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Het onderstaande zal laten zien waar het over gaat, heb je meteen alle info over de hoofdpersonen ;)
Het is overigens oké als je je reactie gewoon hier wilt achterlaten ;)

Name: Viénna Thorbecke
Status: Human
Date of birth: 8 October 1991
Age: 20
- Hair: Straight, dark- red hair.
- Eyes: Light Green
- Length: 179 cm
- Weight: 50 kg
Searching for Vampires is her biggest interest, and so far also her only one. When she stays in a hotel during her search she writes and reads a lot, or looks for more information. Most of the time she is looking for and meeting people who can give her information. Her final goal is becoming a Vampire herself.

Since she was 12 Viénna is looking for Vampires. Caused by her high intelligence she had loads of information after 4 years about all kinds of different Vampires, their uses and the areas the live at. When she turned 16 she decided to walk away from home and travel to the right places. Because of her extremely rich parents she had enough money to go from one place to another.

Viénna is long, beautiful lady who is fancy with the boys. Though, she is kind of a background- person who rather reads a book or travels. She doesn’t have any friends; the people she meets are just short contacts whom she gains information from. She is also very stubborn and she knows what she wants.

Name: Vince Gindee
Status: Vampire
Date of Birth: 1572
Date of Creation: 1594
He can make the victims worst fears be real by just looking him or her into the eyes. The hallucination is that strong that the victim will get totally crazy, which makes it easy for Vince to get him.
- Hair: Short thick brown hair
- Eyes: Most of the times velvet blue, but when he is thirsty the eyes are black.
- Length: 195 cm
- Weight: 80 kg
Vince wants to know a lot about Viénna, he tries to figure her out which is very difficult. He also writes into his diary a lot, and thinking about his life is some weird kind of interest as well. He likes to hunt, go to the pub and meet friends.
The 15th century was a difficult one. An important thing which is not being described in the history- books is that the 15th Century was a time of hunting and killing Vampires.
Vince was one of those hunters, but got caught by one. The unknown Vampire who did this was the last one of his kind, and so he changed Vince instead of killing him. When Vince woke up again he was broken by the idea that he was a wanted monster now, and hid himself deep into the Coronado National Forest.
He survived, and when the rage was over again he bought a house in Green Valley and lived his live on the background; still afraid of what might happen to him
A silent Vampire, who wishes not to catch any attention, and who prefers not to kill. However, he needs to kill to stay alive. Vince is a very humanised Vampire with a job, human friends and who likes to go to the pub sometimes. His hunting activities find place outside Green Valley, so no one will suspect him. Because, after all, he does look and feels a little bit different then ordinary people. Fortunately nobody ever asked him about it. When he meets Viénna his Character shows a different side of him. A loving, smart and care- taking Vampire who feels very comfortable when he is around Viénna.



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Monday 28th February 2011, 07:43 PM

There’s this picture on the desk. It is a scene from a 15- year old girl. The white light from the computer- screen shines on her pale face. She had dark rings under one’s eyes. She was gifted with a very high intelligence. She was looking for information. For four years long. Her parents did not know, or just did not care. They were busy with their jobs which were, as they always told Viénna, of the utmost importance. When she was twelve, she saw a documentary on the television about Vampires. The final conclusion was that Vampires did not exist, because they had no evidence. But they also had no evidence against the existence of Vampires. Not a single human- being knew the truth. That’s when Viénna decided to find that evidence. She never went to school. It was of no use to her. Since she was eleven she was already smart enough for University. Scientists were amazed, but let her live her life peacefully. And so her life was. She barely left the chair in front of the computer desk. She spend almost four full years looking for information about Vampires; What kind of Vampires walked around on this planet, where they lived, the hierarchy of the kind, Viénna knew everything about them. She had at least two pages with information about every kind.

When she turned sixteen, she decided to walk away and travel. Her parents gave her enough pocket- money to do that. She wanted to find out what was true about the information she found. She has been all around the world. Gambia, Japan, Finland, Canada, you name it and she has been there. When she arrived at a city or village where the Vampires should be she stayed there for a while. Spending her days talking to the villagers and finding more information and evidence. Unfortunately she never found what she was looking for. Until she came back to America. Green Valley, Arizona to be exactly. Arizona is the place where the Vampires can walk in the sunlight. And Green Valley is close to the Coronado National Forest. It took her another four years to find one. You might think that it a little too long for some one who knows so much about the Vampire- race, but Vampires are really hard to find if you don’t have the right contacts. Viénna was just lucky to meet me. I did not know why she was here and where she was looking for. Then she started to ask questions about Vampires. That shocked me, because I am a Vampire myself. A very old Vampire, who “died” in his early years. I still don’t know what she wants from me, but I can guess it. She never admitted it, though. I am a silent Vampire who does not want to attract a lot of attention. She takes care of me, gives me blood when I need it. Of course I also take care of her that way. But I felt as if there was a part inside missing. I think that part is a heart, or feelings. Viénna told me I had to write up my thoughts in a book which I had to bury or burn when all the pages were filled with thoughts, depression and anger. Meanwhile I am sipping on some B- positive to remain strength. I hope this will help to keep me controlled.

Viénna is twenty years old now, and she lives together with me in my house. We don’t have a relationship in the way of girlfriend- boyfriend, but our relationship is very special. I think there will be a day that she tells me what she wants, and if it is not too bad I think I will give that to her. I need another Vampire around me, but I can’t leave this place for some reason. It feels bad. Maybe because I have lived here all my 439 years. I am one of the oldest Vampires on earth, but nobody knows me that well. Except for Viénna, we share our souls, as far as I have a soul. I am not so sure, but it reminds me of Twilight. Edward thinks he has no soul either, but Bella keeps telling him that he has. Viénna and me into this same situation. She told me all of her adventures, and I think it is important to tell you those adventures as well…

Vince closed his diary and put it back into the bookcase. He turned off the lights, grabbed his cup with blood and went downstairs. Viénna was lying on the couch, reading a book. From the corners of her eyes she saw Vince walking into the kitchen. ‘Are you up to something?’ She heard how he drank his blood.
‘No? Why do you ask?’ He asked her. Viénna did not answer, so Vince walked back into the living room and took place on the chair in front of Viénna. ‘I asked you something.’
‘You have drunk a lot of blood today. I had my suspicions.’
Vince sighed and put his empty cup away. ‘I just don’t want to freak out tonight.’
‘I think you had enough for today. Too much might freak you out in the opposite way, you know that. You can handle it, I’m sure.’ She stood up and grabbed the cup of blood out of his hands.
‘Hey!’ Vince said in a highly insulted way. But Viénna only gave him “the look”, so Vince decided it was better to stop drinking for today indeed. Viénna poured the remaining blood in one of the many bottles in the refrigerator.
‘I don’t want to make dinner tonight… What should I do?’ She asked Vince.
‘Just order a pizza on delivery.’
Viénna did not respond on that, but she guessed there weren’t any other options left in Green Valley.
‘Can you make the call for me? A margarita will do, I guess.’
Vince only sighed once and watched how Viénna went upstairs. He saw that look in her eyes again, that look when she was thinking about her research. She really needed to write down and research everything she thinks about, every single time. It was really starting to work on Vince’s nerves, but fortunately he got used to it.

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