed her brothers obediently, knowing they wouldn't miss a thing as long as they had the Extendable Ears.
Hermione followed also, glancing over her shoulder curiously when she noticed that her two best friends were still seated at the table. "Harry? Ron?"

"Ron, go upstairs this instant!" snapped Molly.

Ron objected and his eyes widened. "But Mum!"

Molly pursed her lips and pointed to the ceiling. "Upstairs, now."

"But Harry will tell us what happened anyway!" he tried again.

"No, he won't, because Harry is coming with you, isn't he Arthur?"

Arthur looked up to his wife and stayed silent for a moment. "Uh... Molly, perhaps they can - no, no of course not. Ron, Harry, go upstairs."

Ron glared at his mother. His chair creaked as he shoved it backwards. Harry, on the other hand, stayed put and looked at Sirius with a hopeful glance. The older man tried his best to stay clear of his gaze and nodded. "You should go upstairs, Harry."

Shock filled Harry's eyes and he looked ready to protest, but Sirius was staring straight ahead so he knew it wouldn't do any good. He pushed his chair back angrily and stalked out of the room, Ron and Hermione on his heels. As soon as the door slammed shut, Sirius let out a relieved breath and glared at Molly.

"You had no right to tell him to leave or to corner me to do the same!" he shouted.

Molly raised her chin and crossed her arms across her chest. "I had every right! He is a child. He shouldn't be hearing this."

The menacing glare Sirius sent her at that moment was almost as deadly as the Killing Curse.
He refrained from speaking, however, when Arthur held up his hand. "We've had this discussion before, Molly. That's not what we're here for." He smiled at Prudence and nodded. "What was that letter you were talking about?"

Prudence shot Sirius a hesitant glance, and pursed her lips. She shuffled her feet beneath the table nervously and hoped he would take over the conversation, but he didn't and he didn't seem to be planning to. She blew away a strand of hair that had come loose from the messy bun on her head and sighed.

"Uh, when I got home from school this afternoon-"

"School?" Molly questioned. She sat down next to her husband, looking at the younger woman with interest. She put a hand on Arthur's shoulder and took a sip of her now nearly cold tea.

Prudence nodded. "Yes, I am a teacher at Dolmen." She crossed her legs and glanced at Sirius again, hoping for a reaction. She got none, for his eyes were partially hidden behind his long black hair. She was mesmerised again by how much he'd changed. He was too thin to be healthy and a depressing aura surrounded him.

"The Dutch magic school?" Molly inquired further.

Prudence tore her gaze from the man seated on the other corner of the table and fixed it on the Weasley couple. She nodded again. "Yes, I teach Charms there."

"Molly, let her tell her story, please," Arthur interrupted when his wife opened her mouth to ask another question. Molly looked at him for a second before relenting and patiently waiting for Prudence to continue about the letter.

Prudence cleared her throat and pursed her lips. "Well, like I said, when I came home from school a bird was inside my house, carrying a letter. Not an owl, but a bird, strangely enough. The letter said that I should meet you here this evening. The address was given by Professor Dumbledore, if I'm not mistaken, but the letter was written by Sirius."

They all turned towards Sirius who was staring at Prudence with his eyebrows raised. He had pushed his hair out of his face, Prudence noted.

"You read the letter today?"

At her nod he let out a barking laugh. They watched him in surprise and shock as he quieted down. He grinned at himself and shook his head. "Me and Remus didn't think you'd come because we sent the letter two days ago. You were supposed to meet us here yesterday evening, not tonight." He let out a bark of laughter again. "Wait till Moony hears this."

"Remus is here too?" she asked.

"Well, of course, dear," answered Molly. "He's part of the Order." She reached across the table and stilled the shaking hands of the woman across from her. "Are you alright, Pru?

Prudence blinked at the nickname, surprised to hear it again, but she inclined her head nonetheless. "I – I'm fine. I would like to speak with Sirius and Remus alone, though." She looked at Sirius with a pleading look in her eyes. "If that is possible."

Sirius stared back at her, but refrained from speaking. He was studying her features carefully. She was too close for his taste.

Sirius scrutinised her face and discovered that, not counting a few age wrinkles, she hadn't changed at all. He sighed and shook his head.
"Everyone is busy. I don't know when he'll return. Dumbledore's given us all a job for the Order." His eyes darkened at the last bit, but he kept quiet. So did Prudence.

"When he left this morning he told us he'd be in tonight," a male voice dropped in.

They turned back to Arthur who cleared his throat. "Right, we were going, weren't we, Molly?"

"Yes, we were. Goodbye, Prudence," Molly told the other woman with a smile. "It is wonderful to have you back." The door shut behind her and Prudence's gaze was met by solid wood. She tore her gaze away and shifted her eyes over to Sirius. He seemed to be studying her intensely.

"Feel free to look around until Remus arrives," he told her softly. He fled the room after that.

"He runs away as soon as possible," she mused sarcastically. "They have missed me so."

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter three
Stories, Part I

A lot had happened that day. Sirius had constantly avoided Prudence and she had been trying to find out where he was so she could corner him. No such luck, however. After supper she had seen him walk upstairs and as of yet he hadn't come back down.

Prudence had decided to wait in the kitchen for either Remus or Sirius to come in, but unfortunately, patience had never been a virtue to her. Within thirty minutes of sitting down she was glaring at the hard wooden table.

Stumbling footsteps announced someone coming down the stairs. She wished for it to be Sirius, but she knew it wasn't: since when did Sirius run down the stairs, making more noise than should be humanly possible?
Walburga Black seemed to agree with her that the house was far too noisy. So, naturally, she started yelling, shouting and screeching to drown out the sound. Prudence realised the woman must have liked being a complete pain now that her house was filled with, to her, 'the unworthy'.

Prudence stood up from her chair and winced as she opened the door of the kitchen, letting the sound reach her ears more easily.

"Where did she get that set of lungs? It has to be a Sonorus spell." She knew better than to walk up the stairs and try to silence the woman, having seen how much trouble Sirius had while doing it, but she could hardly leave her yelling like that.

She pursed her lips and sighed, glancing up the staircase once more. Rubbing her temples, she wondered just how people survived in the Black house. Deciding that if anyone were able to succeed in quieting her, she reasoned it would be a Charms teacher.

She walked up the flight of stairs and noticed a couple of the children standing around the portrait, trying to shut the woman up.

"Please calm down, Mrs. Black," Hermione tried gently. She didn't get the desired response.

"Filthy Mudbloods in my house! Leave my home! Leave it now!"

Hermione looked shocked and took a step back. One of Harry's hands found its way to her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

"You listen!" began Ron, his face angry and his voice near to yelling. "Hermione did nothing to deserve that!"

The hag cackled and raised a menacing eyebrow. "Blood-traitors in my house! In my house, telling me what I can and cannot say! Mudbloods, Halfbloods and Blood-traitors!"

"Silencio! That is enough, Mrs. Black." Prudence walked closer and looked back at the portrait, unimpressed. She studied the pale, wrinkled features of the dark-haired woman. Her lips were a blood-red colour, though they were slightly fading. Her mouth was still moving frantically, her eyes now fixed on Prudence as she glared at the younger woman.

"You children should be on your way to do whatever it was you were doing," she spoke softly, turning towards the three teenagers behind her. She was met by a stubborn gaze. She sighed when she saw frustration on the face of the dark-haired boy. "What is it, Mr Potter?"

The boy studied her with narrowed eyes and shrugged. "Why are you here?"

Prudence raised an amused eyebrow and nodded to herself. She definitely saw the combination of Lily and James, and she immediately felt sorry for his two friends standing beside him.

"I am here because the Order asked me to be," she answered. "That is all I know for now. I need to wait for Remus Lupin to arrive before they will answer any of my own questions. I hope you can leave me be for now. Now come on, on your way."

"Wait, Remus is coming?" he asked hopefully. Prudence nodded.

"Harry, we should go," urged Hermione from his right.

"Yeah, mate, let's go," Ron agreed. Harry, however, shook his head and stared at Prudence. He kept his gaze blank as he considered something.

"Do you believe he's back?" he asked, raising his eyes to hers. He saw a frown forming on her face and he added, "Voldemort. Do you believe he's back?"

Prudence's face filled with shock and something else that Harry couldn't decipher. Fear, perhaps? Everyone was terrified of Voldemort, he supposed.

"H-he's back?" she stammered, momentarily letting go of her former stiff demeanor.

Harry nodded gravely, but kept his gaze fixed on her. He was determined to find out what she knew and if she could tell him more than most would. Naturally that was because of Mrs. Weasley; if he got a chance to speak with Sirius alone he was sure Sirius would talk, but he seemed to avoid everyone. He was constantly moody and it annoyed Harry, not to mention the rest of the house, to no end.

"I... didn't know," she admitted, her voice shaking. A frown covered her face and she pursed her lips, looking down at her hands and taking a deep breath. "How?"

Harry frowned. "You mean you didn't know at all? Haven't you read the Prophet?"

Prudence's head shot up and she glared slightly. He had made her look like a fool. "They don't have the Prophet in the Netherlands, Mr Potter!" she snapped.

"You live in the Netherlands?" Hermione interrupted, still giving Prudence a curious look. The older woman sighed and nodded.

"Yes, we had quite a hard time finding her," another voice, male this time, added. They all turned to look at Remus Lupin who was standing in front of the door. His shabby appearance was the first thing Prudence noticed. Next came the scars. But he definitely was Remus Lupin, no doubt about it. He had the same warm brown eyes.

"Remus," she breathed. She wondered how it had come this far. How could such a brilliant person become a shell of who he used to be?

"Miss Morgan," he greeted formally. His eyes weren't avoiding hers like Sirius had done, but the cold tone in his voice told her that he wasn't overly keen on seeing her either. He walked over to the three children and smiled at Harry. "Hello, Harry, Ron, Hermione."

They smiled back at him and muttered their greetings. HHarry glanced back at Prudence and fixed his gaze on his friends. "I guess we should continue cleaning." He headed back up the stairs, Hermione and Ron on his heels.

Once they were out of sight, Prudence turned to Remus and tried to smile. "He's a lot like them. And that Hermione is lovely."

Remus nodded and turned his back to her, heading for the stairs. "Yes, they are. Let's find Sirius, I don't have that much time."

Prudence didn't follow him, but stayed put. She realised the portrait of Sirius' mother was still looking at her with a stern glare, and she sighed. She flicked her wand and the curtains flew closed. It was only then that she realised she had also lifted her silencing spell and was now forced to follow Remus if she didn't want the hag to start her moaning again.

"He's been in his room the entire day," she informed the brown-haired man before her, but she was suddenly distracted.

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter three
Stories, Part II

They had reached the first floor and Remus headed for another flight of stairs, but halted when he noticed Prudence wasn't following him. He realised she was staring at something wide-eyed and smiled lightly as he discovered what it was. He had become accustomed to them by now, but he guessed it was a shock for her to see heads hanging on the wall next to the stairs. She was looking down at them intently, blinking.

"Those were real House-elves? I never thought he meant it when he said they hung on the wall."

"Yes, they're real," he answered. He went over to her and glanced over her shoulder, noticing the door to the drawing room was ajar.
Remus hummed in response to her sigh and turned back towards the stairs. "Come on, we should go and find him." He smiled and cleared his throat. "Or not," he added, seeing his friend emerge at the top of the stairs.

Prudence turned to the sound of the creaking wood and pursed her lips, noticing the blank look on Sirius's face. She nearly went cold at the sight of it and stared at her feet as Sirius came to stand beside his friend.

"Have it your way, Morgan," the dark-haired man began in a strange voice she wasn't used hearing from him, "let's talk." He headed for the drawing room and glanced over his shoulder. "Coming?"

Remus followed almost immediately, but Prudence stayed put and glared at the floorboards. She put her hands on her hips. Both of the men noticed, halting mid-stride.
Remus frowned and opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again as Sirius snorted. The latter of the two crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong, Pru? Surprised at the changes since you last saw us?"

They noticed the back of her head moving slowly, most likely nodding. "Yes, I am indeed surprised, Sirius." She turned around and glared at him. "You were a lot of things, Black, but a shell of a man was hardly one of them. What happened to you?"

Sirius let his temper get the better of him once again and Remus sighed. "What happened to me?" Black asked, his voice rising. "What happened to me?! I spent over ten years in Azkaban, that's what happened to me! I was stuck in that hell-hole while you were anywhere but here! Do you even know what happened while you were away?" He glared at her and clenched his hands into fists at his sides. Prudence followed the movement with her eyes, her anger swiftly disappearing. How had she even dared to be angry with him for being angry at her? He should be angry with her.

Taking a deep breath, she looked up into his eyes. Hollow. That was the only possible description. "I'm-"

"Don't," he interrupted her in a sharp voice, "apologise."

Her proud streak took over and she raised her chin defiantly. She crossed her arms over her chest like he had done and shook her head. "I wasn't going to. I was going to say that I'm surprised. What did you do to get into Azkaban? Kill someone?" She smirked a bit, not noticing that she had struck a nerve.
She honestly didn't have a clue about what had happened back in England. Her travels had kept her occupied for three full years and she had only found out about Voldemort's downfall when she settled down in the Netherlands. But the Dutch magical community was hardly bothered by the imprisonment of Sirius Black and they certainly did not print it in any papers.

Sirius narrowed his eyes and grabbed her arm, dragging her closer towards the door of the drawing room. "Inside. This whole house is filled with people, woman, do you expect us to openly talk right in the hall?" he hissed.

"Let go of me!" She pulled her arm free and glared at him, not noticing a shadow in the corner of the room quickly disappearing.

Remus sent Sirius a worried look, which his friend ignored. He strode towards Prudence, his jaw clenched as he struggled not to physically hurt her. He growled low in his throat and she smiled cruelly, trying to keep up a brave face whilst in reality she stood shaking on her legs. She had never seen him like this. What if he had really killed someone?
"Well, did you?"

"Of course he didn't," snapped Remus next to them. He placed a hand on Sirius's shoulder, holding him back, and sent Prudence a meaningful look. "You know he didn't."

Pru took a step back and watched Sirius's face. It held so much emotion at the moment that it almost made her dizzy. It went from angry to frustrated, back to angry and then to simple impatience. He growled again.

"No, Remus, not really. I don't know," she lied. "I'm sure that whatever he did, he deserved the punishment."

Sirius's face filled itself with rage again and the whisper he sent his friend was frightening. "Let me go, Remus."

"We still know when you're lying, Pru," replied Remus, ignoring the demand of his friend. He noticed both Sirius and Prudence's faces soften and he cautiously let Sirius go. He walked over to Prudence, but stopped halfway, having noticed movement in the corner of the room closest to the door. His hesitation was obvious to both Sirius and Prudence and they immediately examined the corner Remus was looking at. They were startled by Remus's voice.
"What are you doing in here, Harry?"

Slowly a figure stepped out of the dark corner and it was indeed Harry Potter. His cheeks were slightly flushed, but he mostly looked upset.

"You still know when she's lying?" he repeated. "Who is she?"

Remus rubbed his temples, looking a fair few years older than he was. He pulled out his wand and conjured a chair, sitting down in it with a tired sigh. He looked up again to watch Sirius who was, surprisingly enough, looking right back at him. He nodded and then turned to Harry.

"We... used to know her," he told his godson in a strangled voice. A snort from his right turned their attention towards the only woman in the room.

"You used to know me?" she asked with a huff and a glare in Sirius's direction. "Used to know me?" she repeated, her voice rising in her anger. "I was your friend!"

Sirius narrowed his eyes and took a step forward, nearly touching his nose to hers. "Our friend?! You left! How dare you call yourself our friend?"

Prudence tried to look away, but Sirius caught her chin in his hand and forced her eyes on his. "Why did you leave?"

Pru tore her gaze away towards Harry and saw him watching them with both curiosity and frustration. There was also a hint of suspicion, and definitely a lack of trust.
She decided on shrugging, trying to make them believe that she didn't have a reason.

"You're lying," Harry put in. "I don't need to know you to know that." He watched as Sirius let her go and turned his back towards her, heading for the door. "Wait, Sirius! If you knew her... does that mean my dad did, too?"

Sirius didn't turn around, but they all saw him nodding. Harry's face lit up considerably and Prudence nearly smiled.

"I could... tell you about them," she suggested, trying to postpone her forced and certain admission.

"Pru," Remus warned from his chair. He was looking at her with a look of distrust, not sure what her intentions were. Why would she show up after sixteen years and start telling family stories?

"What is it, Remus? Why shouldn't I be allowed to tell him how I met his parents?" She raised her left eyebrow, knowing that if he objected Harry would back her up. She had made him curious and hopeful and everyone in the room knew it. It was written all over his face. The doubt was still there, of course, but he also looked eager to hear what she had to say. A pang of guilt hit her and she almost wanted to take her words back. It wasn't fair to play with him like this.

Sirius had turned back around by now, studying Pru with interest. The anger and frustration he felt had disappeared and now he was just curious. He knew she was up to something and he hadn't failed to notice that she avoided the question. He grinned to himself, drawing both Remus and Harry's attention. Pru was aware of the sound he had made, but decided to silently watch the wall. A large tapestry hung there, names scattered all over. It fascinated her, to say the least.

"Let her tell her story, Remus. For once she might actually be interesting." Sirius smirked, waiting for Pru's response. He knew that would set her off. She would tell the truth soon enough. As he had expected, Pru swiftly turned her gaze, a glare by now, to him and he grinned.

"And you wonder why I left!" she snapped. "Fine." She pulled her wand out of the holster that hung loosely on her hip and muttered a spell. Almost immediately three chairs appeared, arranged in half a circle. She sat down on Remus's left and glared at Sirius again. "Sit down," she snapped, "and let me tell that boy my story, will you?"

Sirius sat down on the chair furthest away from her, leaving the last chair for Harry. He smiled innocently. "I suppose we're not allowed to interrupt you if you get something wrong?"

"I won't get anything wrong, Sirius," she answered immediately. "Sit down, Harry."

The dark-haired boy sat down on the chair next to her, opposite Sirius, who grinned at him. He smiled back and focused his attention on the brunette to his right. "When did you meet my-" he began. Prudence interrupted him with a shake of her head.

"Let me tell it my own way, Harry." She sighed. "I suppose I should start with before I went to Hogwarts." She sent Sirius a meaningful look and he looked back, blinking a few times. She rolled her eyes at that and twirled her wand around a bit. She pursed her lips. No turning back. They wanted to know why she had left and now they would.

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter four
Back into Time, Part I

With wind rushing in their ears and cloaks fluttering behind them, two people laughed loudly. The young man rode his broom, his hair pressed flat on top of his head from both sweat and wind. He grinned widely, holding on to his broom with his left hand and lifting the other up in the air. He held a large stick and, in the distance, a small object came zooming towards him. He looked down at the girl standing many feet below him on the ground. He swung his arm forward, hitting the ball hard. It flew away at great speed, but within a minute it was back already. It might even have liked the beating it had received. Fortunately for the iron ball, the boy holding the wooden club liked hitting it just as much. A perfect match.

"Bryndan!" yelled the girl from beneath him in fear. He watched as the Bludger sped towards the ground, towards his younger sister. His breath caught in his throat and he immediately bent over his broom. He needed to get to the ground in time. Years of practise made him realise that taking a free fall would be the only way to do it. He pointed his broom nearly vertical towards the ground and let gravity take him down. Still, the Bludger was faster. Every inch he dove for his sister, the ball gained two. He wasn't going to make it, he couldn't.

"Pru! Get out of the way!"

"Evanesco!" The iron ball disappeared in hundreds of tiny splinters and Bryndan turned his head in surprise, nearly colliding with his sister. He stumbled to the ground and groaned.

"Oh, dear hippogriff! Prudence, Prudence, are you all right? Oh, my poor girl!" the female voice babbled, taking the frightened eleven-year-old in her arms. Her short figure cast a shadow over Bryndan, who had been squinting his eyes against the sun. He groaned again, sitting up and waiting for his mother to turn her attention towards him.

The little girl looked over her mother's shoulder, still shaking. Her brother's clothes were dirty and he definitely needed a bath, but he seemed okay. Pru sighed in relief and nodded into her mother's chest.

"Yes, Mother, I'm fine. Bryndan, are you all right?"

"He surely won't be once I'm through with him! What were you thinking Bryndan Drystan Morgan?!" she shouted, finally letting her daughter go and turning towards her son. "I come out here to tell you your father needs you inside and I find you nearly getting your sister killed!" She took her daughter's arm and glared at him for a minute longer. She sighed. "Well, all turned out well, but do not make me have to save either of your lives again, do you hear me? Now go inside." She let her daughter's arm go and shook her head. She started to mutter things as she walked back towards their house. "Trying to kill their poor mother before they're even of age..." She kept whispering under her breath as she disappeared behind the large oak trees that secluded the small field from their house.

Bryndan looked at the ground in shame, his heart hammering in his chest. His mother had been right, even though she hadn't seen fit to punish him. Pru would've gotten hurt if his mother hadn't Vanished the Bludger in time.
He turned towards his little sister, ready to face her hurt and innocent face, but she was instead looking up at him with a smile.

"Brynny, don't worry, I'm fine." She made wild gestures towards her body and grinned widely. "Nothing's hurt!"

He frowned and muttered, "Don't call me that." He lifted his head and watched his sister in concern. "I'm sorry, Pru. I wasn't paying attention as I should have been..." He patted her head and reached down to hug her. "I'm sorry, sis."

Prudence hugged him back and when he let go she grinned mischievously. "Mother said we had to go inside. First one back is a garden gnome?" she suggested before running off. She giggled happily, almost having forgotten what happened only minutes ago.

"You cheated," said Bryndan smugly when he arrived first. Of course, his legs were longer and his sister was no match for him, but he felt the need to point out that she'd cheated nonetheless.

"You still won," she grumbled back. She glared at the black oak door as it opened on its own and stepped inside. They had chosen to take the side door that led to the kitchen instead of the large, main doors. Bryndan didn't feel that facing his father when he heard about Pru's near-death experience was the best idea. Mistakes on Bryndan's part had never been an option for him, especially in their house-hold.

"Yes, I did." He shot her a large grin and watched a small house-elf scurrying over to them. She had large bat-like ears that stood out against her small brown eyes and large round nose. She bowed until her ball-like nose touched the floor.

"What can Budgie do for Master and Miss, Master Bryndan, sir?" she squeaked.

Bryndan's face lost its smile as it was replaced with a strict frown. "Where are our parents, Budgie?"

The house-elf slowly straightened again and a look of near-euphoria graced her face. "Mistress told Budgie to bring you to her after you has changed clothing, sir."

"Very well, Budgie. Wait for us in the hall," he ordered, heading for the door. "Pru?" he inquired, when he realised his sister hadn't followed him out the door. He stuck his head back inside the kitchen, though making sure no one saw him standing like that.

"Brynny?" she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes and grinning up at him from the table at which she now sat.

He frowned and stepped inside the room, carefully closing the door behind him. "Pru, what are you doing? We need to get cleaned up. Father wants to see us."

Pru shrugged and her grin stayed put. "I'm not dirty. You were the one playing Quidditch, Bryn, not me."

"We're supposed to change. Father won't like it if we come before him in clothes we've just been outdoors in. And actually," he grinned, "you are dirty."

With surprise on her face, Pru started searching her robes for smudges, but she couldn't find any. "What do you mean, Bryndan? I'm not dirty." She frowned and stood up from her chair. She pursed her lips and crossed her arms, pretending to be upset, but the smile gracing her lips told her brother otherwise.

For a moment, Bryndan considered finding some chocolate sauce to rub in his sister's face, but then he remembered that they really needed to go. "Come on, Pru. Let's just get changed and talk to Father." He turned abruptly and walked out of the room again, leaving Pru, with a frown on her face, to follow him.

"You're not any fun," she called after him. "Where Father is concerned you always hurry off and act like you just wet your trousers." She huffed and hurried after him, not noticing the way her brother stiffened at her words.

They walked to the other side of the house at a decent pace, hoping not to pass their father on the way. They hurried past the living room and quickly went up the stairs. At the top, they were met by the portrait of their grandfather, who, surprisingly enough, wasn't there.

"Ten minutes," her brother muttered as he entered the room next to hers. She didn't have time to reply as he closed the door. She glared at the dark oak and stepped inside her own room.

"Wet his trousers," she muttered again. She sat down on her bed in the middle of the room, waiting. Sure enough, within twenty seconds she was smiled at politely.

"What's wrong, dear? If not for the expression on your face, I would say you look lovely today." She threw her long black hair over her shoulder and smiled. "I know something to cheer you up. In your wardrobe are sure to be some new robes and dresses. Go try them on and show me that pretty smile." All the while her voice was pleasant and cheery, but it didn't cheer Prudence up. She actually moaned in displeasure.

"Bryndan always acts so... strange when Father is concerned. One moment he's my funny, happy brother and the next he's all serious and... so boring, like Father is most of the time." She turned her head to her mirror and was faced with a puzzled look in the woman's eyes.

"You're asking my opinion on that, deary? I'm just a mirror after all; simply here to keep you company and to give you advice on your appearance when your mother can't. I don't even see your darling brother that often."

Pru sighed and nodded. "Yes, I know." She changed the subject and pasted a smile on her face. "Mother wants me to change before meeting Father. He wants to talk about something. Which dress have you chosen for me?"

A bright smile lit up the face of the woman in the mirror and she nodded. Her wardrobe fell open and two dresses floated out, landing softly on the bed.

"The maroon one matches your hair and eyes, but the myrtle green would surely please the Misters Malfoy."

"Misters Malfoy?" Pru inquired softly, not really paying attention as she studied her two new dresses. She softly touched the silk material and bit her lip. It felt cold, but in a nice way.

"Yes, dear. That's why your father wishes to see you. The Lord of Malfoy Manor and his son are coming, although I do not know why. Probably just having a pleasant chat, don't you think?" She smiled again. "Have you made your choice?"

Prudence pursed her lips and frowned for a moment. The choice was soon made. "The maroon one, please."

"Oh," the woman seemed slightly disappointed, but nodded nonetheless. "Of course." The green dress floated back into the closet as Prudence began undressing. She slipped into the dress quickly, the cold material against her skin making the hairs on her arms stand up.
"Don't worry, love, it'll warm up eventually," the mirror spoke, having noticed her shivers.

Prudence nodded and sent her a smile. "I know, Lavinia."

The woman smiled and hummed. "That son of Lord Malfoy is quite lovely to look at, don't you think?"

Prudence blinked and sat down on the chair in front of her vanity table. "Uh, I wouldn't know to be honest. I've only seen him once. Normally he doesn't join his father when he visits."

"Oh well, trust me, deary, he is a catch."

"What are you getting at?" she asked suspiciously, tucking the loose strands of hair back into her braid. It didn't look as nice as it had earlier that morning, but it would do, she decided. Surely her mother wouldn't mind. Prudence bit her lip. She knew her mother would mind, actually, but she didn't feel like braiding her hair herself, she wasn't any good at it.

"I'm not getting at anything," the mirror huffed, semi-insulted. She smirked and added softly, "I would go now if I were you, love. Your brother is outside, waiting."

"Sometimes I really don't like you," Pru told her, glaring at the vision of the woman that slowly retreated back into the glass and then disappeared. Her knowing smirk disappeared last.
"Scary," she whispered into her now silent room.

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter four
Back into Time, Part II

She slipped on the dark red sandals at the end of her bed and hurried out the room.

Indeed, like Lavinia had said, her brother was waiting for her by her bedroom door. He sent her a smile and gave her a one-armed hug, pulling her close. "You look lovely, Pru." She smiled back and then he pulled him arm away again, clearing his throat. "Budgie?"

Within seconds a small crack revealed the small creature standing before them. Bryndan's face took on that strict and serious look again as he asked, "Could you tell our parents we're ready, Budgie?"

"Of course Budgie could, Master Bryndan. Follow Budgie please, Master and Miss, please," she squeaked. She hurried towards the end of the hall to the staircase on their right. She bowed swiftly to the portrait of Tudor Morgan, Prudence and Bryndan's grandfather who had returned to his frame. The two children halted too and smiled at their grandfather.

"Good afternoon, children," he greeted, his well-trimmed moustache moving as he spoke.

Prudence smiled at him and nodded. "Good afternoon, Grandfather." She looked at Bryndan from the corner of her eye. He was standing unbelievably straight, his face serious and calm, but Prudence could detect an air of nervousness around him. Their grandfather was studying his eldest grandson with interest, like he often did, and Bryndan had told her it felt like he was judging him.

"Mother wants us to go down, Grandfather," she began with a smile, relieving Bryndan of their grandfather's gaze. "We should go, Budgie is waiting for us." She pointed at the house-elf at the bottom of the grand staircase.

"Of course," he answered. It fell silent then, and the conversation was over. Prudence smiled hoped her brother would follow as she descended. He did.

"Sorry, Budgie," she muttered so their grandfather wouldn't hear.

"Oh, no, Miss! It is fine, Miss! Budgie waits when Master wants her to." She turned around and hurried to the nearest door opposite the staircase. There she knocked on the door before disappearing with a small bow.

"Are you –" Pru began, but the door was opened and she fell silent. Bryndan shot her a look.

Their mother greeted them with a smile and put a hand on her daughter's forehead. "Are you all right, Prudence?" she asked with a quick glance over her shoulder, making sure no one in there heard her. She also smiled at Bryndan and squeezed his shoulder.

Prudence nodded and smiled back. "Yes, Mother, I'm perfectly fine."

The older woman nodded curtly and stepped aside to let her children in. "Drystan, they're here."

"I can see that, Lewella," answered a low voice. He stood up from the large chair on their right and smiled at his daughter. "You look lovely, Prudence." The words reminded her of what Bryndan had told her upstairs and she smiled.

"Yes, you do," a soft female voice agreed in pleasant laughter. Catheryne was smiling widely at her from the couch. She was wearing a simple beige dress and her dark brown hair was secured at the back of her head with a bow tie. Pru smiled at her too, happy to see her younger sister. She somehow always seemed to disappear when Pru and her brother went outside. She supposed the outdoors, even if it was just their garden, simply wasn't for her.

"Thank you, Father."

He sent her a smile and turned to his son. "Bryndan," he greeted. He sat back down and motioned for them to do the same.

"Father," he answered with a polite nod of his head. He sat down on a couch to his father's right, next to his sisters. Their mother took her place beside their father. They truly were a good-looking couple .

"Lord Malfoy and his son will be arriving soon. Abraxas and I need to discuss Ministry matters. The fools have appointed a Muggle-born as head of the International Magical Cooperation, again. It is appalling," he declared. "It won't last long."

Their mother nodded confidently, placing her hand on her husband's arm. "Who will take over the position when he's gone?"

Drystan hummed slightly and stared into the fire across from him. He reached over to the table in front of him to take a sip of his tea and sat back. "Most likely Crouch; he's been after it for a few years. It would be only fair to grant the Crouch family that honour. Crouch Senior recently passed away. Their entire fortune now lies in Bartemius' hands. He was quite thrilled if I heard correctly."

Lewella nodded again and smiled pleasantly at her children. She noticed a pensive look on her oldest daughter's face. "What are you thinking about, Prudence?" she inquired with a gentle smile.

Pru pursed her lips and glanced at her father. He was looking at her with honest interest. No disapproval could be detected so she decided to say what was on her mind. She sat up a bit straighter and asked in a small voice, "I understand why Lord Malfoy visits, but Lucius rarely comes with him. Why is he coming with him now?" She clasped her hands together in her lap and shifted a bit in her seat.

Surprisingly enough, a smile came upon their father's face. He laughed softly and nodded. "Yes, I wondered about that, too. When I asked Abraxas, he simply said that Lucius needed some more experience dealing with the Ministry. It's his last year at Hogwarts and his father made sure he will get a respectable position there."

It was a only semi-pleasing answer, though she did not expect a lie behind her father's words. It seemed like an odd decision on Lord Malfoy's part, but that did not necessarily make it untrue.


With a small plop a house-elf, similar to the one Bryndan and Pru had talked to earlier, appeared before her feet, bowing deeply. The physical appearance aside, though, the House-elf didn't seem like the other one at all. This one was calm, her hands didn't shake and she seemed quite cheerful instead of jumpy and nervous.

"Mistress called Bungy?" she stated, looking up with big brown eyes.

"I did." Lewella smiled at the creature before her feet. "Do please inform us as soon as the Malfoys have arrived. We will be in the sitting room."

"Of course, Mistress. Bungy will treat the Misters Malfoy with utmost respect, Bungy will. Does Mistress require anything else?"

Lewella pursed her lips, placing her hands neatly in her lap. "Yes. Keep your young away from Lord Malfoy and his son, if you can. She is not ready to face such company just yet. You may go."

Bungy bowed deeply again before disappearing. Lewella smiled contently. "Now that has been taken care of, do any of you children -" A crack interrupted her and she raised an eyebrow at their house-elf. "Bungy, I just told you that you could go, which of those words did you not understand?"

Bungy bowed and she refused to look up again. "Bungy is sorry, Mistress, but Mistress told Bungy to inform them when Misters Malfoy arrived."

"There are here already?" exclaimed Lewella as she nearly jumped up from her chair.

"Calm yourself, Lewella," Drystan's deep voice said. He turned towards his children and sent them all a stern look, lingering on Bryndan a bit longer than on his daughters. "I expect you to behave while they are here. Bryndan, you will come with me and the Malfoys when we retreat to my study."

Bryndan's eyes lit up, Pru noted, and he nodded. He was trying hard to contain his smile at the trust his father showed him. Pru nearly grinned.

The door opened and Bungy's squeaky voice announced, "Lord Malfoy and Master Malfoy, Mistress."

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter five
Acceptance, Part I

The bed creaked as Pru fell back on it and closed her eyes tightly. She let out a deep breath, opened her eyes again shook the loose strands of hair out of her face.

"Lavinia?" she called.

The elegant face with its high cheekbones and rosy lips appeared in her mirror and she smiled in a concerned manner, though Pru had the feeling she didn't care at all. "What is wrong, dear? Did you not have fun with Lord Malfoy and his son? I watched and everything seemed to be going fine."

Pru frowned at the news that the mirror had watched her during the meeting with the Malfoys. She silently felt like making a Bludger hit all the mirrors so she wouldn't be able to see through them anymore.
"It went perfectly, Lavinia, as you already know," she told her mirror guardian with a hint of irritation in her voice.

The mirror obviously didn't catch the tone and smiled. "Then what is the problem, child?"

Prudence stood up from her bed and walked over to her wardrobe, opening the doors and watching her clothing with a speculating look. "Lord Malfoy told Father that my Hogwarts letter will be arriving within a few days. He has connections in the school, obviously."

"Yes, child, I heard that. I'll ask one last time," she began, frowning in impatience, "what is the problem?"

Prudence turned around and decided against speaking her mind. Everything she told her guardian in confidence somehow always ended up in her mother's ears. Pru realised she would be smart to remember that and shrugged. "Nothing, never mind." It was meant in a dismissive tone, but as she dropped down into the large arm chair in the corner of her room, she realised her mirror guardian was still present.

At the pursing of the girl's lips the woman slung her long black hair over her shoulder. "May I be excused, Miss Morgan?" she asked politely, though her eyes betrayed the fact that she didn't like being dismissed in such a manner.

"Of course," Prudence answered, smiling innocently. When the vision had left the mirror, Pru shook her head and sighed deeply. "Honestly," she muttered under a breath.

Crossing her legs, she picked up a thick book from her bedside table. She leaned back and opened the old volume. Dark lines, all connected to each other, caught her eye. Small, yet elegant letters were scattered along them.

She smiled as she noticed three or-so family crests on the top, surrounded by three names: Burke, Morgan and Flint. The first was written directly below its crest, circled by three brown horses, each turning its head to watch the large apple tree in the middle.

The second was the crest of the Morgans. It was a simple emblem; a ship afloat, remembering them of the connection their last name had to the sea. Below that, their name was neatly written in black ink.
Pru's heart swelled with pride. The ship was magnificent, like her family. Proud, elegant, and better than most.

Pru smiled and ran her fingertips over the crest. Then she closed the book, hearing her stomach growl. "What time is it?" she whispered into the silent room, looking through the large window behind her bed. Why her mother had insisted on putting her bed there, she didn't understand. It blocked half her window and she woke up early in the summers because of the light shining into her face.
She shrugged and frowned as she noticed that the sun was slowly setting, but it wasn't anywhere near time for supper.

She jumped out of the chair and walked towards the door with a happy smile on her face. She was looking forward to Hogwarts. Bryndan had told her such great things about it; there was magic everywhere, he'd said. She would be sorted in Slytherin, like him, and have a great time, she knew it.

Pru grinned to herself as she exited the room.

The next three days were amazing, if anything. Bryndan was bursting with excitement, loving that his little sister would soon be joining him at Hogwarts and Pru herself was constantly chatting to him about it, asking questions he couldn't possibly have an answer to.

"Bryn, what's the Headmaster's office like?" Pru said, a large smile on her face as they were sitting in their library. There were two bookcases that reached the ceiling and in width they could hold Bryndan atleast five times.

Bryndan lifted his head, ignoring the book he'd been reading and he sighed, annoyed. "Pru, how would I know? Father would personally kill me if I'd been caught doing something wrong and been sent to Dumbledore. Remember," he began, to which Pru already rolled her eyes, "you're allowed to do anything you want, but you must never get caught doing it. Father has told us a hundred times."

"I know," she complained, "but it's not like he'll be there to see it! You've been in the Headmaster's office lots of times, you told me so yourself!"

Bryndan frowned. "I did?"

Pru grinned and answered, "No, but I was hoping you'd just agree with me." She shot her brother a slightly mischievous look and returned her face to her book. Her eyes skimmed the page and she raised her eyebrows. "Did you know that Wendelin the Weird was burned at the stake forty-seven times? Really, are Muggles that stupid?" She momentarily looked like she had something smelly under her nose, but quickly smiled and raised her head again. She frowned when Bryndan ignored her, studying the text in his book closely.

She once again focussed on the book in her lap, intent on boosting up any skill she could before attending Hogwarts. She had already proudly announced that she would be brilliant in History of Magic and her mother was certain that she would excel her brother in Charms. They had been told the story of 'little Prudence who sent things flying through the rooms when she was only four years old' a hundred times already, if not more.

Her eye fell on a moving sketch of a woman screaming as grey flames licked at her skin. Through her delirious screams, Pru could see a self-satisfied smirk on the woman's face. She grinned, glancing up at Bryndan, still reading his book in peace. He held it in his right hand while his left dangled off the arm rest.

A soft crack made them jump, and they were met by their house-elf, Bungy, the oldest. She bowed.

"Bungy comes to tell you that Mistress wants to see Miss Prudence," she said in her squeaky voice. "Mistress wants Bungy to tell her that Miss Prudence's letter for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has arrived."

"Very well, Bungy," Bryndan said in his suddenly haughty voice. "You may go."

The house-elf bowed once and then, with another crack, disappeared again. The room was silent as Bryndan studied his sister, whose face was hidden from his sight by her brown tresses. She made him slightly nervous. He would have expected a burst of energy or a deafening shout by now.
"Uh, Pru? Are you alright?"

Pru turned her head and her face held the largest grin Bryndan had most likely ever seen. It made him grin himself and he raised an amused eyebrow. "Well, are you going to pick up your letter or not? I'm sure Catheryne would love to go in your place..."

"No way!" she exclaimed, slapping a hand in front of her mouth as she realised her outburst. Softly, she added, "No way, I'm going to Hogwarts!" She jumped up from her chair, careful not to let the book drop and started hopping around from foot to foot. She smiled widely and hugged her brother's waist as he stood up too. "We're going to have so much fun, Bryn!"

Bryndan laughed and ruffled his sister's hair. "Definitely," he agreed, "you'll be the new aristocrat in our midst! 'The first daughter of Drystan Morgan has taken her rightful place in Slytherin' – I can see the headlines in the Prophet already!"

Pru fell silent and looked up at her brother's face with a frown, "You really think it'll be in the Daily Prophet?"

Bryndan snorted and answered, "Of course not, you silly. Mother might want it all over the front page, though." He released her and headed for the door. He held it open for her and she nearly ran out the door. He couldn't remember being that happy to go to Hogwarts, he mused, shaking his head. It had scared him to death, knowing he'd have his father's reputation to uphold. While his cousin, Orion Flint, could do whatever he pleased and his parents would love everything he did, Bryndan knew he couldn't. If he would be seen drinking Firewhisky in Hogsmeade and messing around like Orion did, his father would surely kill him for tainting his reputation.

"Pru, you need to slow down!" he yelled after her. "You'll trip over your own two feet!"

Pru slowed down slightly, her pace still quicker than Bryndan's, and turned her head to look at him. "No, I won't!" she yelled back confidently. Her back collided with the door of the living room. "Oof! ... Fine," she reluctantly admitted, grumpily rubbing the back of her head, "maybe I will."

"Boo... Guess who?"


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Chapter five
Acceptance, Part II

Bryndan sent her a satisfied grin and put a hand on her shoulder. "Let's find that letter slowly now, shall we?"

Pru rolled her eyes and entered the room of the door she had just walked in to. Two pairs of smiling eyes met her and her sister was peering at her curiously. It made her grin all over again. "Mother, can I have my letter?" she asked greedily.

"Of course you can!" their mother exclaimed happily. "It is yours after all! We already know you're going to Hogwarts!" She seemed out of her mind with joy and Pru took the letter from her after a quick hug. Their father stood silently watching all the time, though his eyes had a proud and happy shimmer in them.

Pru nearly ripped open the envelope and took out two letters. She sent her brother a smile as she opened the first one and read it out loud, "Dear Miss Morgan, we are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term starts on September first. We await your owl by no later than the thirty-first of July."

Bryndan smiled and commented, "They send the exact same letter to everyone, don't they?"

Pru glared for a moment and crossed her arms defiantly. "Mine has got my name on it!" She pursed her lips and took out the second letter, which she found almost as fascinating as the first one. Catheryne raised an eyebrow at this, not understanding what was so great about a list of supplies.

"You won't need that list until you're in Diagon Alley," she pointed out, a hint of jealousy evident in her voice. His father shot his youngest daughter a look. Neither Prudence nor Lewella noticed, but Bryndan did. It had been a silent warning to keep quiet. Bryndan frowned, but turned his attention back to Pru.

"I know, but look at it!" the eleven-year-old exclaimed. "I'm going to Hogwarts with Bryndan, Catheryne! And you'll join me in three years! Aren't you excited?"

"Of course I am," Catheryne answered in a soft voice, aware of her father's warning glare.

"Yes, of course she is!" their mother added in. "Slytherin will have another Morgan amongst them. Isn't it wonderful, Drystan?" she asked, turning to her husband with a smile. She took his left hand in hers and gave him an irresistible look. "This requires a small celebration, don't you think, dear?"

He pulled his hand away from Catheryne's arm and placed it on his wife's waist. "Yes, I think it does. But just a small one, Lewella. The celebration you organised when Bryndan got accepted is still a topic people talk about."

Lewella smiled and nodded in agreement. "Yes, we wouldn't do that again, of course. People might start to think the only thing we can do is throw parties." She turned to Pru who had been watching her parents carefully, a smile starting to form on her face. "What kind of party would you like, dear?" She smiled again and stroked her daughter's hair.

"Well... maybe we could do something nice with just the five of us?" she suggested carefully.

"Nonsense!" her mother exclaimed. "We should at least invite some of our friends. What about the Malfoys? They brought us the news!" She smiled widely again. Pru was starting to think that her mother would never get her normal facial expression back.

"Mother," Bryndan interrupted softly, "why don't we just go with Pru's idea? With me being at school every year it's been a while since we did something with the family."

Their mother seemed to think the idea over for a moment and finally relented. "Very well. I'll have the house-elves do some shopping and we'll have a nice dinner with the family. How does that sound?" She turned around with a smile and watched her husband carefully.

Drystan raised an amused eyebrow and stroked his wife's cheek lovingly. "Whatever you decide, dear, you know that." He lowered his hand and turned his attention to his children, a small smile gracing his face. It made the tips of his dark moustache turn up. "Your mother and I will take care of the feast."

They took that as a silent hint that it was time to leave. As soon as the door closed behind them, Catheryne turned to her brother with a frown. "It's not fair that you allowed Father to look at me like that when you know I'm right," she stated, crossing her arms.

Pru frowned in confusion and she sent Bryndan a questioning glance. He coughed uncomfortably and put a hand on Catheryne's shoulder. "Don't be like that, Cathy. You know Father would be angry if we interrupted Mother's and Pru's joy."

"So you're afraid of Father?" she asked in slight awe. "You're really scared of him?" She ignored his hand on her shoulder and continued to look up into his face.

Bryndan sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose between two fingers. He let his hand fall from her shoulder and risked a quick glance at Pru before responding, "Let's not talk about this in the hallway, all right?" He headed for the staircase, opposite the room they had just exited. He barely noticed the small stone snakes that slithered around the banister anymore as he quickly walked upstairs. They had been a gift of some important business acquaintance of their father, and odd fellow with a Slytherin obsession that surpassed most.

"Bryndan? What's wrong?" he heard Pru ask loudly from behind him, and he swore under his breath. He loved his little sister to death, but she really was dense sometimes. Their parents were in the room right behind them and she just had to yell if something was wrong.

"I'm fine," he hissed back, having reached the top of the staircase. "Now come up here." He turned his back to them and looked at the painting about six feet away from him. His grandfather had raised his eyebrow at him and was tapping his fingers on the leather of the large armchair he was sitting in. He looked very impressive, and he knew it too.

"I hope you and your sisters aren't up to anything?" he asked.

Bryndan looked his grandfather in the eye and truthfully said, "No, sir." He saw his sisters coming to stand beside him from the corner of his eye and watched how they smiled at the painting.

"Hello, Grandfather," Catheryne said smoothly. "I read about you a few days ago. The book said you made quite a fortune by investing in Gringotts. You were really clever for doing that."

The man's slight frown turned into a soft smile, his soft spot for his youngest granddaughter showing. "Yes, indeed, I did. You're quite clever yourself, young lady. I see you doing great things like that when you're older, too."

Catheryne beamed at him and then thanked him and said her goodbye. "We should go, Grandfather. Mother and Father are preparing a feast for Pru."

"Oh, what for?" He turned his smile towards Pru and she smiled back, holding up her Hogwarts letter.

"I've been accepted to Hogwarts!"

"You're still holding that?" Catheryne inquired, her eyebrows slightly raised.

"Now, now, Catheryne, don't be like that. It's magnificent that your sister has been accepted to Hogwarts."

Both Pru and Bryndan smiled, though Bryndan's was much smaller and slightly forced. His feet were itching to carry him away from the portrait and to his room.

"Yes, Grandfather Tudor," Catheryne answered softly. She smiled again and waved. "We really have to go now, Grandfather." She moved away from the portrait as fast as she could, heading for her own room at the end of the hall to her right. He had never spoken to her like that. She was always right where her grandfather's opinion was concerned and favouring Pru over her was something new, too. "Stupid Hogwarts," she murmured, opening the door to her room.

"Cathy?" A low, male voice asked from behind her. "Cathy, what are you doing? It isn't like you to be jealous. Running away from Grandfather that quickly certainly isn't either."

Catheryne turned around and was met by two pairs of light brown eyes; her brother's and her sister's. She crossed her arms and shrugged. "Hogwarts is stupid."

Bryndan sighed and shook his head, smiling slightly. "No, it's not, Catheryne. And you don't think it is either."

Catheryne frowned and shrugged again. "It's fine. I don't care." She stuck her nose in the air childishly and refused to look at either one of her siblings. "But you do," she pointed out.

Bryndan crinkled his nose and sent her a questioning glance. "I do? How so?"

"Father would blast your head off if he ever caught you speaking ill of Hogwarts. He owes too much to that place," she said with a look that made it clear to both Pru and Bryndan that there was no denying her statement. She was right and she knew it. Catheryne nearly smirked. She loved her brother and sister dearly, but cornering them like this was simply fun. It proved that being the youngest didn't mean she was the stupidest.

"Catheryne," Bryndan began with an uncomfortable look on his face, "you shouldn't speak like that. Father wouldn't hurt any of us, you know that. Don't disrespect him."

Catheryne narrowed her eyes. "I'm not disrespecting Father at all. You are! Pru and I see the Hogwarts letters from your teachers every year."

Pru gasped and turned her gaze to the floor. She swallowed and didn't dare to look up. Her sister had gone too far, even though Bryndan was the most patient person she knew.
When she looked up she realised she had been right. The spot where Bryndan had been standing seconds ago was now empty and she felt a rush of wind as her brother quickly strode past her. Next, his bedroom door slammed closed.

"Now you've done it!" Pru shot at her sister accusingly. She crossed her arms and frowned.

Catheryne shrugged and looked down at her feet. "I didn't do anything," she said unconvincingly. "You know I'm right. Bungy always has to clean up his entire office after we've received a letter from Hogwarts saying that Bryndan did something wrong again. Father blows up every time!"

Pru sighed, knowing that Catheryne was right, but wishing she hadn't said it anyway. "You still shouldn't have said it," she countered weakly.

"I will apologise later."

"I know," Pru answered. She smiled and pointed towards Bryndan's room. "I'm going to talk to him, okay?"

Catheryne nodded and hurried away more quickly than necessary. She entered her room and the thud of the door closing made Pru sigh again. "This isn't what I hoped the day I received my letter would be like," she complained to herself. She walked over to her brother's room and knocked.

"Boo... Guess who?"

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